GAMBRILLS, Md. (WJZ)— It was a wild case of road rage in Anne Arundel County.   Two men are bloodied and hurt–one of them on his wedding day. Now WJZ has obtained the frantic calls for help from other drivers who saw it all.

Meghan McCorkell has the latest.

One man is now under arrest, charged in this frightening case of road rage. Now we’re hearing from those who witnessed the attack.

Drivers watched in horror as road rage spiraled out of control.

Dispatcher: “OK. What’s going on?”

Caller: “There’s been a stabbing and big a car accident.”

Witnesses say the 44-year old driver of a SUV– who’d just gotten married–got into a confrontation with 23-year-old Ross Sudbrook, a passenger in a PT Cruiser.

It all started right on Route 3 and Riedel Road. The victim and his new bride were joking around and switching between the driver and passenger side at the red light.

Police say Sudbrook had words with the couple, pulled out a knife and stabbed the husband.

Caller: “At the last intersection, some guy was trying to get another guy with a knife from his car.”

When the PT Cruiser took off, the SUV followed.

Caller: “You know we were going down the road. All of a sudden the green car comes up on the shoulder of the road flying, cuts in front of all kinds of cars and rams the PT Cruiser.”

The two cars wound up in a ditch.

“Suddenly everybody was running from cars. And cars were scattered all over the shop here,” said Jim Paugels, witness.

Another fight broke out.  This time, the victim eventually knocked out Sudbrook.

Now Sudbrook faces several charges, including first- and second-degree assault.

WJZ  did speak with the new wife of the stabbing victim. She says her husband is doing OK.  They’re still trying to get over the shock of what happened.

Police say more charges could be pending in this case.

Comments (18)
  1. Croftonite says:

    It’s Reidel road…

  2. clay says:

    …oh wait, he’s a white guy… ahem.
    This young man is in dire need of counseling and this incident in no way represents the action of 99.9% of all person of white European decent. Yes, I actually have it on good authority that this is a first and last time occurrence that any such person of white European decent would have such behavior.

    1. skropk1 says:

      What? I hope you’re joking, white guys beat people up all of the time. I really don’t think this has anything to do with race.

  3. doe22us says:

    white trash, i guess he picked the wrong fight.

  4. Lee says:

    What is the deal w/ everyone bringing up race???? Sudbrook just got off probation last summer, he is no stranger to crime. We can all feel safe, he made bail & was back out on the street the same day. He used a public defender last time, so your tax dollars will probably pay for another one. I don’t know about you, but I would rather pay for jail for someone like that. Anyone who jumps out of a car and stabs someone for no good reason needs to be off the street!

  5. clay says:

    Lee, sorry buddy. If the guy was black, the comments would have been, “monkey this..blah blah..chimp that.blah blah….back to Africa..blah… Obama…whaaa,whaaa. blah blah… some statistical crime percentage …”. if it offended you, don’t let it if it doesn’t apply to you.

    1. Bmore_Jon says:

      So why don’t you be above that and not continue the racial comments. . . just a thought.

  6. tylerjake says:

    Looks like this punk got what he asked for. Doubt he learned his lesson though.

  7. Wiseguy says:

    … we will hear that this punk (Sudbrook) is sueing the guy for running his vehicle into him.

  8. NickNackPaddyWack says:

    I love that the 23 year old got beat. If anyone tried to stab me or did stab me and i did not die, you better believe im going to come after you. Hopefully while in jail he tries this too and gets killed.

  9. Sezmane says:

    America we are missing the bigger picture

  10. ??? says:

    Seems like both need to be charged.Idiot calls momma a name light turns green ,incident over .Next red light new husband gets out of vehicle to prove a point ,gets stabbed light turns green (get the license # ,call police incident over).Husband follows vehicle runs into and forces it off road putting many motorists in danger becomes hero.

  11. charlie h says:

    Testosterone overload can really get men into trouble sometimes….People pay attention to your driving on the road and ignore any hotheads who want to pick a fight. It’s not worth it just to prove how tough you are. Unless someone physically comes at you, stay in your car and drive away from them. Even if someone did come at me with a weapon, I’d lock my doors and call 911.

  12. tomcat12 says:

    I wanted to respond but after reading the responses so far I dont’ anything to do with this crowd. So much hate. O&O

  13. Daviddoc says:

    Sounds like living in Northern Virginia….

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