EDGEWATER, Md. (WJZ)– Using a cell phone during class is usually discouraged, but not in one Anne Arundel County high school.

Andrea Fujii explains that’s where three students have developed a new app that’s getting worldwide attention.

Writing computer code is something three seniors at South River High School consider fun.

“It’s interesting. It’s something you can’t put down,” said Nick Manoogian, student.

It’s in their science technology engineering and math class where their idea for the “shake to shuffle” smart phone application was born.

“We found this is a feature that Android doesn’t have and iPhone does have it, so we decided it’d be a good thing to bring over because it’s already really popular for iPhones,” said Michael Lyons, student.

The app allows users to switch songs on their playlist without pushing a button.

So if you want to skip to the next song you just shake it, and there it is.

After three months of coding and problem solving, the app is now available to the world, and so far 2,000 people are using it.

“It’s awesome because it’s something we made ourselves and everyone else can download it,” Lyons said.

“It has been very well received in the Android market, and I am so happy that they’re proud of what they’ve accomplished,” Ryan Sackett, teacher.

The app is free, and the reward for the creators is priceless.

“We’re not really planning on making money off the app but rather using it as a project for this class and growing as coders ourselves,” said Sanjit Dutta, student.

The app also allows users to offer suggestions on how to improve it.

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  1. Jasmine Smith says:

    I don’t know these guys, but this is a great app.

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