Ehrlich Campaign Cash Paid For Schurick’s Defense

BALTIMORE (AP) — Former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. used $168,000 in leftover campaign funds to pay for defense attorneys in his aide Paul Schurick’s election fraud trial.

The Baltimore Sun reports the payments were outlined in a campaign finance report filed last week by the Bob Ehrlich for Maryland Committee.

A Baltimore jury last month convicted Schurick on charges that he authorized a 2010 Election Day automated-call campaign to suppress the African-American vote by falsely suggesting that Gov. Martin O’Malley had already won and voters could stay home.

Ehrlich, a Republican, stood behind Schurick and was called as a character witness at the trial.

Schurick is scheduled to be sentenced Feb. 16.

The use of the money to pay an aide’s legal defense is not clearly addressed in Maryland law.

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  • Mary

    That slimeball Ehrlich…..paying for a crook’s legal fund. It is a crook helping a crook. And the Sun wants to hire this crook to write editorials. What a crooked state we live in. I won’t be buying or reading the Sun.

  • Jack Mehoff

    Crooks helping crooks, the story of government.

  • Jeff

    If this was a democrat using campaign funds to pay for his aides legal defense, there would be 40 comments on here already bashing liberals. It just seems funny that this is only the 3rd comment when the article was posted at 8:26 AM. Where are all the haters? Or is it because it doesn’t matter when it’s a republican.

  • Qatak Shorfiz

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