Over the last few weeks Jeremy Lin has become a household name in America.

This is a guy from Harvard who gets released by two different NBA teams finally landing a job with the New York Knicks. His talents far exceed his resume’ and it was made an even better story because while turning around a bad team he was sleeping on his brother’s couch because he had no place to live. Better still he seems to be very popular among his teammates .

So what has become the focus of the national discussion? His performances against John Wall, Kobe , the world champion Dallas Mavericks? Nope…all we seem to be focused on is his ethnicity. It just seems a shame that in a league where players bring handguns into their locker rooms to settle gambling debts a player like this isn’t appreciated for the right reasons. Can’t we just enjoy his play which has made a once proud NBA franchise relevant again?

We turn to sports to divert us from a bad economy, wars and natural disasters, can’t we enjoy even basketball without being hyperfocused on race? I guess not. I’m not even angry anymore, it just makes me sad.


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