Peyton Manning is the biggest domino that has to fall in NFL free agency.

There are many questions about his health, but former teammates and members of the media have been saying that his arm is getting stronger and that he is starting to look like the Manning of old. So the big question is: Where does Peyton Manning end up?

In my opinion, I think its going to be 1 of 3 teams. Here is who I like in order… Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Arizona Cardinals. In talking about the Dolphins, they have a solid defense, a premier left tackle and a top 10 defense. Also the story broke today that Manning and Reggie Wayne want to be a package deal. Wayne played college football at Miami and Peyton has a home there as well. The Chiefs have a ton of money under the cap and can afford both players. Plus they are a year removed from the playoffs, with a lot of good players coming off of injuries. I believe Arizona has an outside shot as well. A good team with one of the best receivers in the game and a solid defense.


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