TOWSON, Md. (WJZ)– A controversial student group at Towson University sparks claims of racism on campus. Hundreds of students gathered to fire back.

Meghan McCorkell was in that meeting and has more.

There were definitely some fiery accusations Thursday night. The entire debate was sparked by what was recently written on campus in sidewalk chalk.

Messages of “White Pride” plastered across the campus of Towson University have sparked a firestorm of controversy.

“As a person of color and being a minority on campus, I think it is really threatening,” said Phylicia Sampson, a Towson University senior.

Hundreds gathered to speak out against the actions of Youth for Western Civilization that wrote the messages.

The group’s president says they don’t promote hate; they support traditional values.

“What we want to do is be able to promote on campus for students who want to be proud of their heritage and the foundations of this country,” Matthew Heimbach, president of Youth for Western Civilization. “They have a place to do that and be able to stand up for themselves.”

“Some of the messages they’ve been sharing on campus since they began have been very controversial,” Dr. Deb Moriarty, vice president of Student Affairs at Towson University, said.

University officials say they are looking into the chalking policy but want to make sure they’re protecting free speech.

But it’s not just what’s on the sidewalk that’s got students upset.

Online, the group calls the Queer Student Union a ferociously angry gay group. Occupy Towson is called disease-ridden degenerates. The group calls the Muslim Student Association a terrorist-front organization.

“For them to call the Muslim Student Association a terrorist-front organization without ever having approached us for decent, mature conversation, it’s ridiculous,” Zeitun Tifow, a Towson University junior, said.

Officials hope this meeting opens a dialogue to bring the campus back together.

Members of that controversial group say they’ve gotten numerous threats of violence on campus since the beginning of the semester.

There are at least 10 student chapters of Youth for Western Civilization at colleges across the country.

Comments (34)
  1. C. Wynne says:

    I question the motives of the YWC. There is nothing wrong with groups celebrating their unique heritages. I think what the YWC may be overlooking is the fact that Black History month is celebrated by a people who have through the years endured hate, abuse, and struggle. They celebrate not to prove superiority over another ethnic group, but rather the trials they’ve overcome, victories they’ve won, and progression they’ve made as a race. The same can be said of the LGBT community, religious groups, feminist groups, etc. They have all struggled and rightfully pay hommage to those who have paved the way before them and shout their pride for all to hear.

    The point is, celebrate your culture with pride, but know what it is you are celebrating. Why is the YWC celebrating white pride? What struggles have you overcome? The whole purpose of celebratory pride in any group is the end result of the past struggles: equality. Pride does not equal superiority- it is a celebration of equality.

    1. Marion Logan says:

      Perfectly stated.

    2. Sam Fisher says:

      That’s YOUR opinion of pride (albeit misguided). Anyone has the right to be proud of their heritage, their culture, and the unique expressions of their race. YWC is doing what is far past its time: To bring TRUE equality to the table by enabling the only group DENIED this right, White people of European descent, to openly celebrate their history as a unique and distinct people. Your race is, ultimately, your identity. To say that the requirement is to “have struggled and endure hate and abuse” is exclusive and hypocritical. You cannot permit one group to have pride while denying another the group the same freedom. But I don’t expect less from the leftist dogma that surrounds mainstream society and our educational institutions.

      Plus who’s to say White people AREN’T enduring hate and abuse? Have you read modern interracial crime statistics? Of affirmative action and similar discriminatory practices? How majority White communities are required to have nonwhite percentages? You ever heard of Tim Wise? Noah Ignatiev? These people teach and speak at numerous colleges and universities around the nation on how White people must be rendered EXTINCT physically, culturally, and historically, and teach young people to hate, dismiss and criticize the White race. Just because you’ve never heard of it, or it isn’t shown on the nightly news, doesn’t mean its non-existent.

      I applaud and support YWC for tearing down this veil of liberal hypocrisy and racial discrimination by showing other Whites that it is natural, normal, and correct to be proud of their culture and history, and to love their people and teach them that all Whites worldwide share a unique bond, both in identity and in destiny.

      1. 3rdsun says:

        Utter and complete nonsense. Your entire post is cut and paste racist conspiracy.

        What hate and abuse do white poepl endure? Please cite an example.

        Affirmative action is correcting centuries of white priveledge.

        Non-white percentages in communities? What the hell are you talking about?

        Making white people extinct? What ninsense is this? Cite you source of this nonsense.

        What is white culture exactly? White Pride? Is that code some something? If you want to celbrate your culture march in a St Patrick day parage or wear some lederhosen. “White pride” is code for white supremecy.

