ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—Governor Martin O’Malley asks lawmakers to approve higher taxes. In his annual State of the State Address, the governor praised Maryland’s economic progress.

As political reporter Pat Warren explains, O’Malley says Marylanders will have to do more.

O’Malley tells Maryland lawmakers the state needs to raise taxes. The state of the state is strong, he says, but too many people continue to search for work.

“This is why I am asking everyone to do more,” O’Malley said.

His jobs creation plan is couched in a gas tax increase that will fund construction projects that put people to work. He also wants to double the flush tax to protect the bay and raise income taxes on people who make more than $100,000 a year.

“Now look, I know that every family is still feeling the effects of this recession,” he said in his address. “The people I serve are the people you serve. I know this is very difficult to ask. But nobody else is going to do this for us except for us.”

Republican lawmakers say the state shouldn’t be doing it all.

“You know the governor can’t have it both ways,” said Senator E.J. Pipkin, Senate minority leader. “He uses words to talk about increased jobs and yet on the other hand he’s got proposal after proposal raising tax after tax.”

“There’s a lot of people in this room on both sides of the aisle that are very disgusted with this governor right now,” said Del. Anthony O’Donnell, House minority leader.

Although the governor enjoys a party majority in the General Assembly there are likely to be some changes in his plans before they come to a final vote.

The governor also urged lawmakers to pass his bill allowing same-sex couples to marry.

Comments (26)
  1. chris says:

    i hope that he is going to tell us that he will be steeping down because he could not even run a snowball stand how sweet would that be

  2. r charles says:

    tax upon tax upon tax

  3. Michelle says:

    why don’t we investigate Mdicaid fraud and disabilty fraud which would bring back to the state MILLIONS and stop paying for illegal immigrants!!!! Pretty soon I won’t be able to afford going to work!

  4. MD VOTER says:

    His speech is based on how he wiil look on the national election scene. He could care less about the people of MD. No. 1 schools in the country?????. This man would do or say anything to help his advance in the Democrartic party. So, good people, we are stuck with him because of four very liberal counties. Without federal jobs this state would be one of the poorest in the country.

  5. Bob Higginbotham says:

    O’Malley is going to say how bleeding the citizens of Maryland dry by over taxing them is making this state better. He will say how his irresponsible spending and theft of $800 mil. from the transportation fund is good for the state because it has kept him and his miscreants out of jail. He will finish by saying how walking all over Maryland citizens has furthered his career plans to be president.

  6. Wiseguy says:

    Robbing us blind and there is nothing we can do.

  7. Collin Wickes says:

    How the hell do we get this guy out of here?? This state only hangs on because of it’s location to gov’t contracting and defense jobs! If I lose mine, I’m gone!!

    1. meeeeee says:

      BRAC is the only reason this state hasn’t folded and closed its roads. O’Sally is still sucking the Gov’t teet.

  8. sheeple says:

    I’m the tax man, sit down and I’ll tax your seat… walk away and I’ll tax your feet… one for you and thirteen for me… Yeah baby, I’m the tax man…don’t forget to vote for me…never mind I dont need it… I’m going to take the old hag’s seat…more for me, less for you…you slaves will be calling me Senator O’malley very,very soon.

  9. helen snotknocker says:

    he doesn’t have a clue!!! the taxes he is proposing will only hurt the ones he says he is trying to help!!! o’martin o’money!!! what a fool ye be!!! Tha leprecauns are about to start an uprising for you are a rainbow killer!!! Begorrah there laddie, ye needs ta get tha hell outta tha maryland office ana let someone a lotta smarter run tha show!!!

  10. LaDasha says:

    You people should be ashamed, the governor is doing a great job for the people of Maryland. Also the mayor is doing a great job in the city. What everyone forgets is the majority of voters elected him to office, so get over it.

    1. Collin Wickes says:

      I like the current mayor, but please tell me how he (the gov) has helped the middle class (working & retired) and business owners of this state? I’d love to hear…

    2. addition says:

      Nice comment, LaDasha… many of the majority live in Baltimore City, Montgomery and PG Counties? Tell me how he is doing a great job…and then we’ll talk.

