BALTIMORE (AP) — Education officials in Maryland are expected to apply for a waiver from the most rigid requirements of the No Child Left Behind education law.

The Baltimore Sun reports the waiver request is expected to be filed Monday. If it is granted, Maryland schools would be measured not just on how all students perform but also on specific groups, including minorities and special education students.

The state’s application says schools should cut their achievement gaps in half during the next six years. The goals would be more reasonable than the current law. It says every student in the country should be proficient in reading and math by 2014.

Mary Gable, assistant state superintendent of academic policy, says each school will be giving individual goals to meet in six years.

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Comments (7)
  1. SMH says:

    A little late to help the graduates who cannot read or tell time on an analog clock…..

  2. NO MORE DRAMA says:


  3. concerned citizen says:

    Some of the kids need be left behind, they take away resource that could be useful to someone who wants to learn.

  4. just sayin' says:

    Gosh, what a terrible law that requires students to be able to read and do mathematics! It’s just not fair to a city like Baltimore! It’s too hard to have students who know something!! Please don’t make us do it… please!!!

  5. DB says:

    More taxes to pay more money to union teachers so the unions can give more money to O’Malley and Obama so our kids can be dumber. Yea, that’s a plan,” thank you sir may I have another.”

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