We have had a very mild and comfortable winter so far, but it’s also been a dry one.  Going into Wednesday, we were 2.12″ down on rainfall this month alone and 2.63″ down on the year.  As of 4 p.m., we have already received over an inch of rain with another round on the way.  There may even be some thunderstorms in the next batch of rain.  They won’t be as strong as the deadly tornadoes that have ripped apart the Midwest, but they are a part of the same storm system at a much weaker state.

That storm will wrap up and get out of here for Thursday.  Sunshine will return, along with warmer air.  The warmer air is already out there, but it’s stuck on the other side of the mountain in West Virginia.  Highs will jump back into the 60s Thursday afternoon.

On Friday, sunshine will give way to a new round of clouds as another storm approaches.  There could be some rain by Friday night, with rounds of rain possible through Saturday.  We will still be in the 50s going into this storm, before cooler air gets pulled into Maryland behind it for Sunday and Monday.  We do have to watch Saturday’s storm to see if it splits or not.  There’s a chance that could happen.  If it does, rain will still be hanging over us Sunday.  If not, we will clear out for the second half of the weekend.

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