BALTIMORE (AP) — An environmental group plans to rally in Baltimore for offshore wind and against expanded drilling for natural gas in western Maryland.

The Chesapeake Climate Action Network is promoting the citizens’ forum Thursday night at Notre Dame College. The group says bills in Annapolis this session have raised the stakes in the battle between clean and harmful energy.

Lawmakers are considering bills that would add offshore wind to the state’s renewable energy requirements as well as 22 bills on natural gas drilling. Those bills include one to impose a $10 an acre fee on gas leases to fund a study on the environmental impact of new hydraulic fracturing drilling, or fracking. Business groups say drilling can be an economic boon to western Maryland and the bills could drive drillers away.

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Comments (3)
  1. Mike Brown says:

    Let this group pay for the wind mills if they think it is a good idea but there’s no good reason to punish those exploring for natural gas and oil when we can afford those products today without costly taxpayer subsidies. Every wind system we’ve build has cost millions in taxpayer backed bonds and they are still not cost effective. We lose 80 cents on every dollar invested.

  2. Bob Sherron says:

    Ditto. If they want wind power put up the money. Natural gas ia a real reliable resource. Most gasoline engines can be refitted to burn natural gas. Which would be cheaper and create less pollution (something green that works imagin that)

  3. Agenda 21 says:

    ” Chesapeake Climate Action Network” hmmmm, sounds official. They even have a catchy marketable title. Reminds me of some others, “Community Organizer” or ” Acorn ” I wonder who funds this oranization? Why don’t they name their oranization ” Chesapeake Community Bird Killers ” Now thats catchy. Those pesky migrating birds are such a nuisance, pooping all over the place. I’m sure if we cut down on their numbers we can save the earth. “Yes We Can”

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