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This seems to be a growing problem. Athletes run their mouths, or fingers, on Twitter, and get in serious trouble.

Terrell Stoglin was put in place at Maryland. Towson football coach Rob Ambrose has banned his players from tweeting, at least for now. A high school athlete was kicked out of school for tweeting inappropriate sexual remarks. I am not a big fan of schools denying athletes first amendment rights. Don’t take away their rights, just educate them how to be smart about what they’re saying.

That said, if I’m a coach, I don’t want my players tweeting. Too much risk of saying something stupid, or even committing some kind of a violation. The athletes might keep their rights, which means schools have to allocate a ludicrous amount of resources to monitor them.

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  1. Voice says:

    Young kid atheletes, never known for their decorum using twitter is like playing with a loaded hand grenade. It’s stupid & often deadly.

  2. TC says:

    Education is the most important thing, though I think monitoring is necessary.

    Curious as to what you think a “ludicrous amount of resources” actually is. I’ve looked at several monitoring companies out there. It can be anywhere from $6000 to $20,000 per year (that’s pennies per day per athlete for a large program like Maryland). You can’t hire an employee to monitor it for that cheap, and it’s pretty affordable insurance considering what they invest in recruiting these kids.

    Though some of the monitoring companies are out of control, making kids install 3rd party apps on their accounts and creating digital archives of their online history. That’s a bit much.

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