ELKTON, Md. (AP) — A police officer in Elkton has pleaded guilty to driving while impaired by alcohol and a hit-and-run offense after an off-duty crash.

Pfc. David Walter Vogel II, 41, entered the plea Wednesday. Sentencing is set for March 5.

Police say Vogel was off duty driving his personal SUV on Nov. 3 when he crossed the center line on South Bridge Street, hit a truck and drove away. There were no injuries.

The Cecil Whig reports that Vogel, an 11-year veteran with the force, has been suspended with pay since the incident.

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Comments (7)
  1. Sharon says:

    Because he’s a cop, he’ll probably get a slap on the wrist.

  2. Joel says:

    I’m sure this is not his first time, i bet it’s been going on for years as a police office he should be terminated if found guilty as a tax payer he can not be trusted as a office, this is the way to get bad office off the street if not this will go on.

  3. Michael Harris says:

    Wait wait wait. Since the incident he has been suspended WITH PAY? We drink and drive and we lose money jobs etc… This cop does it and he is let go WITH PAY. WoW Who is in charge of that decision, i think its corrupt system.

  4. sharon says:

    Elkton is typical of small town small minded little thinking & the brotherhood.
    This prick should be canned faster that a fart disappears in the wind.

  5. ron says:

    look police get away with everything, why are they even reporting this

  6. Michael Harris says:

    They are reporting it to rub it in our faces. Look here we have an officer of the law whop broke the law, so what we will do is suspend him But pay him. At least we know where our hard working tax dollars are going… This guys pocket

  7. Joel says:

    We need to raise taxes so we can pay for more people like him.

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