ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ/AP)– Another big name gets involved in the same-sex marriage debate that continues to divide religious groups in Maryland.

As political reporter Pat Warren explains, the Rev. Al Sharpton says he supports allowing same-sex couples to marry.

“Adam and Steve, no! Adam and Eve, yes!”

Church groups and other supporters of traditional marriage rallied in Annapolis.

“Our religious liberties are going down the tubes,” one Marylander opposed to same-sex marriage said.

Delegate Emmett Burns is a Baptist minister and vocal opponent of same-sex marriage.

“They don’t know our doctrine, and they don’t know our God,” he said.

But the Reverend Al Sharpton tells Marylanders on YouTube: “Yes, he does.”

“As a Baptist minister, I don’t have the right to impose my beliefs on anyone else,” he said in the YouTube video. “So if committed gay and lesbian couples want to marry, that’s their business.”

The Baptists at the Annapolis rally disagree.

“It is not only bad for religious institutions, it’s bad for every institution in the state of Maryland,” Burns said.

Martin O’Malley promoted same-sex marriage on Sharpton’s MSNBC show Tuesday night.

“This is not a threat to anyone’s belief system,” O’Malley said.

Meanwhile, a letter last year from the then-Archbishop Edwin O’Brien urging O’Malley to refrain from supporting same-sex marriage failed to change his position. O’Malley’s faith is being called into question, as well.

“Tremendously, because he’s a Roman Catholic and he’s not upholding the church’s teachings at all,” said a Maryland resident who is not in favor of the governor’s same-sex marriage bill said.

That obviously depends on whose church is teaching.

There are like-minded Maryland religious leaders standing with the governor as well.

A coalition of gay rights groups, Marylanders for Marriage Equality, released an ad featuring the testimony of clergy members Wednesday afternoon.

Religious leaders are featured in the video arguing that their gay and lesbian members deserve the right to marry and that under Gov. Martin O’Malley’s proposed law they would not have to officiate same-sex unions.

Several of the clergy featured in the video are black church leaders, a group credited in part with defeating the bill last year.

Religious leaders are expected to testify on behalf of the marriage bill Friday. Lawmakers will also hear testimony that day on legislation to create a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as between one man and one woman.

The governor specifies religious liberties in his same-sex marriage bill in an effort to calm the water.

A Senate committee heard testimony on the bill last week and is expected to send it to the Senate floor for a vote.

(Copyright 2012 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

Comments (24)
  1. Kimberly Blackwell says:


  2. brice says:

    First, Bill of ‘Philly’ Cosby came to Baltimore to tell Charm City to vote for someone to be Mayor. Now, the ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton of New York gives his parable of Gays for Maryland. For some odd reason, there is a basket with strong handles going down in an elevator. Isn’t it funny that this was not Prime Time during Gov. O’Mally’s quest to return to Annapolis? After the election, it hit the fan. He knows it’s not right. He knows which churches that is for it or not. Sharpon and Cosby can carry our Gov. up to 95 North to be with them. Not to be a ‘coward’, but don’t forget his wife.

    1. meeeeee says:

      Did you know Bill Cosby had an Indy car agreement with Raynor door years ago and cut funding when a “black” driver was not selected to drive the F1 car… I used to love his show too…

  3. MD VOTER says:

    I could care less what Sharpton thinks. Here is a man that tries to keep his name in the media and will back anything that does that. Baptist minister of what church? Along with Jackson neither has ever held a real job. So his opinion doesn’t carry any weight with me, before you liberals start screaming you have one vote the same as me.

  4. TYPICAL MD BS says:

    Why would we care what scammasterAl thinks here in Maryland. He’s a POS. Tell him to stay in NYC and continue his race-based hustling antics up there. For Al to try to lecture ANYONE is a joke. He and Jesse Jackson are two of our nation’s finest scam artists.