      2. Jimmy says:

        I’m white and I disagree with what they are doing. They aren’t celebrating pride in the white race, they are celebrating hate for groups different from themselves. They are judging other people. It’s one thing to celebrate your history as a race and another entirely to judge other groups and that is what they are doing. They are not celebrating anything worth looking at and they are humiliating to look at.

      3. JustSaying says:

        @3rdun I’m guessing you don’t know much about history have you? White people have been slaves to. You should learn about slavery and how long it has been going on. It has been going on WAY before black slavery. All races have endured it so get over yourself. and White Pride is not code for white supremacy. God I love how there are not many educated people on history except when it comes to their own race LAWLS. BTW I’m Vietnamese so don’t trying to say you must be white that’s why your saying that. 3rdsun once again STUDY your HISTORY of EVERYONE and not your own race. You are racist for thinking white pride has a hidden code.

    3. J says:

      That’s right “pride does not equal superiority- it is a celebration equality,” so let everyone celebrate their pride… and equality. It’s only fair and protected by the Constitution!

    4. independent says:

      So, white women, poor people, poor men, poor children have not experienced exploitation, slavery, hate and abuse?

      What dream world are you living in, Wynne.

      Your self appointed piousness is disgusting.

      1. 3rdsun says:

        Your defense for this group is disgusting.

        Are you saying this white pride group is celebrating poor children and women who were slaves? No? What is the point of this group?

    5. joethe coon hater says:

      Are these the same people who depend on government subsidies for generation after generation, commit 90% of all crime in Balto & other cities, are 60% of all prison inmates, scammers of section 8 housing, food stamps, welfare queens, drug pushers & HIV ?

    6. dr3w says:

      So.. White people have never gone through struggle? And only people who aren’t white have?

  2. John says:

    Their speech is and ought to be protected and scrutinized, especially in an educational environment. So why is this an issue? Is it an issue when Christian groups express themselves? Or the above Muslim group? It’s all protected speech, so I don’t see why we’re talking about it.

    1. Sam Fisher says:

      I’ll make the connection for you, John: They claim that any pride in being White/European/European American is “hate”, “bigotry”, and “racist”. They call themselves “anti-racist”, and hide behind that fragile and hollow label to justify their assault against White identity and, indeed, against White people as a whole. But what they truly are is anti-White. Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White.

      1. 3rdsun says:

        Who is “they”

      2. larryag says:

        the boogeyman

  3. Ivysmom says:

    So it is ok to have all of the above mentioned groups EXCEPT the one promoting White Pride. Sorry folks, in America they are allowed to exist and express their opinions just as any other group. I am far from a youth but I support this group and their right to exist. It is about time someone had the nerve to do this, we have to long hidden in fear behind the worry that someone would call us racists simply because we are White and not afraid to be proud of OUR ethic heritage.

    White people are hated, discriminated against, made slaves of, etc. This has occurred, continues to occur, in every ethnic group.

  4. independent says:

    Oh come on! Let white kids shout there heredity from the highest hill. Let all people shout happiness about their heredity! LET FREEDOM RING.

  5. 3rdsun says:

    What is white pride? No one complains about Irsh groups or Germna groups

    White pride is white supremac, plain and simple. It is pathetic that you try to deny this and just proves that racists are cowards and won’t own their beelifs when they are scrutinized in public forum.

    Also, this group calls otyher group terrorist and degenerates. what does this have to do with pride and culture? Nothing…because it is a racist group, plain and simple.

    1. 3rdsun says:

      Yes my spelling is terrible. sorry

      1. independent says:

        noone cares about your spelling. your ideas, however, are misguided. Have you ever been white? have you been white and felt the anger of children taught to hate you?

        You are guilty of exactly what has been heaped upon people of color in past history.

    2. JustSaying says:

      LMFAO you are the one blasting hate here. White pride is not white supremacy get your bloody facts straight. Once again learn history as a whole and not just by your own race and in bits and pieces. If you would know EVERY race has been a slave from the past and has had to go through hardships. But I doubt you even know that since you think white people are just being racist LAWLS. BTW again I’m Vietnamese so you can’t play that card I’m saying what I’m saying because I’m white lmao. You need to open your eyes to history and study it some time because right now you are the racist one here making an assumption that these kids are just being racist just because they wanna celebrate their heritage.

  6. happyjack says:

    We are so obsessed with being politically correct these days & wary of not hurting poor black folks feelings. How about the majority of blacks that destroy good communities via section 8, welfare scammers & cheats. Young black thugs that have ruined city after city? Let them all go to their taxpayer subsidized all black schools like Morgan & Coppin. I’m sick of being passed over because I am white. Affirmitative action is wrong & is being abused.

