ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — The battle over Maryland’s same-sex marriage bill heats up as supporters of the proposal plan to rally in Annapolis Monday.

Andrea Fujii reports it’s something opponents did last month.

Last month, opponents of the state’s same-sex marriage proposal rallied near the State House steps. Their message to lawmakers: vote no on the bill. The future of the bill rests in the hands of lawmakers in the House. It’s a battle that’s expected to be one of the longest and hard-fought in the state legislature.

“I don’t believe that we’re going to lose,” said Delegate Emmett Burns.

Burns is against the bill. He’s also a pastor in Baltimore County and says more religious groups are speaking out against the proposal.

“People are rushing up to me saying,`We don’t want this,'” Burns said.

“It’s going to be close but we’re going to be successful,” said Delegate Luke Clippinger.

Clippinger is one of eight openly gay Maryland lawmakers who want same-sex marriage legalized in the state. His office is bombarded with phone calls for and against the bill, but on Monday, Clippinger plans to support a rally in Annapolis backing the bill. He says at least 1,000 supporters are expected.

“It’s a sign of growing support that we have in this issue and I think we’re going to see that support grow in the days to come,” Clippinger said.

As both sides rally their supporters, 71 votes are needed to pass the same-sex marriage bill. Last year, a similar bill passed in the Senate but fell short in the House.

At least a dozen delegates are undecided on the issue.

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  1. lizzygram says:

    I don’t agree with same sex-marriages ither. But, where is anyone out there trying to compromise from both sides??? Gays are people with feelings just like any straight person. I feel ……without anyone pushing either side down one’s throat ……..there is common ground find it. !!! If anyone from either side of this fight would like to see what I am trying to say here…go to my blog and read the post.. gays vs straight : article #1. Article #1…is only so I can go back later and continue on it….when I get more information on it.

    1. Feebe says:

      Being gay may mean that your family structure may need genetic help.It’s natures way of saying DON’T have kids. Marriage is out of the question. To be married and in true love is very very rare.But to parade around like the right is there for those of same like is just that another fruit loop dance.Some people turned gay to be cool or in or just plane acting out socialy. Of those looking to be wed. These are the people in need of genetic testing.

      1. Diane King says:

        Fruit loop indeed.

      2. Adilson says:

        so mitluples time. We also live in a country based heavily on individual freedom, so any time you impose restrictions, you are limiting people’s rights. Occasionally, this will be necessary, sure, but there needs to be a clear and proven reason for this.The restrictions that the courts had placed on marriage are that it be between two people who are unrelated, unmarried, and of consenting age. Then Prop 8 added a restriction saying it must also be between a man and a woman. We do not disagree with the other restrictions, we are simply asking for the justification for limiting it to only man and woman. This does not require us to discuss or justify the other restrictions since we are not questioning them. Just like the case on interracial marriage did not involve the other existing restrictions.”You say that if something is not compulsory (i.e. procreation) then it is not justification for restrictions; and you say that if something can occur outside of marriage (i.e. procreation) then it is not justification for restrictions.”I’m saying that you claim procreation as a “core meaning” of marriage, even though this is reflected nowhere in the law, and even though you willingly bend that “meaning” for various opposite-sex couples. So if you could provide a clear reason or any real evidence that procreation is at the core of marriage, or that it should be considered a good enough reason to deny people a fundamental human right, it would be greatly appreciated.”And based on what you described as your SSM idea, the idea you would substitute for the core meaningn of marriage, these rules that you have relied upon would destroy whatever unstated justification you might have in mind for rerstricting SSM.”If you could explain how a core meaning of “commitment and family” would “destroy” anything, or how these are inconsistent in any way with the current laws and social understanding of marriage, I would be interested to hear it. Otherwise, this specific part of your post doesn’t make much sense to me. I’m not advocating restricting SSM, you are. We are advocating marriage, something that already exists, and has been ruled again and again to be a fundamental human right. We are simply saying that one of the restrictions that you have placed on it violates our rights, and you can’t provide any justification for this. Again, just like removing the restriction on interracial marriages did not change the core meaning of marriage, this doesn’t either. You can’t justify the core meaning being “procreating and uniting the sexes” just by saying you think it is. Repetition of an opinion is not the same as proof.

