ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)— “Respect, rights, revenue.” It’s the theme of a large rally by public employees at the State House in Annapolis. They are sending a tough message to lawmakers.

Political reporter Pat Warren explains what they want.

State workers are rallying in Lawyers’ Mall to protect their interests as the General Assembly weighs new taxes against deeper cuts.

It may be the most controversial administration agenda in years, with proposals some feel are so taxing, they’re organizing protests.

While Governor O’Malley says Maryland is recovering from the recession, residents in Baltimore last month held a funeral procession for the American dream for those still caught in the foreclosure crisis.

In Annapolis last week, a crowd of realtors and homeowners protested the governor’s plan to cap mortgage interest deductions, and lawmakers are considering an across-the-board state income tax hike.

And while it’s not in the budget, the governor’s proposed sales tax on gasoline is still on the table—drawing fire from consumers around the state.

“At the same time there’s a strong possibility of more cuts. We’ve got an alternative of cuts to higher education, public education, Medicaid. If we can’t find revenues, these cuts are going to go in place,” said Mike Miller, Senate President.

It’s against this backdrop that Governor O’Malley outlined Maryland’s goals and progress to the state’s Democratic leaders in Congress. They too are embroiled in a budget battle that could impact funding to the state.

“So the governor is up against increased need and declining revenue,” said Senator Barbara Mikulski.

And the federal budget is also shrinking.

“So we have to really make tough decisions. We’re all going to have to cut back. At the end of the day, we gotta pay our bills,” said Senator Ben Cardin, D-Maryland.

Or as the saying goes, when you’re in a hole, stop digging.

Senate President Miller has said that without new revenue streams, the state could be looking at jeopardizing as many as 500 positions.

The governor is also proposing a tax on Internet sales.

Comments (9)
  1. true says:

    I love it cardin saids “we gotta pay our bills” The difference is we use our own money not taxpayers

    1. KottaMan says:

      Cardin is about as out of touch as the rest of Annapolis. I don’t think they have the slightest idea of how bad it is out here. We need an Arab Spring in “Maryland-style.”

  2. queen says:

    Cut welfare, free independence cards, medicaid for the ignorant & lazy. Big savings.

  3. Debbie says:

    I sure hope one of those positions that gets cut is O’Malley’s before we all end up on welfare from being overtaxed. Cut spending, fraud and waste not keep raising taxes and fees and SPENDING. It is quite obvious that it is not their money so what do they care?

  4. Agenda 21 says:

    The game is over and unfortunantly the inability to lead exposes itself little by little everyday. When the checks stop flowing and they will soon, the fear and anger is going to explode. Who will the people caught up in it run to for help? What will they sacrifice for their safety and survival?…Who will be reaching out to them offering shelter from the planned chaos???

  5. average joe says:

    The cost illegals burden the state of Maryland with is far greater than the deficit.Round them up ,send them back.Problem solved

  6. meeeeee says:

    State workers are already overpaid for the lack of service they offer… That’s why you can call one agency and be passed to 10 others before one of them knows the correct answer… Like the MVA. The worst idea next to injecting bleach. State workers hardly work and are paid better than almost every other available job out there… The State workers are the reason we are in such disarray.

  7. badmofo says:

    Maybe they should hold a rally to find jobs instead of buying hoes they knew they couldn’t afford, section 8, independence cards, free cell phones, medical & schools. Stay the fuc in mexico, stop having babies so you can use the money for a flat screen tv or hair braids. Nigs & taco heads are a mess.

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