By Pat Warren

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Governor Martin O’Malley’s gas tax proposal makes it harder for the state to use transportation dollars to supplement other needs. A bill to apply the state’s sales tax to the price of gasoline is set to go before the General Assembly.

Pat Warren reports on some of the specifics.

Keeping pace with the price of gasoline and the demands for roads to run on is a balancing act that is putting lawmakers and taxpayers at odds.

“We feel that the taxes on gasoline in Maryland are already high enough,” said one.

The governor wants to apply the state’s six percent sales tax at two percent a year and install a braking mechanism to stop collections if gas prices increase 15 percent over a year. It limits any raid on the transportation trust fund to cover other state expenses by requiring a three-fifths majority vote in the General Assembly and the treasurer’s approval. The state would also have to stop collecting the six percent tax until the money is transferred back into the fund.

Last week, Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot blasted the tax hike, calling it a crushing blow to families.

“The opponents are many but the truth is a stubborn thing and the truth of our situation, our shared situation is we will all pay more if we do nothing and so what we have to figure out as a free and thinking people is whether there might be better choices that we can make together, that maybe a few cents now on a percentage basis will be dollars that actually benefit us long-term,” said O’Malley.

Lawmakers can expect to be briefed in the next few days.

Marylanders currently pay a 23.5 cents a gallon tax on gasoline.

Comments (37)
  1. keets says:

    Vote the Mother F”rs out of office.

    1. Sherrif is a thief says:

      Keets is a beautiful woman with high intelligence and she never uses base language. You can take her name, it’s just such a shame you can’t personally live up to her standards. Your pathetic, Bernie McKernan.

  2. Sam Gibson says:

    The FACTS,they blew a billion in the Transportation Trust Fund. They want in our pockets again!!! This braking mechanism is a JOKE,they get to that money when they want it. Wake up people of Maryland “ENOUGH” ,TELL THEM TO BUDGET LIKE WE DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. RustysChaos says:

    OMalley travels on Maryland State Police gas. It isn’t coming out of his pocket. His job is to spend your money on the things he wants. Wake up Maryland. We have been a one party state for how long? Maybe it is time to balance the Maryland General Assembly and the budget. These fools have had their hands in our pockets too long. WELCOME TO MARYLAND, WHAT”S IN YOUR WALLET?

    1. Ayame says:

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  4. true says:

    Here we go again. The clowns can vote to use the funds elsewheres

  5. mr.right says:

    That is what these monkeys do! They’re only solution is to raise taxes at every whim or drop of the hat. And mengaled within this mindset are environmentalists who believe that gas prices could never be high enough! Look up agenda 21. I truly believe that wjz is part of that movement. If you notice lots of times opposing views are censored big time! Giving the impression that the left-wing View is the popular consensus. This is no longer a reliable news outlet but a propaganda news machine.

  6. r charles says:

    i gave up after 40 years and we moved to tennessee
    it is nice there and the taxes are very low

  7. Debbie says:

    Gas prices are rising daily nationwide and instead of looking to improve the
    situation for MD residents our govenor is only concerned with whose pockets he can get into to get mor money for him to spend.. Let him put back the mney he took from transportation to “balance his budget” and get his hands out of our pockets. While he can not run again, remember the rest of those elected officials who go along with this robbery at election time.

    1. Heni says:

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    2. ayshe says:

      Owbalv on October 20, 2011 Oddly enough, i think a Bruce Almighty game would have been kinda cool. Go aournd and use your powers to help people or to help yourself to things. Who wouldnt want to play god?

  8. just a oppion says:

    I think it is just another way to push out the middle working class. Take the middle class working man and push them into poverty level. The Middle class has already been dropping, and it’s a state now for the rich to afford to live here. The state can waste more money and tax us more just because they can. SPEND SPEND SPEND! take the funds from other areas to pay for it and don’t worry about it.OweMalley could balance a monopoly game without over spending and increasing taxes. He left the city broke and will the same for the state.
    Guess he fits right in with out President who over spends and has broke the country.

  9. Frustrated says:

    O’Malley never met a tax he didn’t raise. With the price of gas and the latest toll hike it now costs me about $135.00 a week in just gas and tolls to go to work. Add on the huge increase in insurance costs (thanks Obama) and I now bring home $100.00 less a week then I did four years ago when our company implimented a salary freezed due to the state of the economy. To add insult to injury my comute is 1 hour on a good day but has been 2-3 many times due to accidents and beach traffic. I am starting to think I would be better off lossing my job and sit home and collect umemployment forever (again thanks Obama)and let our government pay for everything..housing, food stamps, medical car etc. It is getting to be very apparent being a hard working productive member of society that pays their own way is not what our government wants since that is who they like to penalize over and over again until we have nothing. .

