O’Malley Talks About Applying Sales Tax To Gas

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—Maryland’s gas prices could soon be going sky high. The governor has recommended applying sales tax to gas, and it could pump up prices more than 20 cents a gallon.

Meghan McCorkell has more on this controversial plan.

On Monday, the governor announced a proposal to apply the state’s 6 percent sales tax to gasoline.

The state already levies a 23.5-cent gas tax, and the sales tax proposal would be on top of that to generate new revenue for transportation infrastructure needs. The O’Malley administration said the proposal would raise the price of gas by about 6 cents a gallon in the first year, 12 cents in the second year and about 18 cents in the third year.

It’s an idea at least one lawmaker calls a nightmare.

Maryland’s gas prices could soon be the fourth highest in the continental United States. Governor Martin O’Malley wants to extend the state’s 6 percent sales tax to gasoline.

In a one-on-one interview with WJZ‘s Vic Carter, O’Malley says he knows this will be a struggle.

“Look, none of this is easy. And I know none of it’s going to be very popular. But there’s certain things that if we don’t do we end up paying in other ways,” O’Malley said.

The governor says the sale tax plan could raise $613 million that’s badly needed for a backlog of transportation projects.

The 6 percent on gas would be phased in over three years.

So for the $3.48 a gallon you pay now, by next year you’ll pay $3.54. That’s up two percent. In 2014, that will be $3.60. With the full 6 percent, it will be $3.66 a gallon by 2015.

The governor’s proposal would include a capping mechanism to limit the tax increase if gas prices spike again.

Political opponents say the governor’s plan hits too close to home.

“People have had enough. Working families are struggling. The governor is making living in Maryland a nightmare,” said Sen. E.J. Pipkin, Republican-District 36.

Drivers we spoke with agree, saying their budgets are already stretched too thin.

“When you add everything up, gas and everything else that has gone up, yeah it’s a contributing factor,” said Lee Madison, of Crofton. “No question.”

“Help us out, the poor guys out here working for a living,” one Maryland resident said.

The governor says this plan could put more people back to work on transportation projects across the state.

The governor plans to officially propose the hike sometime after his State of the State Address on Wednesday night.

More from Meghan McCorkell
  • Wiseguy

    Stop friggin’ spending!!
    and Stop robbing the transportation fund !!

    • freecheese

      Time for a recall election .

    • Ellie Lightt

      the Guv O’Malley didnt consider gas has gone up 87% since OBumbles took office he must think we are all rich DemocRATS

    • W T

      You get who you vote for, I didn’t vote for the Dictator of the Socialist Republic Of Maryland.

      • David

        *You get who you vote for, I didn’t vote for the Dictator of the Socialist Republic Of Maryland.*

        Well in a nut shell it was the Fed/local government unions that voted for him, if DC was in south Virgina we would be a republican state!!

        As to the tax of 6cents per gallon he knows that’s a lie as 6cents will be added to the large purchaser of gas then 6cents more to the distributor then 6cents more at the pimp so it will be 18cents the first year and 54cents by the 3rd year, if their is anymore middle men I missed just add 6cents more per each!!

    • Daryl

      How can we; everything the government does is so important .

      • Daryl


    • smokehouse56

      But keep voting for these Dems. Stuck on stupid. Yep, go in and pull the Dem lever and elect radicals all over the state. Laughing like hell at the stupid morons from a Republican solid red state. BWHAhahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • tobmore

    This governor continues to have Maryland tax payers pay for his incompetent administration. As the state audits show, the oppointee’s are robbing the state blind through contracts and procurement that have cost the state millions.

  • MattfromBmore

    Lets keep making the taxcode even more complicated!!! This way everyone will need to pay a lawyer and accountant!!!

  • Ratz

    At this rate i will never be able to get a car and pay for everything. I think that we should go back to Horse and buggy and then put the dung in Annapolis, where it belongs.

    • Really??

      If everyone went back to horse and buggy than he would tax everyone for cleaning up the dung.

      • Camp

        And there would be a ‘hay’ tax….and a ‘horse shoe service fee’….and a Veterenary Surchage…

    • lizsalander

      The dung is already in Annapolis – and in the People’s Republic of Maryland, all the dung belongs to one party.

  • Randy Peel

    Tax and Spend: That is the motto of any democrat

    • Liberal Soldier

      Not true.

      • Jim

        Not true? What is it, like 99.9995% of them then?

      • wildandtired senior

        The difference between Liberal and Conservative? Liberals “feel” and Conservatives THINK.

      • Ratt

        Name one Liberal that doesn’t, just one Obabot.

