MILLERSVILLE, Md. (WJZ)—Three teens and a 55-year old man are all killed when a driver goes the wrong way on Route 50. Now police are releasing 911 calls from witnesses who tried to stop it.

Mike Hellgren has new insight into the investigation.

At Anne Arundel County Police Headquarters, at least a dozen 911 calls came in from frantic people startled to see a car going down the wrong way down a divided highway.

You can hear first responders as they rush to the scene of mangled cars on US 50. The wreck was so bad one of those cars burst into flames.

“It doesn’t look like he’s weaving. It just looks like somebody got on the wrong side of the highway and there’s no traffic and they don’t realize it,” one caller said.

Four people died, including three teenagers—recent graduates of Severna Park and Meade high schools.

According to published reports, 19-year-old Brittany Walker was with two friends in her Chrysler driving the wrong way early Saturday morning. She was heading south in the northbound lanes of I-97 and somehow continued the wrong way on busy US 50, heading west in the eastbound lanes and colliding head-on with a BMW.

Terry Davis, 55, of Severna Park was behind the wheel. He died of his injuries at the hospital. Walker and her two 18-year-old friends, Breanna France and Zachary Rose, also died in the crash.

State police are investigating how someone could go so many miles in the wrong lane on this particular stretch of highway.

“I drive it every day. It’s terrible. It’s horrible to hear that something like that can happen ’cause you can just imagine that if something like that happens it’s a slim chance of survival that’s for sure,” said a Anne Arundel County resident.

State police are waiting for toxicology tests to come back. They tell WJZ that speed was a factor. But they say they can’t say if excessive speed was factor in the crash.

Now four families are planning funerals for one of the deadliest crashes in the area in recent memory.

It could take weeks before police finish investigating what happened.

Comments (21)
  1. ronaldr says:

    Teenagers, 3 a.m., booze = disaster.

  2. Mandy says:

    It doesn’t say if alcohol was involved or not. They are still determining. Walker’s grandfather is a coworker of mine. I have met her a few times and she is NOT one to drink and drive. She was raised better than that. So I do believe that people should not comment and assume things until it has been determined. Regardless, whether they were drinking or not, maybe the rude comments should be kept to yourself so that their grieving families don’t have even more to upset them. Have some respect for the families who are dealing with this tragic loss.

    1. me says:

      If she wasnt drunk they did an even worse job of raising her. This about it, Driving 20 miles the wrong way down multiple highways playing chicken with drivers does not equate to a great person. I feel for her grandfather, I do. But, his granddaughter almost murdered me. If I reacted just a few tenths of a second slower I would be dead. How anyone can defend this girl amazes me. If she walked in a shot 3 people no one would be saying any of this about how great she is. I hold her and the mother of the other girl responsible for 3 lives.

      1. me says:

        im sure u were the “innocent” victim in all this. i doubt u were on that road and almost hit.

    2. Jennifer says:

      I agree with you Mandy.

    3. mofo says:

      Mandy, Wake the fuc up you idiot.

  3. colliemom says:

    Mandy – I agree that comments that are just hurtful to the family should be avoided. However, others do have every right to comment on behavior that puts them at risk, if only to try to impart the lesson to other young drivers that it is never all right to drive impaired. It’s not a question of how she was raised; unfortunately anytime teens (even older ones) are away from the family home, they can behave in ways we don’t expect. It’s no disrespect to anyone to comment that likely this was from underage, excessive alcohol intake; especially with other comments she attended a party where a parent provided and served alcohol, and marijuana was found in the car. The first poster is correct; teens speeding, driving the wrong way at 3am are likely impaired, and a very real threat to everyone else in the community who might need to make an emergency trip on the road. The man who was killed could have been me, or you – or someone else we love (our children). There is no excuse for impaired driving, none. We can have empathy for the famlies, but at the same time be angry that her behavior resulted in multiple deaths. It’s not her family’s fault; it’s her fault, and the fault of whomever provided alcohol to underaged teens.

    1. Karla Brown says:

      Amen! Totally agree

  4. whatnow says:

    This party was well advertised at Fort Meade High School, these 3 were well known partiers at the school. One of them had been kicked off the soccer team for smoking pot in 10th grade. Don’t portray them as angels. None of this means they deserved to die, but neither did the 55 year old man who was innocently driving on the correct side of the road.

    1. G says:

      On Ms. Franco’s facebook page she posted that she was having a party at her house this past Friday. She also posted all the beer you could drink for $5. Maybe whomever was buying this beer should be held accountable to.

    2. Coaster says:

      She was out of high school. Why on earth would it be advertised AT the high school? She was in college. It just said that she had attended the high school. You know, back when they were high school aged.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions however Comments that are hurtful to the family should not be placed for them to see. If there is nothing nice to say then leave it off here. Brittany was a good friend of mine. She was loving and caring and had a good head on her shoulders. She will be greatly missed and Im praying everyday for her family’s loss and the familiies of the other victims. This is such a sad time for the four families and may all four people who passed away rest in peace.