  7. 3rdsun says:

    LOL, I am white and it is you who are misguided. I live in Baltimore city and have known and am friends with many people of many races and economic status my entire life. Of course there are some who hate, but they are ignorant and exist in all races and cultures. Does it bother me? No. Why does it bother you?

    I am guilty of nothing. I love and do not hate. But you are a coward that you can’t even own the fact that you are a racist. Just own it.

    1. 3rdsun says:

      By the way you still have not answered the questions.

      What is white pride?

      Why can”t you celebrate you culture like other European Americans?

    2. independent says:

      Oh stop. If you were white you would have been the targe of hate that some people of color were taught.

      But basically we probably agree more than disagree. We want to stop the hate. Let everyone express happiness about their heredity without the notion that it somehow takes away from anyone else.

      Let MLK’s words apply equally to everyone.

  8. 3rdsun says:

    @independent. i did not propose and “ideas” as you state so I am confused how you can say they are misguided. What specifica “idea” do I have that are misguided

    Also, what am I guilty of that has been “heaped upon people of color in past history”? You are losing me with this rhetoric. Also, please answer the questions.

  9. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White says:

    1. Try to imagine how much brainwashing it would take to convince all the Asians living in Asia, that they need to go ahead and replace themselves (in Asia) with North African Muslims????

    2. Now imagine that they were so totally mind conditioned and brainwashed. That they really believed it would be RACIST not to????

    If you manage to do that: Welcome to the world of the white anti-Whites!

    So my question is: Can anyone think of something dumber than a white Anti-White????

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    1. larryag says:


    2. Disgusted says:

      Dumbest thing ive ever heard

  10. towsonstudent says:

    its funny how no one addressed their comments towards other groups. specifically the”terroist front organization” towards the muslim group and “disease ridden degenerates”. i suppose that’s jus an extension of their pride right. because having pride means having the right to spew ignorance as well right ?? oh.
    no one is saying dont have pride. be proud to be black white green yellow whatever we are all made in GOd’s image. but dont use that as a means to spew hateful propaganda, then you become irrelevant.

  11. W74 says:

    I am a Towson student and although not part of this group (their support of Israel and their warmongering bothers me) I do sympathize. As a veteran who worked hard and went through some dicey moments to EARN his education and who saved money to buy his home I see that other groups, and ONLY NON-WHITES are given freebees.

    White people have to earn everything. Everyone else can have freebees. Even though my tuition is covered I’d be ineligible for scholarships if I wanted them. Read down the list on the Towson website. Most of these might as well say: “Whites need not Apply” The only scholarships White students can get are open to everybody anyway.

    I’m also upset that I saved enough money to put 50% down on a house, BUT a black lady is GIVEN FOR FREE a section 8 check which somehow entitles her to the same standard of living as me which SHE DID NOT EARN. Not only did she not earn this, but I’M PAYING for her to live down the street from me and have parties and invite thug boyfriends over and for her children to litter and cause trouble.

    It’s not really race, it’s BEHAVIOR, and quite frankly I don’t want to live around other people with deplorable behavior, loose morals, even less values, and on top of it have to pay out of pocket for them to do so next to me.

    Lets not even get started about writing papers. If you DON’T write about how wonderful it is to be a minority, a radical feminist (read, sexist), non-Christian, or gay then you pretty much fail. If you write a paper extolling the “virtues” of every group but your own then you get an A.

    1. D King says:

      W74 – it’s been this way for years and I don’t see it getting any better, in fact it’s getting worse. Handouts all over the place for minorities and so much of time it’s not appreciated, just taken for granted. Sorry to hear about your neighbor situation. That is just not right at all.

  12. chris216 says:

    Our neighborhood in Howard County has seen an increase in crime recently due to people from Baltimore City moving into government subsidized housing and causing trouble. It’s not fair that I’ve had to work for everything my entire life, as well as pay taxes so that THEY can have the same standard of living. They’re clearly unemployed (elderly retired neighbors have seen them fooling around in our neighborhood during hours when most people are at work) and have gotten the police called on them numerous times. Of course, I have to be okay with all of this or I’ll be labeled as “racist.” It’s not “white power” they’re shouting, it’s not “death to minorities,” it’s simply taking pride in being white. What’s the issue with that? I don’t support this group because of the other things they’ve apparently said, but there is nothing wrong with having pride in being of European descent. And before you all label me as a “racist, conservative bigot,” I’ve actually always been a liberal.

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