By Pat Warren

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)– Maryland First Lady Katie O’Malley issues an apology for calling members of the House of Delegates “cowards” for failing to pass same-sex marriage legislation last year.

Political reporter Pat Warren has more on Judge O’Malley’s statements.

In a written statement, Judge O’Malley said she let her feelings get the better of her.

Sticking up for the governor’s same-sex marriage bill, First Lady Katie O’Malley pointed to delegates who voted against a similar bill last session.

Judge O’Malley told the Conference on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Equality in Baltimore that: “We didn’t expect the things that happened to the House of Delegates to occur, but sadly, they did, and there were some cowards that prevented it from passing.”

There are delegates taking exception to that.

“They’re very angry,” Del. Don Dwyer (R) from Anne Arundel County said. “I can assure you there are many members that are very, very angry.”

The first lady later criticized Dwyer and others in the House for their opposition.

“I’m not sure why he is. Is it a religious thing or is it because he doesn’t think he can get re-elected? I hear a lot of that from legislators like, ‘Well, I’m for it but I might not get re-elected,’ which I think is sort of lame,” O’Malley said.

“Isn’t every politician afraid of not being re-elected?” Dwyer said. “Isn’t that what most politicians live for– just to be re-elected?”

The first lady issued an apology Friday saying: “I regret my recent choice of words at the Creating Change Conference last night. I let my feelings get the better of me. I deeply respect that there are strongly held and differing views on marriage equality in Maryland.”

Despite her regrets, the first lady may have alienated some of the very people the governor was trying to woo.

“I can’t believe it,” Dwyer said. “Honestly, I am shocked and amazed that a sitting judge would make that kind of a statement that would reveal her partiality and her prejudice.”

Dwyer says that since the first lady’s remarks, at least one delegate who was on the fence has now signed on to protect traditional marriage.

Governor O’Malley is scheduled to address the same LGBT conference on Sunday.

Comments (23)
  1. Rhonda Wimbish says:

    The Voters should decide whether there’s going to be Same Sex Marriage in the State of Maryland. The State elected Democrats are so scared of the Governor they should not be allowed to have this huge responsibility. The Governor doesn’t care about Gay interest, he’s only thinking about his future political aspirations. Let the VOTERS decide.

  2. vic says:

    I know the Governor and Katie are talking but all I hear is BLAH< BLAH<BLAH

  3. George M Hopkins says:


  4. George M Hopkins says:


    1. gerlev10 says:

      They seem to have the same “rictus” of the mouth: an indication of brain malfunction that produces “foul-speech”! Runs in the family generally…

  5. Queenie Johnson says:

    Not everyone believes as the First Lady of Maryland believes and she has no right to call people cowards for votine the beliefs. That is just rude on her part, to insult people to get them to agree with her.

  6. Nocomment says:

    Best judge ever…..and I mean ever…..Seriously…she is

  7. RavenLude says:

    yeah, she is such a good judge…….talking about hair and nails from the bench and of course wrist slapping criminals w/ weak sentences. she is stupid and her husband is the biggest crook in MD…….cant wait for them both to be gone

    1. Frank King says:

      Have you ever ever heard the expression,”People get the government that they deserve”? Well the O’Malley administration is proof of that. The damn fools that voted for this work of art we have for a governor are the same ones who will cry bloody murder when all their taxes continue to go up. He wants a 15 cents per gallon gas tax, he wants to almost double the automobile registrations, he wants to tax downloads of apps and music on the Internet. What else is he going to tax?
      His wife ought to be ashamed of herself. So if anyone opposes same sex marriage of religious grounds she considers them “cowards”?
      I DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM OR HER. She needs to step down from the bench and he should resign the governorship.

  8. She put her foot in her mouth! says:

    I can’t believe she called people who have a different opinion than her a COWARD. She is a sitting judge it was totally inappropriate for her to make this comment. She should be fired, oooops I forgot, she’s the governor’s wife so that won’t happen. Mrs. O’Malley will learn rather quickly that its a whole lot of cowards in Maryland who do not believe in re-defining marriage. She has just fueled a whole community to work even harder to stop this bill!

  9. Who cares says:

    So what. They are cowards. And I am not going to apologize.

  10. Vote for gay marriage says:

    Really, one person and one comment was all it took to put you over the fence against gay marriage. Now that’s a coward!

  11. gerlev10 says:

    Obiously, you are the one that’s been seating on the “picket” fence of life not knowing if you’re coming or going with a gapping hole in lieu of a mouth!

  12. TruthNdare says:

    Mrs O. sounds like she has regrets….

  13. Essexman says:

    She is a JUDGE keep her mouth shut in these matters. Calling people “cowards” in public, I wonder what she calls them in private.

  14. Brian says:

    So people who have their own independent opinion and disagree with the OMalley gang are cowards.
    This is the United States the land of free speech not a banana republic or a dictatorship.
    Mrs O Malley needs to be reminded marriage is a between a man and a woman and has been for thousands of years in every country on earth.
    Gays ro whatever they call themselves have the right to live with each other thats their business but they have no right to marriage

  15. SkipjackIV says:

    Typical bleeding heart liberal Democrats looking for votes.

  16. Pam Tomlinson says:

    I don’t see what she has to apologize for. She told the truth. I say Go Katie. She is saying what a lot of people really wanted to say.

  17. Steve says:

    Typical of the Owe’Malley’s. The boy wonder and his wife are two peas in a pod. It is way past time he and his wife packed their stuff and got out of dodge. And to all of you lovely bleeding heart liberal brain dead democrats, please stop voting for clowns like this.

  18. mofo says:

    Katie gurl thinks she’s still on the bench barking commands. These two birds deserve each other. A do nothing governor & an even do less first lady. If this family wasn’t politically connected via daddy in law Curran, they both would be bottom feeders working at Angelos law firm or doing traffic court.

  19. whatnow says:

    She calls people cowards when she is on the bench illegally. Read the charter. You are supposed to live where you preside over court.

  20. popopo says:

    Hatie is a bully. explain that is the school kids

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