CUMBERLAND, Md. (AP) — Maryland wildlife officials say a new formula for allocating bear hunting permits could mean about half of the permits will be awarded to Allegany and Garrett counties, the counties where hunting is allowed.

The Cumberland Times-News reports that the Maryland Wildlife and Heritage Service will award the first 25 percent of permits to applicants from the bear hunt zone. Those who aren’t selected will compete in a drawing for the remaining 75 percent.

Residents of Allegany and Garrett counties draw an average of 35 percent of the permits, but service Director Paul Peditto says the new formula will boost that percentage.

With more local hunters with better access to private lands where nuisance bears tend to live, Peditto expects hunting to become a more efficient bear management tool.

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  1. Larry26 says:

    I would imagine that his will turn PETA and the Enviornmentalists out in force and try to block anthing concerning this. I am sorry, but the bear population is out of control and I would rather that they be killed immediately and then give the meat to hospitals, nursing homes or if the hunters themselves are using it for their own use in their own freezers.

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