  6. Kathy says:

    This accident was a pure tragedy. Why were they driving 20 miles on the wrong side of the road, no one will ever no. Four lives were taken from this earth. These families have to deal with the aftermath. Parents need to be more aware of where their children are and what they are into and know all of their friends. If they were at a party, someone should of taken the keyes and made them stay the night and be just a little bit more responsible, if that was the case. After almost loosing my son New Years Eve, I look at a life differently. Please just take this tradegy and make something positive out of it. Honor their memory. The accident is being investigated. Let the authorities do their job. Our prayers go out to each family who lost a love one that night. Please do not leave negative comments if you do not know what happened. Drive carefully and responsibily, take care of your friends and your family. Support everyone during this time of sadness and remember to honor their memory.

  7. Coaster says:

    So three people of legal age were at a party where they were going to be spending the night. They decided, for whatever reason, to leave that place at 3:30am. Driving on a fairly empty highway, there are parts of 97 that are pretty dark, too. Suppose they had to go get someone, and had to go on not very good directions? You could go the wrong way on there and not realize it, especially if you were tired. f you haven’t driven it before, you might not realize that it’s just a really huge highway all one direction, you might think that it’s like the local highways, and has two lanes in either direction with no divider. And then you get off where you think you are supposed to, and it’s a really busy highway, and everyone is driving right AT you. And you panic.

    Remember, twenty miles on 97 is fifteen or twenty minutes.

    Here’s a question for you. According to so many, there were AT LEAST a dozen calls to 911 about them driving the wrong way on 97 before they ever got to 50.

    WHY WERE THEY NOT PULLED OVER ON 97????? All those calls came from cell phone callers, and I bet at least half had gps tracking on their phones. A quicker police response time would have saved FOUR lives.

    1. colliemom says:

      Well….no. They were not of legal age to drink any alcohol at all. They were old enough to drive, but it was illegal for them to consume alcohol at thier age. It is illegal for people under drinking age to drive with ANY alcohol in their system. And if marijuana or drugs were involved ( marijuana reported as found in the car), these are illegal at any age. There certainly were multiple calls to police, meaning the driver had time and multiple opportunities to realize they were on the wrong side of the road. It is incredible you would try to blame the police for this; the blame lies right where it belongs, with the driver. The police were indeed enroute, but she crashed into the other poor victim before they could apprehend her. If anyone else to blame, it would be EVERYONE who knew there was illegal, underage drinking going on, and ANYONE who provided alcohol or allowed it to be served to underage drinkers. Everyone at that party shares some fault in this, as well as everyone who knew it was going to take place. The police should have been notified when the party was advertised; it’s a little late to expect them to magically fix what many people knew was wrong, after you have an underage, drunk driver speeding head-on at other cars.

      1. A person says:

        How can you say that everyone at the party shares some fault? I can tell you every single person who was there that night is disturbed and upset by what happened but to sit here and place the blame on all of them is just ridiculous. And do you realize how many parties are talked about online on a daily basis? Notifying the police (like you claim should have been done) about every single party would leave no time for police to do anything else.

  8. Audrey says:

    I’m a former MD resident and reading about this incident is shocking and sad. But its also unfortunately not surprising. In defense of the young drivers, I remember driving home one night on 97 and a car whizzed right by me going the wrong way! I was shaken and grateful I wasn’t hit. So driving the wrong way may be a common mistake–drunk, tired, or otherwise. Maybe there are steps we can take as a community to prevent late driving, overly tired driving and accidentally traveling the wrong way.

  9. Paris says:

    No matter whos fault it is…Bashing whomever is not necessary! 4 lives are now in heaven & there is nothing that can be done. I am sorry for “ME” but remember unless your a saint Im sure you have messed up before in your life… WE the PEOPLE are not perfect! (Go to Church GOD will tell you that) I drive in the middle of the night all the time praying I dont get in a car accident by drviers, weather they are drinking, tired, or on drugs… IT HAPPENS…. Just because they were teens doesnt mean they were drinking or doing drugs… HAVE YOU EVER HEARD THE SAYING DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER… What if that was your daughter driving would you want people out there saying some of the things you are saying on here??? NO…. I am sure they are all looking down from heaven appologizing, and unfortunatly nothing can be done now.

    The only thing that each one of us needs to do is to constantly talk to our children and teach them right from wrong! As long as we try there is nothing else we can do. We all have to allow them to be responsible.

    This is an unfortunate accident & we all wish it was avoided, however it wasnt and the families are grieving, so please remember to put yourself in their shoes!

    May God Bless all of the families involved I hope all 4 who passed become a Angel for us down here on earth

  10. Mandy says:

    Well said Paris. I know 2 of the victims families and on behalf of them, thank you for this. Really means a lot.

  11. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Paris, It’s pretty apparent the dead kids parents never talked to thjem about the dangers of drinking / drugging & driving & if so it’s also quite obvious it never sunk in to their closed little heads.

  12. A. Walker says:

    As more information comes out, this crash will just seem more and more tragic. No one can change what happened. With everyone involved in the crash gone, blame is pretty useless. I know all the kids and some things about their family situations. No matter what the details of this horrible event are, the kids/families of course would want everyone to remember all the good things about them. But at the same time everyone who remembers them should honor them by joining TOGETHER to prevent more needless deaths. As a rule, staying off the roads late at night, especially for teenagers, is so important! There is a tread for parties to “start” later (and later) and end very late. This has got to stop! This is a wake up call, and I know a lot of people are now awake – now we all need to make sure there are lots of long-term changes in behavior as a result.

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