Air Force One Recordings Released From Day Of JFK Assassination

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JFK tapes
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BALTIMORE (WJZ)—It’s been almost 50 years since John F. Kennedy’s assassination and new information from that day in Dallas has just been released to the public. For the first time, we’re hearing long-lost audiotapes from Air Force One.

Kai Jackson has more on the dramatic recordings.

The tapes catapult listeners back into time. On them we hear Lyndon Johnson consoling John Kennedy’s mother after the assassination, as Johnson himself assumes the presidency.

The just-released tapes–kept for years by John F. Kennedy’s senior military aide–were recorded as Air Force One brought the president’s body back to Washington.

“We have reports quoting that the president is dead. He died about 35 minutes ago,” the tapes said.

Lyndon Johnson, newly sworn in as president of the United States, and his wife Lady Bird attempted to console President Kennedy’s mother.

“I wish to God there was something that I could…I wanted to tell you that we are grieving with you,” President Johnson said.

“Thanks a mill– Thank you very much. I know. I know you loved Jack. And he loved you,” Rose Kennedy responded.

“We are glad the nation had your son as long as it did,” Lady Bird Johnson said.

Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed for killing the president.  Investigators say Oswald was a lone wolf.

Yet for decades historians have questioned whether he really acted alone.

“I doubt that these tapes will put the conspiracy theory to rest,” said David Dallek, Kennedy historian. “They just can’t accept the proposition that a lone wolf, a single, and someone as dysfunctional as Lee Harvey Oswald could have carried off this assassination of the president.”

A Philadelphia dealer will sell the original box and tape for $500,000.

You can listen to a digital copy of the entire recording online. Just click here.

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