BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Behind bars and posting on Facebook? A Baltimore family claims their son’s killer is using social media from prison.

Meghan McCorkell has the growing investigation by prison officials.

The family of 18-year-old Kevin Thomas says the man who killed their son has been posting on Facebook from prison, even talking about his case with one of the star witnesses.

The profile picture on Charles Johnson’s Facebook page shows him behind bars.

Police say Johnson stole a car and slammed into a vehicle killing three teenagers, including Kevin Thomas, 18.

“How could he be doing that? If our kid’s got killed, how can he have a life in jail, have a phone and be on Facebook?” asked Helen Dunnigan, Kevin Thomas’ mother.

The Facebook page says the postings are coming from a mobile phone.

At one point– talking about his case– Johnson writes, ‘Take a dime and the charges disappear.” They say he’s even had interaction with a witness in his trial.

“So what good is a witness if he’s associating with a person that he’s supposed to be testifying against?” Nelson Thomas, Kevin Thomas’s father, said.

Corrections officials tell WJZ, “While it cannot be ascertained at this point that these allegations are accurate, Baltimore City Division of Corrections staff is putting its full resources into this investigation.”

They say if the accusations are true, Johnson will be prosecuted.

Prison officials have cracked down on cell phones behind bars.

Just last year, the Division of Corrections seized more than 1,300 contraband cell phones from the prison system, including 456 from the Baltimore Detention Center.

For the Thomas family, the Facebook page is a painful reminder of their loss.

“We have no more life because he took our son. Where’s justice for our son if he has justice to be on Facebook in prison?”

Jail officials say they have not found a cell phone on Johnson. Without the phone, they have no way of telling whether it was actually him posting from prison.

This week, Johnson was found not guilty on three counts of manslaughter. He was convicted on lesser charges.

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  1. Wilson Bradley says:


    1. shannon hayes says:

      This honestly makes me sick! How can they say they have no proof that it was charles johnson using the cell phone? Who else would be on HIS facebook updating HIS statu from jail about the trial? I also do not understand how the jury could have been so heartless to say “Not Guilty.” He may not have been punished this time but I guarentee he will do it again and maybe next time it will be someone important to Government officials. All of Morrell Park miss the 3 that. CHARLES JOHNSON killed that night. May they rest in peace and may charles johnson get his karma!

      1. Lydia says:

        AMEN! My prayers are with you.

  2. Lydia says:

    Is it just me, or does it absolutely amaze you that people are able to minimize things like murder, suicide, violent crimes, and get on Facebook with a smile after committing them? What is wrong with people?

  3. Bertha Wagner Windsor Beall says:

    How much proof do they need! A picture with the prison cell bars behind him!… Baltimore City justice system let not one but 3 families and A whole community down! Karma will eventually bite him in his ass! God has other plans for him and I believe it will be much worse then jail!… Because him walking on this charge is only going make him go do something else! Maybe next time it will be the judges or the jurors family! Then they will see the picture that we all see! God be with Mikey Bri and Scoots family!

    1. d says:

      im with Bertha on this one, how much more proof do they need, uh hello the big white cell bars behind him.

  4. Charles Donaghy says:

    yes its him but his defense is someone else took the pic of him also im glad he got off the evidence was not strong against him at all a witness who took a sweet deal to testify against him and very low circunstatial evidence

  5. Bertha Wagner Windsor Beall says:

    His defense attorney see’s him thru glass… That photo was not taken thru glass or heavy gauge wire! What freakin evidence do they need? He was driving he was speeding and he killed 3 innocent people! Your comment shows your mentality and morals! Just remember he will meet his maker! He then will answer to our God! Karma will bite him and when he does he will bite him hard! God knows what happened and God will be our jury in time! Meanwhile I hope you never experience the loss the 3 families took or our community in general! And I do pray Charles Johnson Jr. has A baby and him and the baby mother both die in A traggic way!

  6. Bertha Wagner Windsor Beall says:

    I assume his attorney is guilty of giving him access to A cell phone to make such low life comments on his facebook too!

  7. badmofo says:

    Just another stupid brain dead moolie.

  8. Amy Tripodi Camaioni says:

    I agree that someone else took the pic but it was taken in the cell which would mean cellmate possibly???

    @Bertha…I understand that your community has experienced a great loss and the families of the victims have suffered immensely but I don’t think wishing death on other innocents to punish Mr. Johnson is very God like. I am sure you are only speaking from your anger and frustration but it is hard to read comments that have God and death wishes in the same paragraph.

  9. Bertha Wagner Windsor Beall says:

    @ Amy… you are right anger and hurt that the justice system let these victims down! And I do take that back because O know between our God and karma his day will come!! RIP MIKEY BRI AND SCOOT!

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