Prince George’s Religious Leaders Supporting Offshore Wind

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Religious leaders in Prince George’s County are calling on Maryland lawmakers to support offshore wind power development.

A group of 30 religious leaders says it plans to deliver a letter to the county’s delegation supporting offshore wind legislation. The group, which plans to release the letter on Monday, says it is supporting offshore wind because of the toll pollution from coal-fired power plants is having on the health of county communities.

Offshore wind is a key piece of Gov. Martin O’Malley’s legislative agenda this session.

A bill that would have required utilities to enter into long-term wind power contracts failed last year over concerns about the costs to customers. This year, the governor is proposing legislation similar to a New Jersey law that sets requirements, but doesn’t require long-term contracts.

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  • happyjack

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    • Rekimi

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      • happyjack

        Rekimi Whites, 68% of the population, 38% on assistance. Blacks, 12% of the population 65% on assistance & account for over 58% of all criminals in prisons. You do the research you dumb Mf’r.

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