TOWSON, Md. (WJZ)—A Baltimore County priest is arrested after police say he took his pants off inside an adult movie store.

Mike Hellgren has details of the charges he’s facing.

Police say they caught a priest from the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Towson with his pants down inside an adult store in Abingdon and charged him with indecent exposure. The misdemeanor could put him in jail.

Robert and Pam Kuhl own Bush River Books and Movies, where the cops charged Father Mark Stewart Bullock, 47, in a sting operation last week.

“He made a mistake,” said Pam Kuhl. “He was a priest, but he was still a person.”

The Kuhls believe their store was unfairly targeted.

“We’ve made some people mad here over the years. It could be them calling. We don’t know,” said Robert Kuhl. “The poor man’s life is ruined.”

The Baltimore Archdiocese says it immediately removed Bullock as a priest.

In this letter to parishioners, the church says it ordered Bullock to get a psychiatric evaluation and initiated an investigation to learn more about the incident.

“Prior to this occurrence, neither Immaculate Conception nor the Archdiocese was aware of any illegal behavior,” the letter reads.

A search in court records shows Bullock has no prior arrests.

It’s “a very unfortunate incident that happened. We don’t condone it in any way,” said Pam Kuhl.

“He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, I guess,” Robert Kuhl said.

Bullock listed the Church of the Immaculate Conception as his address, but the Archdiocese said he will no longer be able to live in the rectory. They declined WJZ’s request for an interview.

Bullock has a court hearing scheduled for early March.

Comments (12)
  1. ron says:

    aww its okay because he is a white priest and he fondles little boys nothing will happen to him. who cares hang him

    1. Jack Mehoff says:

      I missed where it says he fondled little boys. Probably because it doesn’t. Your reading comprehension skills are as good as your grammar.
      The stupid thing he did was drop his drawers. Wait until you get home like everyone else.
      The church won’t let him marry or have sex, so when gets caught working it they say he must be crazy. Religious logic at work again. And then some idiot says hang him. If you are going to hang everyone who masturbates, I’m going into the noose business.

      1. HeyZeus says:

        I have to side with Jack on this one. I missed also the part where it said the guy was fondling little boys.. I do see where he took his pants off in an ADULT business. Trying to figure out exactly what law was broken.. We walk around all summer long in swim trucks and speedos, so unless he pulled Mr. Willy out, what law exactly did he violate?

  2. KarenS says:

    Apparently pulling down one’s pants is a worse offense, in the eyes of the Church, than raping little boys. For the latter offense, priests are usually redistricted.

  3. yea thats me says:

    smooth operator

  4. Hawaii says:

    Ewwww. Nobody told him to walk into an Adult store.
    Nobody told him to pull his pants down.
    He ruined his own life. He’s a pervert. And finally got caught.

  5. Susan Farabee says:

    Ever hear of a glory hole…..that’s what he dropped his pants for….

  6. Mary Catherine says:

    I just don’t understand why he couldn’t wait to do ‘what ever’ in his bedroom ?
    Stupid guy.
    I feel sorry , while the priest is human too, and make mistakes like all humans.
    He didn’t hurt anyone.
    Too bad such a heavy price to pay ! so even though I am not Roman Catholic,
    At least for me……………… I can find forgiveness, can anyone else out there ?
    Christ forgave , what makes us better ?

    1. Jeffery Lebowski says:

      I agree Mary. Do that in the shower like I do. But you women weren’t burdened with lust like men are. Lust has made me hate women. It’s hard for a poor white guy to have coitus. You women are all prostitutes man.

  7. Barbara says:

    Wrong place at the wrong time? Did someone force him to go to an Adult movie store?

  8. Dan - Baltimore says:

    Once again, a clarion call for the RC church to start rethinking celibacy. Allowing their priests to have healthy monogamous relationships would reduce the likely hood of their having to seek out sexual expression in inappropraite ways.

    Agree with the opinion that one should confine masterbation to the confines of one’s own home..

    A question that should be asked was what drove this man to choose to masterbate in public? He simply didn’t arrive at a point where he thought “gee, I’ll drive to another county and jack off in a public place”. It’s to simplistic to label this man, and those who masterbate in public, as “perverts”. I feel a mixture of pity for the individuals, as his ecclesial career is most likely over – as well as for the parish, both its staff and parishoners – who certainly must have had feelings for the man and now must feel quite betrayed by his behavior. One can only hope that this is a clarion call for all concerned

  9. Tiffany Rodkell says:

    A priest faces conviction for indecent exposure. Am I shocked? No, this is why I do what I do for a living. My heart goes out to those who thought Father Mark wouldn’t dare do something so “worldly” or indecent. I was them once a part of time. I was confused because I was brainwashed into thinking that us “Believers” were/are suppose to be perfect. There is a thin line between the worship .of man and the worship of God. Read more at and click visit My Blog.

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