      • krp

        correction wildandtired, Conservatives think, liberals CAN’T. Liberalism is not classified as a mental disorder for nothing. They don’t have the capability to think.

  • Shannon

    Welcome to Owemalley Land……….what’s in your wallet!

    • Marie R Sadler

      There are toll roads in MD, tons of cars pass thru every day. Why isnt the money from that being used to fix the roads (like it was supposed to)?

  • Jim Sterling

    Well for you the people who keep voting this type of person in office in Maryland it seems you are getting whatt you voted for. Most of the time WJZ dosen’t shine a bad light onthe boy wonder. By the time he is finished anyone with any sense and money will be leaving the first state. Him and the boys in Annapolis never really cut back sort of along the lines of Obama.

    • palainausa

      Call the moving van. I retired last year, and I’m going to go somewhere more tax friendly. If I could only sell my house…

      But, hey, it’s phased in, so I guess it really doesn’t matter, right? You had to see this coming once he got the 9% tax on booze.

      • KN

        Take a look at Hot Springs, Arkansas


      • JLR

        Too bad the home prices down here are like 4x overpriced. I’d love to buy a home but can’t seem to find the money for a 1000 sf $250,000 home. When I can buy land and a home in PA for under $100,000. I moved here because it’s where I got hired. I wish I could move the F back out.

      • krp

        Florida and Texas have no state income tax. Same with Tennessee..

        New Hampshire has no income tax or sales tax.

        There are many places that are more tax friendlly.

  • big tom

    as it stands the price of gas will $5.00 a gallon, this is O’taxey’s plan to get all into MTA, when this does pass and we all know it will, maryland should have the smoothest roads in the nation, every tax he is proposing is for the transportation fund, but who will be buying the gas? nobody will be able to put the gas in it at this rate.

  • Liberal Soldier

    O’Malley is going to put a Republican in the governorship next year. Just like Paris Glendenings policies destroyed the Democrats and put Bob Ehrlich in. History about to repeat itself in Maryland again.

    • Jim

      I doubt it. There are so few of us left in Maryland that do not feed at the government teet. This state is doomed. It’s a pity really.

    • CP

      You are probably safe, most Republicans, by now, have left the state for Virginia or West Virginia.

      • fatunclesam

        As soon as I start my new job in DC this summer I’m moving to Virginia.

        I can’t take it anymore here in MD, these people are so f’ing brainwashed.

      • baltexpat

        Left the ex wife and the Socialist Republic of MD in 09….never to return!

      • Happy In VA

        Yep – I left for VA in 2005, and am loving it. Lower taxes, politicians not snooping in everything we do, a business-friendly Governor!

  • Brooks

    Anybody can run a government by raising taxes, including a gorilla! This just shows this Governors weakness and inability to manage in tough times. How and why people in this state voted for him is beyond my comprehension. I can only imagine his thought process when he is faced with a challenging decision, “We’ll lets see here, have to make a tough decision about this matter. How can I make this go away? Oh, I know, I’ll make another tax increase on something that is crucial to every citizen in the state so that they can’t avoid paying for it and there too stupid to know how bad I SUCK AT BEING THE CEO OF MARYLAND and I can go and play guitar in my band tonight! Problem solved”……..The people of this state need to wise up and recognize that we can not AFFORD TO HAVE SOMEONE LIKE THIS IN CHARGE. Lets make all of the people who voted for O’Malley to pay for all tax hikes under his administration. Guarantee they will never have him back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jason

      They already put him in office for a second term after the biggest tax hike in Maryland history. If you dont learn from history it repeats itself. i hope you enjoy shelling out more cash, and trust me he is not even close to being done

    • WereTurtle

      You can’t run a state for long by raising taxes. The problem is you eventually run out of pockets to pick. They wealthy, the job producers, the upper middle class, the small businesses – eventually they leave. What you are left with is a wagon with everyone sitting in it, and no one to pull.

      • NoVaNick

        But you forget, the wealthy WANT to pay more taxes, according to Warren Buffet and George Soros…they give the money to the democratic party and those who pay no taxes but use government services vote for them, along with the upper middle class government bureacrats in Montgomery County. The middle class and small business owners are the little people and who cares what they think.

  • chris

    Dear god please help us when ever i think iv heard it all this jack a$$ opens his mouth agin

    • KottaMan

      Could not agree more especially the part about thinking we’ve heard everything until the next words he utters. Can’t believe his wife either with her obnoxious remark about members of the General Assembly being ‘cowards.’

  • KottaMan

    The Guv is mentally ill I am convinced. He has lost all touch with reality. God, I cannot wait to move out of MD as he has ruined it and I am not at all certain his damage can be fixed at this point.