    1. Wiseguy says:

      Very well stated !

  10. The grump says:

    Why doesn’t O’Malley simply raise the income tax of those making over a million dollars a year, like Obama’s plan ? That would prevent families from choosing either food / medication – OR – gasoline (so they can keep their jobs). Don’t look for budget cuts from O’Malley and his friends – their idea is always to cut police / 911 services / fire dept bedgets, so the taxpayers will scream for more taxes. Unnecessary costs are never touched. Thank God I’m out of this (expeletive deleted) state in 3 years when I retire to Florida – warm, warm, warm weather.

    1. aceeyeed says:

      Not enough rich to tax. in the USA there are only 286,875 people making agi over 1 million

  11. meeeeee says:

    Omalley is an STD to the state of MD. He’s like a herpe sore… He seems to go away for a while and when he comes back he is irritating, and brings discomfort to all he come in contact with

    1. Stupidity Rules says:

      More like a hemorrhoid.

      1. TruthTeller says:

        Hey! Great idea here: Let’s start sending “Preparation H” to the State House……

  12. daved says:

    No way. I’m moving to Delaware

    1. TruthTeller says:

      Us as well. Nice state, low property taxes, no sales tax, and much cheaper gas.

  13. adraine says:

    why yall keep talking about PRESIDENT OBAMA we are talking about that thief OMALLEY

    1. meeeeee says:

      Omalley, Obama, POS, Prick, Herpe sore, STD, Epidemic, same thing

    2. The grump says:

      Why ? Well, Obama just wants to raise taxes on people making a million+ a year. That’s politically smart. O’malley wants to raise (gas) taxes on the less fortunate, the poor, and businesses that will pass the cost onto the customer. O’malley should just raise taxes on millionaires, if he is smart. But O’malley seems to be as dumb as a bag of rocks, so I don’t expect logic or reason from him. He knows 2 words – “tax” and “spend”. He should take lessons from Obama.

  14. kotta man says:

    Vote with your wallets & your feet if you can afford to move. Insist they publish a list of all the lawmakers who vote yes on this issue & then vote them the f…..k out of office.

  15. Brian Scott says:

    Need a better choice for Governor

  16. aceeyeed says:

    Taxing the rich does not work. only 298,xxx total people who make over 1 mill agi source is IRS look it up. So Obama is wrong, State of MD still has 2 billion left from stimulus. you get what you voted for and most have been voting the same way for 40 years. Oh next boat tax going up. if you raise gas tax to be FAIR the bus and subway should go up the same percentage, add 6% to the bus fare and subway light rail too. share the pain. and put it in a lock box supported by a constitutional amendment..

  17. dk says:

    I just remember O’Malley saying Ehrlich raised taxes and he didn’t. Sounds hypocritical…..Bring back Ehrlich

  18. Dan says:

    O’Malley has raised state spending by 41% in 6 years.

    That apparently isn’t enough, so now he needs even higher taxes to give out to his rich friends and supporters next year.

    Did your salary increase 41% since 2006?

  19. SLB828 says:

    O’Malley made the statement that he has the approval of some MD businesses for this tax. How about those businesses come forward so I know which ones to boycott. Then we’ll see how much they agree with the tax when MDers stop shopping in their stores.

  20. meeeeee says:

    Its a nice clause to say only 3/5’s of a majority vote to use the funds for not-transpotation needs. That sounds like an easy way to siphon $$$ for their unused piggy bank. Must be nice to not have to pay for anything. So if a majority of our politicians are crooked which they are that means that money will go to everything else besides road repair and infrastructure. They say gas is taxed +/- $0.23 per gallon… This tax will add another $0.21 on top of that pre-taxed gas.

  21. deliverance says:

    Because this state is so overwhelmingly blue, there will be no debate. Every bill will pass easily so if you are anything but a Democrat in Md, you had better move cause you’re f…..k’d.

  22. TruthTeller says:

    After a lifetime in Md we’re out of here. As bad a MoM is, the next governor may continue the trend if a democrat. This state is in major trouble and if you fast forward another four years under another tax and spend lib governor there will be utter chaos in the state.

    1. Happyday49 says:

      So true, as long as MD is blue, with unstable thinking like M O’M and the Annapolis gang, then this once beautiful state will not get better unless we the people elect a true governor for the people, and vet that person to the hilt! We can do it. Otherwise, we have already talked about moving next door Delaware.

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