    2. Hadi says:

      no. It’s in the Bible.This is what i’ve been told time and time again whenever i’ve even try to make an anruemegt for gay marriage. That’s the only anruemegt they have, and the only reason stopping it from happening. I am constantly confronted with anruemegts against gay marriage from my good christian friends. (but not all of them, thank elmo) This article and that article. I have begun to write hundreds of return comments to them, and have deleted them all. There is no point. Because their belief is resolute and no anruemegt will achieve any sensible, substantial resolution, just as it doesn’t in courts or politics. They dance around it, but basically it’s all about religion.God made Eve for Adam. Not Adam for Adam.While the majority of the people in politics and the legal system are led by their religious beliefs rather than what is agruable in a court gay marriage will not be passed.They don’t care about society, about statistics or what the general population believe, about their popularity votes or even what is right and what is wrong sometimes (except for when it supports them). Remember this is a country with a government that only recently apologised to the indiginous people that were slaughtered and had their culture all but obliterated from the face of the earth. By government decision.And why? Because they were only godless savages anyway that needed to be shown the righteous path to heaven. And it didn’t only happen here.This was done for their own good, right? They were wrong and needed to be saved from an eternity of damnation. Right? (oh wait, that’s right, they wouldn’t ask) Right!Most charities working in third world countries are at their core a religious organisation. Working under the guise of feeding the poor they are handing out bibles and preaching about following their way. Put on clothes, your body is sinful. The gay community is not going up against legality or reasonable anruemegt. They are up against 2000 years of religion telling us that from birth we are sinful and will burn in hell unless we follow the right path, read the good book and confess our sins and be christened and whatever!I’ve tried many times to have a discussion about gay marriage with people in the past. Maybe i thought my logic could sway them somehow. Maybe if i could just get them to see reason it would be a start.ButGod says no. It’s in the Bible.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I get it, there are people who dislike (or to the extreme, hate) same sex marriage, but for it to be placed on a ballot or put into legislation just to see if it should or shouldn’t happen is absolutely wrong. Same sex marriage affects NO heterosexual couples not one, but according to hateful rhetoric it supposedly does.

    Divorce and infidelity stem from the couples themselves and keeping gays from marrying will never ever change that. Contrary to the popular mental poisoning belief, same sex couples do not affect children only the parents who actually believe and buy into it and sell the idea to their child will cause the child to believe and possibly falsely act upon it. That is nothing more than hiding behind your child to make an argument against same sex marriage. And a failed argument I might add.

    Religious beliefs are not religious rights. Keep your beliefs out of government the same way religion wants government out of their affairs. Atheists are part of this anti same sex marriage issue theirs is just flat out insecurity no magic daddy involved, while the religious are insecure and super superstition to control them.

  3. mr.right says:

    most people are opposed to gay marriage but who cares liberals know better than the majority peasants (voters) that is why Obama and Arnold Schwarzenegger decided that they don’t have to honor the 7 million votes in California and elsewhere. Because, like I said “liberals know best”.

    1. Rekimi says:

      Why should this even been on a vote? Insecurity and talking voice(s)? It makes a person happy because ignorance rules and republicans know better than everyone else? Your name should be mr.stupid.

  4. Heather says:

    Plenty of people believed that women and black people shouldn’t have the right to vote and that it was wrong for blacks and whites to marry. Civil rights are just that. Rights. Are we putting the right to freedom of speech up for a vote? The right to bear arms? Should states be allowed to go back to segregation if the majority votes that it’s “right.”

  5. MuscleFan says:

    So, with approximately half of US marriages ending in divorce, are conservatives still suggesting that same-sex marriage is what is bringing down morals and ethics in the US? Get a grip… vote YES and provide equality for all. After all, no one is keeping one ignorant republican from marrying another ignorant republican. Wow, if THAT isn’t an oxy-moron. And, on a somewhat related note, the Catholic Church needs to face reality. As employers, Catholic universities and hospitals SHOULD provide contraception coverage in their health plans. I look around during Mass and can’t believe that there are so many hypocrites! Sure, we have families that have 6+ children, but I can’t believe that most of the families in the parish can honestly say that they have so few children because they’re infertile or are REALLY good at the rhythm method.

  6. whatnow says:

    The art of compromise is dead. That is why peace, love and harmony are gone. Everyone says “mine, mine, mine” like 3 year olds.

  7. Tom says:

    If marriage can mean anything, then it means nothing!

    1. Rekimi says:

      Marriage always meant anything. It is nothing more than a selfish definition at the moment. Divorce and remarrying is between a man and a woman than marriage ever will be.

  8. mr.right says:

    Gay marriage is a crime against the family!

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