So much was made of last being the first weekend with no football since August. I decided to get some quality time in with the family, but I still managed to fit a few games in.

On Friday night, I got a chance to check out Jeremy Lin. It was a good time to watch him play considering he destroyed the Lakers and made Derek Fisher look foolish. He ended up dropping 38 and up to this point has his team on a 5 game win streak.

We got the bad news about Pe’Shon Howard, he tore his ACL and is out for the year. So I had to check out Terps Vs Duke on Saturday, to see if they could pull out a big upset. They couldn’t and it was the same old story. Strong first half and didn’t show up in the second half. They are desperately missing someone to distribute the ball and make the other players around them better.

On Sunday, I watched a little bit of the NBA match-ups and checked out the Grammy’s late on Sunday night. I do miss football but I love getting back into basketball as well.


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