This one hurts….bad!

When you look at the stats, you have to ask yourself how they lost. They out gained the Patriots. They were plus 2 in the turnover battle. They won the time of possession by 5 minutes. And, they still lost. Stunning!

I have no idea where this team goes from here. It’s hard to get in the playoffs. We’ve done it 4 straight years, and haven’t gotten to the Super Bowl. I know the fingers will point at Cundiff and Evans and deservedly so. They blew it. But there’s some other plays to look back on.

The Torrey Smith bomb. He was wide open. That was a TD if Joe makes a good throw. It’s not his fault, but those are the throws you have to make. Another one, Joe deciding to throw to Wilson instead of Leach for a TD. If he throws to Leach, it’s 6. These aren’t Joe’s fault, just plays that make a difference. Ed Dickson dropping a first down at the end of the first half. Big play. If he catches it, they might get points at the end of the first half. 3 false starts. The one late in the 4th was huge.

We’ll remember the Cundiff and Evans play, but there were others.

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  1. Shawn says:

    Are you kidding. To even mention that Joe could have done more to win this game is a joke. In the end the Ravens Defense lacked pressure on Tom Terrific (only one sack). It must be nice when you sit on the couch and criticize a big play, made on the move, for not being better. Flacco does not have the luxury or slow motion you go with the reads. Maybe if the defense forced more than one punt the outcome would have been different. Maybe if Ngata looked more like the he did in the first half of the season…………..whatever the loss to death if it makes you feel better. Or maybe take some pride in a game well played on several levels that just came up a little short in the end. By the way I’m a Steelers fan and even I can appreciate the jump Flacco just made. Don’t bother pointing out to me that you say it’s not his fault, you countered that with the big BUT….

    1. Will says:

      with the way Brady played the Ravens had their chance. Just like the majority of the time when playing the Steelers; the Ravens play hard but not good enough.

      1. Shawn says:

        Brady did not play that badly; don’t let the QB rating suck you in. He and Flacco had the same completion percentage and nearly the same yardage. Getting the TD’s on rushing, vice passing, affects the rating. Brady was rattled some, hence the +2 in turnovers. Ravens had their chances, as you stated, but IMO didn’t do enough to keep the Pat’s offense off the field; missing those big three and outs.

  2. Tracy says:

    Davis you are a JERK

  3. Dennis says:

    Steve you are an ass

  4. Ed says:

    Let’s welcome home our heroes, heads held high. They fought the big fight well.

  5. Terry says:

    I think you should spend the next week looking and talking about all of the good things that came out of this game. You know like what are 5 good take aways from the game (1 a day for the next week). That might be too difficult for you to day I know. What I’m really saying is try to not be a JERK for just 1 week out of your life.

  6. Barry says:

    C’mon man! Flacco did a great job as well as the rest of the team. My only complaint is that I felt that not going for the first down in the first quarter when they were 4 and 1 would come back to haunt us. The Patriots are a strong team, like the Ravens, so they needed to go ahead with 7 points rather than taking the 3 points conservatively. I’m looking forward to next season!

  7. jay says:

    Joe Flacco is a great QB that needs to play for a great team like the Patriots. The Ravens are a “good” team and the Patriots are a “great” team. Every year, It seems that Baltimore teams like the Ravens and Orioles aren’t able to make it to the BIG dance. The trash tallking Ravens and their cry baby Baltimore Fans are just that, alot of trash talkers. Maybe, they need to bring back Brian Billick, because he is the ONLY coach that has ever led the Ravens to their ONLY Superbowl victory.

  8. Brian Butler says:

    I agree with Steve. Those are all big plays, especially the easy pass to the fullback. He was right in front of Flacoo!!!! How did he not see him?? But, Joe played very good. I am still shaking my head on Evans not securing that ball!!! I cant believe he was stripped that easily. I also think the field goal kick was rushed. I believe they were down to 2 seconds and Harbaugh said he did not notice that!!!! How did he not know that??? We should have called a timeout and regrouped. Every thing went right for us this year and we still lose. We had very little injuries and every great team was out. No Colts, Saints, Packers or Steelers to beat. The window has closed folks…..

