Protesters Rally In Catonsville Against Governor’s Proposed Gas Tax Hike

CATONSVILLE, Md. (WJZ)– Gas tax controversy. The battle against the governor’s proposal to raise it is heating up.

Weijia Jiang has the latest on how taxpayers are fighting back.

Each stroke is fueled by anger over the governor’s proposal to raise the gas tax.

“The guy has no understanding of what’s going on,” one protester said of Governor Martin O’Malley.

Saturday morning, dozens of protesters lined Route 40 in Catonsville and waved signs at drivers who shared their frustration.

“People just started pulling up in the parking lot asking if they could sign the petition, asking if we had more signs, showing up with homemade signs,” Steve Bailey of the national political advocacy group Americans for Prosperity said.

Hundreds signed a petition against the bill, which would apply the state’s six percent sales tax to gasoline at a two percent a year rate.

“What we know for sure is we’re all going to pay more if we do nothing,” O’Malley said.

But gas station owners say they’ll pay the highest price. Hafix Habibullah worries he’ll have to shut down.

“Gas prices go high, business is low, lots of people going out of business because it’s not affordable,” gas station owner Habibullah said.

The governor has gotten little support. Even Maryland’s comptroller is blasting the hike.

“I’m sounding the alarm. I can’t find five people who support the gas tax other than the Senate president, the governor, and one or two business elites,” Peter Franchot said.

Now, taxpayers are calling for other elected leaders to step up.

“We think if enough people from Catonsville call and tell Senator (Edward) Kasemeyer about the gas tax increase, he’ll get the message, too,” Bailey said.

Sen. Kasemeyer is the chair of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee. His constituents are urging him to keep it off the Senate floor.

Senate President Mike Miller says the bill is on the back burner for now and may not be taken up until late in the session.

  • mofo

    No gas tax increase. Cut services. The people who use the services are mostly slugs & lazy anyway. We tax payers are the ones who pay for their ride & we’re sick of it so cutting services will give us an increase in income.

  • ST54

    Owe’Malley strikes again.

    Why doesn’t he cut his own salary and that of all his top level aids before even suggesting that Marylanders pay more in taxes.

    Didn’t he doe enough hurt on Maryland’s economy and small businesses by raising the sales tax by twenty percent?

    • GM

      You are so right. All those officials should have their salaries cut and benefits cut too.

  • Richard P.

    How else should things get paid? Do you have a better idea? If so get off your butt and do something, like run for office.

    • Kathy

      how about cutting entitlements? now THAT’S a concept

  • Kathy

    OWE-MALLEY has got to GO!

  • Poor College Student


  • Mom

    How about we slap a $5 cover charge on the casinos and another $1 on a pack of cigarettes/cigars, snuff etc. or bottle or six pack of alcohol and a sales tax on lottery tickets. All of those are luxury items people with extra money can afford & not necessities. We could also stop giving ILLEGAL aliens free health care & education & so on and make all able bodied people on welfare, food stamps etc. do some actual work to get it. Have another pregnancy while you are on welfare? Well, the state ain’t paying for it!

    Security details and state/county owned cars and drivers for school board presidents, county execs and so on need to be cut out. The rest of us have to pay for our own gas & drive ourselves around, so why not them. If the state is that unsafe, maybe they should think about fixing that and use money saved on perks to hire more cops.

    Almost all of us have no choice about buying gas, it is not the right thing to tax.

    • GM

      I love all that you say!

    • zeeke

      my property tax in md. was 8400.00 in delaware 650.00.

  • realityck

    O’Malley is like that uncle who keeps asking for money to go to the track. All he ever does is come back drunk and broke, and begging for more money.


    Between 2003 and 2012 1 BILLION thats 1,000,000,000 DOLLARS was STOLEN I say Again STOLEN from the Transportation fund to replenish the money squandered by the Dumbocrats in the general fund.

    It’s like taken money out of your mothers retirment fund to pay for your crack habit and all she got was an IOU..
    Why is there no inquirys into where 1 BILLION THATS BILLION of Transportation stolen money has gone WHY WHY WHY WHY.

    Damit people we need to ask these questions and hold theys thieves accoutable.

  • Rocco

    Americans For Prosperity, a Koch Brothers entity organized these protests. These “protestors” wer just shills.

  • jt

    Lame duck gov. not good.Lame duck pres. worse.

  • zeeke

    simple option-move to delaware. 50% of my neighbors here are from maryland.

  • zeeke

    demoins iowa. population 700,000+or- total city employees 4600. baltimore maryland population 600,000. totalcity employees 40,000. DAAAAAAAH.

    • Wiseguy

      zeeke.I wonder how many of those 600,000 are also getting a free hand out?

  • 1-0-3-0 WITHERSPOON


  • Rauchel

    the city,state are cutting services and still increases taxes. what a fuc up town

  • Rosie

    Maryland had a chance to get rid of O’Malley before he could do more damage, when will people learn?

  • Terrance

    Cut medicaid, welfare, section 8 , food stamps, free cell phones. The Coons & white trash will go to a state that gives them the best deal & we can get our city & state back.

  • Debbie

    Every audit reveals waste and lack of oversight, every night the news reveals
    waste and cronyism and at every turn O’Malley has his hand out for more rather than looking to cut spending and control waste. Skyboxes, chauffers making more than teachers, tax funded vehicles for personal use etc.etc etc and he says “do your share’. Well I for one say ” do your job” and control spending. He may be a “lame duck” but the others can be voted out .

  • meeeeee

    How about a politician tax. It starts at 5% for any politician in office and doubles every year they are in office. At that rate we can refresh the political pool from scoundrels like O Salley!

  • meeeeee

    Where in the constitution does it state that a majority vote can overthrow a governor or president… I know it’s in there somewhere we just need to find it to alleviate the toils and troubles bestowed upon us from the Omally Regime.

  • Wiseguy

    100 years ago they would have pulled the crooked ,low life, polititians out to the middle of the street and tar and feathered them…………sounds like a plan.

    • RavenLude

      100 years ago politicians needed to be successful at other things before getting into politics……..farmer, military commander, business, etc. owemalley wouldnt have been a politician back then because he has no talent or skill, other than being a modern day crooked politician in a state full of morons who only vote for the monopoly of democrats

  • 1-0-3-0-witherspoon

    can’t fill the fuel tank now for work, and a loaf of bread is $4.00. enough with taxes, lay offs, down size, better leadership

  • Steve

    O’Malley should give it up. When he pays 27% income tax like the rest of us, maybe Ill consider paying more for gas…. NOT. Everyone that runs this state and this country have no clue about how it should be done. Make welfare users pickup trash and pave my roads. They live better than me anyways. Heck, maybe Ill get on welfare so I can get me a Mercedes.

  • biteme43

    When they tax me for my butt being to close to the ground I WILL WEAR

  • Steve

    If you voted for him or the Baboon in Washington YOU deserve exactly what you get. I hope you choke on the tax hike, I’m moving to Delaware! Maybe the union thugs will be exempt from the tax hikes?

  • The Grump

    Everybody talks about the “Dumbocrats” – but what about the “Dumboblacks” who keep voting Democrat again, and again, and again, like good little DNC slaves ? They keep voting Democrat, then complain when THEIR taxes go up, or a new tax is created. They spend every last cent on lotto tickets, lose, then do it again. Do blacks need to be over age 50 to learn from mistakes, like Bill Cosby ? I wonder. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. Why do blacks vote Democrat if they hate the Democratic Party’s taxes ? Hmmmmm…

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