RANDALLSTOWN, Md. (WJZ)– Same-sex couples are one step closer to walking down the aisle legally in Maryland. The Civil Marriage Protection Act narrowly passed in the House of Delegates.

Weijia Jiang has reaction from supporters and opponents of same-sex marriage.

Twenty years ago, Michelle McGirt and Tracey Taylor found love at first sight.

“I love being with Tracey for the rest of my life,” McGirt said.

The couple raised two kids together. And five years ago, even walked down the aisle.

“We’re as committed as any heterosexual couple,” Taylor said.

But their union is only recognized in Vermont, one of a handful of states where same-sex marriage is legal.

In Randallstown– where they call home– it’s not, yet.

Soon it could be. In this historic moment, the Maryland House of Delegates passed a bill to legalize same-sex marriage.

“It’s been an emotional, amazing experience,” Del. Luke Clippinger, D-Baltimore City, said.

It was also a huge victory for the governor, who sponsored the bill after a similar one failed to get through the House last year.

“We all want the same thing for our kids,” he said. “We want them to live in homes that are loving, stable, protected equally under the law.”

Activists on both sides believe Maryland voters will make the final call in a November referendum.

“It ain’t over until it’s over,” Del. Emmett Burns, D-Baltimore County, said.

Opponents promise a tough fight ahead.

“The definition of marriage– one man, one woman,” David Arconti of Annapolis said.

But so do supporters.

“I’m proud of my state and proud to be a Marylander at this time,” David Mold of Baltimore said.

“We’re jumping around, we’re just– for the cameras– are being still,” McGirt said. “But inside we’re bouncing off the walls. We want it to happen,” Taylor added.

The bill will now head over to the Senate where it is expected to pass just as it did last year. But both sides believe it will then go to referendum in November so it could be Maryland voters who make the final call.

If voters approve the measure, the earliest a gay couple could wed in Maryland is January when the law would go into effect.

Comments (20)
  1. kevin says:

    Maryland voters who make the final call.

    And this will be a sad day when the state of Maryland takes away equality from a group of people. The gay community has been hurt enough, don’t take this away from them.

    1. team8 says:

      I agree. Leave these people alone and let them be married. It’s a private decision to be married and everyone should be able to have their one soul mate in life.

  2. hahaha says:

    Oh We we will remember the ones who voted for it. Your onre vote will cost your job

  3. mr.right says:

    This was shoved down Maryland citizens throat ! And there should be Hell to pay! Whenever the liberal elites decide that they know better than the citizens of whom they represent, it is time you fire all of these so-called legislatures, starting with O’Malley. And I’ll say it again WJZ was censoring most of the comments… trying to give the impression that most of the people that came here were for this legislation. And like I said , “WJZ IS NOT! A reliable news source (unbiased) but instead it has proven itself to be extremely left-leaning. And no longer deserves any recognition for being unbiased.

    1. prof of logic says:

      You are correct about the censoring of comments on this site. Quite a shame, but typical of liberal propagandizing. The same tactic is used most blatantly on Obama’s official youtube channel. I’ll be surprised if this comment gets through.

  4. mr.right says:

    Shame on you WJZ! You are not a reliable media source but instead you are a propaganda machine!

  5. Bob says:

    It is a sad day for God and country !

  6. BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE???? says:

    HMMMMM?????????? Makes me wonder about some elected officials. Maybe they go both ways.

    1. oh for heaven's sake says:

      I have a legitimate question for Mr. Right: what is it that you hope to acomplish by denying fellow human beings the right to become a legal, stable, committed unions? Please, be respectful, I am not trying to be antagonistic. I am looking for an honest, thoughtful answer.

      1. oh for heaven's sake says:

        Sorry about the convoluted question…I meant, ….from legally committing to a stable, compassionate union?

  7. Flyingfish7000 says:

    When does the petition drive begin.

  8. Ralph Seher says:

    I don’t mind. I would like to know, if said marriages do happen, WILL they have to get divorced too?? That is an issue for all couples who are married

  9. AA res. says:

    This vote was nothing more than a joke.One of the last mambers to vote “yes” and was widely praised by the gay community for changing her vote has now said she did so to get this over with and is now organizing a petition against it.Though most polls reported by local TV stations showed 55% in favor I question their accuracy.Good luck to both sides but please don’t pester me and my family in the parking lots of grocery stores and shopping malls to sign anything.

  10. Liberal Soldier says:

    Dear Fake Christians. Get on with your life. Worry about your own lives and leave others alone. You can’t force your bigotry down the throats of those who only wish to live their lives in peace. Not only the legislature but the majority of Marylanders have no problem with same-sex marriage. Read the word of Jesus and then FOLLOW IT. Learn love over hate.

  11. Jerry says:

    Why the hell not leave people marry who they want and start worring about more important things. Jobs , illegals and where the money from the lottery is going that was meant for the city schools and find a way to stop putting a hurting on the working people. If house is worried more about who marries who , kick them all out and put people in who care about the important things.

  12. kathy says:

    This is just a way for omalley to distract people from what he really wants and that is to tax the hell out of all maryland residents. He is using this a a smoke screen to make us not see what he is up to.Way to go all you dummies for putting him in office. Stupid Stupid people

  13. Percy Gayman says:

    My anus hurts!!

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