  9. Ray Gassert says:

    Typical, you can’t criticize a Raven player or else all of you go crazy. Look people; Flacco was LATE with the throw to Smith on the long ball. The late recognition let the safety get close enough to make the tackle, along with the underthrow. If he is on time the underthrow doesn’t matter and the S can’t get there at all.

  10. Steve Seidel says:

    Flacco played very well. As a matter of fact, I think he played as well if not better then Brady. You win some and you lose some. We have gotten some breaks during the season and today ….. we did not! The truth is , we shouldn’t have even been there today as the Texans gave us the game last week. The window has closed for Ray and Ed but, such is life. It’s nicest know we still have a lot of good young players to carry us forward ( ie. Webb and Ray Rice). I am still very proud of this team and I look forward to next year but , hopefully without Cameron and Cundiff.

  11. mark says:

    the more things change,the more they stay the same.they cant beat the steelers in the playoffs,or the colts,or the patriots.what else needs to happen,two of the three teams are gone and all you have to do is catch the ball to beat the patriots and you drop it??..hines ward would’ve made that catch and thats what ticks me off.with the game on the line,on a big stage,the ravens dont make the big sorry people but they a ravens fan,and will be to the end,but be honest,whith the BIG game on the line,they don’t make the play.4th and 19 last year and a td catch in the endzone this year.AND SUGGS IS A CLOWN…where has he been the past two weeks.M.I.A..i feel bad for ed reed.all he has given,he deserves a chance to play in the superbowl..but instead,they choke away the season in the big game again….since 2000,the giants,who the ravens beat,has made it back twice.why?..because they can make the big play,the big stop when it counts.and they have players,not clowns like suggs…for the money he stole from the ravens,they could have had bart scott and jim leonard

  12. mark says:

    and another thing,cameron needs to goooo….he called a horrible game screens,no ray rice in space,and putred o-line play.against the worst def in the league,and you cant score 7 points when it counts,are you kidding me..they pushed our guys around like they were nothing.the way that line plays,they couldn’t beat a highschool team to get to the superbowl…great players make great plays.manning,brady,montana,elway,rothlesburger,ward,vinetary,ect..the ravens have a team of good players,and they can get to the playoffs,but they don’t have the great players that can get them to the dance….and another question i have is harbs another mariouchi? know the coach that can get you almost to the finish line and live in the playoffs,but never the superbowl….hell i would just like to see them play in one again..but i dont know..i think harbs should be on a short leash.4 straight trips to the playoffs and 4 straight heartbreaks..4 wasted seasons..and today he doesnt call time out with 11 seconds to go?..again,is he mariochi?belecheck would have called timeout.tomlin would have called time out..coughlin would have called timeout….and joe,for god sakes run 1 yard.pick up the first down,and call time out.give yourself another shot at the endzone….and lee evans…see ya……i think bishotti should give harbs one more year.then i think it’s time to move on….

  13. todd says:

    Lee Evans cost us $4.775 Million in 2011 look it up. He needs to make that play. Just like Houshmandzadeh last year. Flacco is the furthest from this loss and last year’s loss. You are nothing more than an idiot Monday Morning QB that has never played the game.

  14. Steelers Six says:

    Hook Left with the game on the line? Ravens can’t win the big one! Love it. Billy Cundiff gets MVP. Too funny. Lucky to be where you were this because your Defense kept you in the running, but then again, you won’t always be playing teams with multiple injured starters. See you next year in the Division. Go Steelers!!!

  15. Typical Ravens says:

    I think Harbaugh is the one who should go. He lacks serious class and composure and it has trickled down into the team.

    1. Steve says:

      Steelers are old and broken……. It’s going to be a longntime until you see the post season again. You losers didn’t even make it through the 1st round. Enjoy what you just had because it’s going to be a while til you see it again.

  16. MD DAD says:

    Well we won’t have to wait long to see Billy Cundiff try to kick another field goal again. On Monday Jan. 23rd (the day after the loss to the Patriots), he signed a five year 15 million dollar contract with the Ravens.

  17. MD DAD says:

    Correction: He signed Jan 23rd in 2011 (not 2012) a 5 yr. 15 million dollar contract.

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