    3. tyler says:

      actually he is not! only people who rape the governmet of its money benefit from this. too much tax on things strangle the economy, if we raise tax on gas, hard working Marylanders wont be able to afford to drive to work, causing more unemployment

    4. meeeeee says:

      Losing over 1 mil that was supposed to go to schools a few years back, his answer… i guess we will never see that money again. He just cares because a majority of voters vote to ensure their handout is there when they get done spending our hard earned dollars. It’s amazing someone with no job makes more than me working 40 hrs and while fixing all that’s broke around my property but somehow we keep paying the dead weight of MD. Yea as good as a job and any crackpot idiot could do. A blind squirrel can find a nut every now and then but I won’t start making pecan pie yet.

  11. Yofriginkillinme says:

    You go girl…

  12. hahaha says:

    monkeys without jobs vote him in

  13. tylerjake says:

    LaDasha you brainwashed DEMO’s would vote for “666” or “dog poo” if that appeared on the ballot next to “DEMOCRAT!”

  14. Scott says:

    The funny part is that with all this uproar about the gas tax, once Owe’Malley is out of office and begins to run for higher office, the Democratic voters in Maryland will develop amnesia and once again cast their votes for him.

  15. tomtom says:

    with people like ladasha and the illegal aliens and the gay community owemalley will do anything for his own private agenda. he is the biggesr disgrace ever to serve as governorand will do anything to appease these people soley for their votes. the hell with the real people who care for this state. god save us.

  16. fogey0 says:

    owemalley, if you really want to move our state forward, do the honorable thing and admit complete failure and submit your resignation along with those of Brown, Miller and Busch. The hardworking, honest people of maryland cannot afford any of you any longer.

  17. Carol Zimmerman says:

    It takes money to fund projects and keep our state running smoothly BUT within these programs there is excess wasteful spending. Until someone gets into office and targets what programs are spending recklessly, and what programs are benefiting people who do not deserve the money it will always be a problem. Anytime funding is cut to a program, there is going to be a group that will belly ache about it. And the ones who will belly ache the most are those with money and clout, they will be the ones our governor will hear, not the majority middle class. In my opinion the gas tax is a joke. It will not raise enough revenue to really maked a difference and it will just be another way to put money in the wrong pockets.

    1. meeeeee says:

      Can’t we tar and feather him on federal hill or state circle. I’d pay top dollar to view that

  18. the mole says:

    Get rid of all the spoonie dead wood minority hires & there would be a surplus in the treasury.

  19. The grump says:

    As long as the idiots automatically vote for liberals like O’malley, they are going to get higher taxes. Yes, I’m taking about the idiots in Montgomery and Prince Georges counties, as well as idiots in Baltimore City. They vote for liberal dems like O’malley, then act surprised when they raise taxes. I’ll make it simple for these poor, low IQ people – liberals = higher taxes. It’s not that hard to understand. And liberals come in Republican too (Mccain, Romney), so be careful. Unless you think $8.00 a gallon gas is a swell idea, like O’malley.

  20. KenCCBC says:

    Big surprise, O’Malley wants to raise taxes. O’Malley is untouchable here; he can raise taxes all he wants and nothing will happen because he’s in his second term and can’t lose another gubernatorial election- not here in Maryland anyway. He’s focusing on being President; he could care less about these last few years in Maryland! Open your eyes people, HE DOESN’T CARE; he’s going to raise taxes even more (remember the 20% sales tax increase?!), tax gasoline (average price as of 2/5 is $3.51 + 6% sales tax = $3.72 per GALLON!), and bankrupt even MORE of the working class. Unemployment will skyrocket and spending will decrease, forcing more small businesses to close and even more unemployment. But don’t worry, we’ll forget about it all over the course of four years and elect him President. That’s exactly why he raised the sales tax in his first year, so we’d forget about it when he was up for re-election. WAKE UP MARYLAND!!!

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