ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — The Maryland House Appropriations Committee will consider arguments for shuttering access to money used to pay for transportation projects.

Lawmakers will hear testimony Tuesday on a bill that would create a constitutional amendment to protect the Transportation Trust Fund, which has been raided in recent years to stem state financial shortfalls.

The bill is similar to legislation introduced in the state Senate, where lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have proposed locking the account.

Last week, Gov. Martin O’Malley said he wants to levy a 6 percent sales tax on gas to help rebuild the languishing fund.

While complete details of that plan have yet to be released, a spokeswoman for the governor said O’Malley plans to introduce measures to protect the fund.

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Comments (4)
  1. feedup says:

    Here’s a better ide. Don’t raise our taxes to pay for something we already paid for. Instead cut funding to those pet projects that have benefited from the raid in the first place. My wallet is not bottomless!

  2. LeavingMDSoon! says:

    Won’t happen! The Boy Governor and his fellow DemoRATS need funds like this to fund the nearly failed public union pensions and other pet projects! This is why this fund in nearly broke! The Boy Governor has been raiding this fund to prop up the public unions’ pension for the last 5 years! You can bet that any plans that The Boy Governor or the DemoRATs come up with will have a very large back door to these funds! Come on CBS, tell us the “Rest of the story!”

  3. Dan says:

    When O’Malley came in, just 6 years ago, the MD budget was 25.8 billion dollars. Which was enough to pay in full for schools, roads, public safety, and all the other things they now claim that $36 billion dollars isn’t adequate to provide.

    Do you get a 7% raise every year? Does your job position pay 41% more than it did in 2006?

    1. Mike Calo says:

      No, I don’t get a 7% a raise every year. Whom are you implying does? If it’s state employees, better check your FACTS for the last six or seven years. regular State employees (not the fools on the hill) 1) NEVER got a 7% raise, EVER., and 2) pay raises and cost-of-living raises have been frozen since at least 2006. Have any of these things happened at YOUR job? (BTW, LeavingMDSoon, there are no “union pensions” – there are EMPLOYMENT pensions, which state employees, JUST LIKE PRIVATE SECTOR EMPLOYEES get – except that the state pensions are smaller in comparison, locked by legislation and can’t be changed by striking for better retirement benefits because state employees are forbidden by law to strike – so go ahead and leave Maryland. Wait, -here, let me get that door for you).

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