CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WJZ)—Monday morning, it’s back to court for George Huguely. The former UVA lacrosse player from Maryland is on trial for the murder of Cockeysville native Yeardley Love.

Adam May has a look at what’s expected.

Almost two dozen witnesses already took the stand in this very emotional trial. Legal observers say the defense faces an uphill battle.

Prosecutors get ready to wrap up their murder case against George Huguely after painting him as an out-of-control college student who had a pattern of getting drunk and assaulting his girlfriend, UVA lacrosse star, Yeardley Love.

Jurors already heard a two-hour police interrogation where initially Huguely denied knowing Love was dead, saying “I didn’t even hit her. I don’t believe it.”

But later Huguely admitted to putting his hands around Love’s neck.

Another lacrosse player from the University of North Carolina also testified.

Mike Burns told jurors that Huguely went into a fit of rage when he found out Burns and Love hooked up.

Burns walked in on Huguely choking Love, and then months later — and just days before her death– Huguely sent Love an email that said “When I found out about you and Burns, I should have killed you.”

The prosecution’s case looks very solid, according to legal expert Byron Warnken.

He says when the defense gets its turn later this week, they’ll put Love’s character on trial, hoping to cast the cause of death into doubt.

“The medical examiner said it was blunt trauma for banging her head against the wall,” Warnken said. “Apparently the defense will argue that between prescription medication and alcohol there was other factors that [contributed] to her death.”

The defense argues that Love’s death was an accident.

Prosecutors have to prove the murder was premeditated to get life in prison. If the defense is convincing, Huguely could serve 10 years for manslaughter.

Comments (3)
  1. rdnkkkgrl says:

    great if he gets charged and not get away w/a insanity charge theyll give him 10 yrs only for him to serve 3-5 wat a joke!!!

  2. the mechanic says:

    Who gives a fuc about two spoiled kids who had no social or coping resolution skills.Products of over induldgent parents.

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