Steve Davis: Ravens Blow It

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(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

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This one hurts….bad!

When you look at the stats, you have to ask yourself how they lost. They out gained the Patriots. They were plus 2 in the turnover battle. They won the time of possession by 5 minutes. And, they still lost. Stunning!

I have no idea where this team goes from here. It’s hard to get in the playoffs. We’ve done it 4 straight years, and haven’t gotten to the Super Bowl. I know the fingers will point at Cundiff and Evans and deservedly so. They blew it. But there’s some other plays to look back on.

The Torrey Smith bomb. He was wide open. That was a TD if Joe makes a good throw. It’s not his fault, but those are the throws you have to make. Another one, Joe deciding to throw to Wilson instead of Leach for a TD. If he throws to Leach, it’s 6. These aren’t Joe’s fault, just plays that make a difference. Ed Dickson dropping a first down at the end of the first half. Big play. If he catches it, they might get points at the end of the first half. 3 false starts. The one late in the 4th was huge.

We’ll remember the Cundiff and Evans play, but there were others.

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