    1. Wheres common sense when you need it says:

      Your right, but please add to your list of scam artists all religious institutions. I mean come on, why would anyone send money to GOD when he already has everything! Think about it. You send money to these preachers who in turn spend a “fraction” of the money on things that God controls and allows to continue. If he did not want starvation and disease, do you honestly think he would let it happen? I don’t think so! One scam artists message is another persons bible. But for the record, I do think he is a POS!

      1. eyyo says:

        it shows to receive you must give. Give 30% and you will learn to live without and make due. Self satisfaction with better results than buying something pointless with it..

  5. deltasweetiepi says:

    What people will do for attention. None of us are God and none of us are in a position to judge. However to change and redefine what constitutes marriage is about VOTES and POPULARITY. For those who want to be with same sex partners good for you but it does not constitute marriage as defined by GOD. Al Sharpton is #THIRSTY and I will always label him an OPPORTUNIST.

    1. think again says:

      then don’t recognize it in your church. if you don’t want the white house in your church, then keep your church out of the white house. I think meat eaters devalue all life… should my beliefs dictate your eating habits? and before you try to claim ownership of “marriage” you better do some unbiased research… history isn’t on your side.

  6. Wiseguy says:

    Owe Malley and Sharpten……..Perfect bookends.

  7. meeeeee says:

    Hey Sharpton, What’s up with Thaddius Matthews??? Is’t that black on black crime… Like MLK openly frowned upon?? Bet you won’t touch that one! YOu don’t know what side of the fence to sit on huh. Some leader… I thought leaders lead their people not turn their back until it gives you a good spotlight!

    1. Zaalyil says:

      Absolutly, He is very pathetic, don’t know what side of the fence to go.

  8. meeeeee says:

    well since we can make up words according to how we feel… I’m black now. I was born a Caucasian but I want to be black to know how it feels… If naturally confused people can adopt a term like marriage, I can adopt a term like skin pigmentation. I have moles and they are not white so it’s acceptable. Right??? While we are at it… I want to rename myself supreme leader of the world too. Or maybe Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris???

    1. oh for crying out loud says:

      you hit the nail on the head. it’s just a word and you don’t own it any more than I own the word vegetarian.. “I’m a vegetarian, but I eat fish”… then you’re not a vegetarian…but do I go crying to the gov to keep people from sounding stupid? no. get over yourself.

  9. MJH says:

    As I have been told all my life. I now tell O’Malley “You will be judged by the company you keep”. AL Sharpton is not someone you should keep company with. Remember your trying to become President someday. LOL

  10. Steven Spiegel says:

    I am not a gay basher by any means . But i firmly believe that Marrige is for a Man and a Woman. Im also sick of these politicans acking like its fine in there eyes. The only reason Omally goes along with it is because he wants votes and the majority is what makes all his disicions.. Im so sick of all these politicians . Most of them growing up in the lap of luxury
    They dont no a damn thing about struggling to pay bills and actually sweating when work is performed.. Its time to clean out all of the Government and put hard working men and woman in there place. Thats the only way we will get a fair deal for the middle class.We need people in there that have no influance on big business.

    1. JayKewP says:

      How is it that you have a say in how two consenting adults live their lives? Do you think it is fair to impose your beliefs on other people? Do you think it is fair for the government to infringe on how religious organizations run their affairs (i.e., birth control in Catholic Churces)? How about this, I am a strict vegetarian as part of my faith and in my opinion, people who eat meat devalue the life that God gave all created beings. Should I have the ability to dictate what the rest of the country eats because it is my belief? The answer is, No. What I think of your eating habits is my opinion and the best I can do is be a good example of how a person of my faith lives and worships. How others receive that information or those values is up to them. It would be arrogant to think that I am responsible for how you live your life. Don’t you agree?

  11. KottaMan says:

    Sharpton is irrelevant. Take Jesse with you as well.

  12. Robert Hagedorn says:

    Adam and Eve, not Adam and ? Challenge yourself. Google First Scandal.

  13. big tom says:

    Another Closet Queen wanting to come out, that is Omalley and Sharpton, they are pushing it so when it become legal in Maryland they will marry each other!!!!

  14. fabian says:

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