  • Agenda 21

    Slaves of Maryland please allow us to help you. You will be required to work harder as we provide you a cleaner greener more prosperus state to reside in. Dont forget to check the air in your tires and turn down that thermostat. Act local think global, believe and repeat after me “Yes we can” Together we can integrate smoothly and nicely into Fema governance area 2. Oops we almost forgot to say “Only one flush a day will keep the sewer police away” Now get back to work…slave.

    • whodat1

      Da’ Komerad!!!

  • Really??

    I didn’t vote for O’Malley, and it seems like everyone that I’ve talked to did not vote for him. How is he the voice for the people when it’s quite clear that nobody wants higher, tolls and or taxes. Especially he’s the one that bashed Ehlrich for raising tolls slightly. O’Malley Quote “Tolls are taxes”, yet he did not stop the raise in tolls. I think the Maryland people need to get their heads out of their butts and need to get the petition ready to sign and have him impeached.

  • Jim

    Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Delaware are all licking their chops over this one. Their gas tax revenues will soar as Marylanders run for the border to fill their tanks. While they’re there, they’ll pick up their smokes and booze too. O’Malley, it’s a small state, people aren’t dumb, they’ll avoid this. You’ll most likely bring in less revenue than you are now. I can’t wait to get out of this state.

  • chearts77

    Who the heck voted for this guy? I sure didn’t and the more he speaks, the more upset I get at those who voted for him. When is he not talking about raising taxes on something?

    • CP

      Vote with your feet and leave. It’s a small state, you can get anywhere in it from neighboring states very quickly and easily, if you must. My wallet thanked me once I made the decision to move out of deep blue Maryland.

    • tom moore


  • Mr Mcclean

    I guess he never (O’Malley) wants to be in public office again. I hope his band makes some money.

    • tom moore

      Yes he can be in office again because the black folks in this state would vote for any fool as long as he/she is a democrat.

  • mofo

    A sales tax increase from 6% to 7% is a 16% increase so you see OMalley get’s his 15% gas tax increase & as a bonus another 16% on everything else. This is a regressive tax & will hurt the working poor the most as usual. Why doesn’t the government act according to the tax payers wishes when they are there in Annapolis to supposedly serve us. Stop the spending OMalley, start the cutting of fat programs such as welfare, section 8 housing, medicaid.

  • Ronnie Adams

    This Clown and his Annaplois cronies have raided the transportation fund for years without ever replacing the money back. They then build a multibiliion dollar road the just benifits two counties where the limosuine liberals live. They can’t pay for it so their solution is to raise automobile related taxes, fees and tolls to make the rest of the state pay for it who gain no benifit for it at all. This is runaway governance at its worst and the idiots in Maryland keep voting this clown car full of idiot politicians back into office year after year. Wake up fools these politicians are destrying our state and future by running us into a situation like Greece or Italy or Portugal.

  • Megan

    O’malley is Obama’s “mini-me”

  • Elvis

    I remember hearing Democrats talking about raising gas prices to $10 a gallon to force people to ride bikes and buy electric cars . Liberals are demise of the once great country USA.

    • wildandtiredsenior

      It makes one think about the extrapolation of these financing ‘policies’ of the Dums. Let’s see–we make everyone drive less or drive an electric something-or-other, then there is no revenue from the gas tax. What will they tax next to make up the shortfall??? Air?? No, there will always be another channel of revenue to support their continued spending…and they probably have that on the drawing board already.

  • Chris Abbott

    Thank you Baltimore, Montgomery and Prince georges counties for electing this a$$hat! He has done everything he can to ruin the Eastern Shore so now I guess he’s after the rest of the state! Hey O’Mally, take your taxes and your tolls and shove them up your a double S HOLE!!!!

  • K. Clark

    How funny….you people deserve what you get….My wife and I left Md 9 years ago when I could no longer stand being around all the libs in that state! Thank God for great states like Texas! My advice – get out..

  • Gary Allan

    Good idea, since it won’t affect any liberals right? Oh, even the liberals will be getting hurt by this. Hope and Change.

  • NeverSurrender

    Taxes, Taxes, Taxes, Taxes, Taxes, Taxes!!!!!! That’s all liberals can ever think of. Tax the rich, Tax the oil companies, Tax fatty foods, Tax sugar, Tax tabacco and now tax tax. Forget about the fact that the government already makes 25% on every gallon of gas, let’s tax it some more. But DO NOT EVER consider reducing handouts to deadbeats!!!!!! You guys in the NE deserve whatever you get after decades of democrat rule!!!

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