Roaming Toddler Found Outside Verizon Center After Separating From Group

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WASHINGTON (WJZ)—A toddler is discovered walking all alone along a busy street in Washington, D.C.

Jessica Kartalija explains what happened.

The little girl was found walking along F Street without supervision until two women notified police.

It was along a busy street in Washington, D.C. where two friends on their lunch break saw a toddler wandering alone.

“When we saw her walking around, we stopped the little girl because she had gone to run out into the street,” said Senita Harris.

A little girl, just 2 or 3 years old, appeared to be lost near the Verizon Center on Thursday.

“I told my co-worker, ‘I can’t leave right now. I have to stay here until we find somebody,’” Harris said.

“We saw on her badge, it said Kidbridge Daycare, so we went and got a police officer,” said Lisa Wilkerson.

The two women found a police officer who walked the toddler into the arena. Inside, they found five other children from the Kidbridge Daycare center who were also separated from the group.

“I have a child in daycare, and I’m wondering now if it’s safe to send them out on a field trip,” said a parent.

Evelyn Miller, the director of the daycare center, says 28 children were taken to Verizon Center to see “Disney On Ice.” When a staff member took the kids to the restroom, they got lost in a crowd of people leaving the show.

Fortunately, all of the children returned from the field trip safely.

The director of the daycare center says they had several staff members on the field trip and this should not have happened.

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