Historic Anne Arundel Co. House Moves Down The Block

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ODENTON, Md. (WJZ) — If you can’t find the house of your dreams in the perfect location, just move an existing one. That’s what two Anne Arundel County homeowners did this weekend.

Gigi Barnett explains how.

Chad Attwood isn’t the average do-it-yourself weekend project homeowner. He enjoys the dirty work. But this weekend, he’s got a honey-do list that includes moving his house.

That’s right—moving the house.

It’s a task that started two years ago with his wife, Valerie Frances.

“It’s nice to save the house. Otherwise, it would fall down here,” he said.

Attwood’s house is a 19th century original. It’s brand new to him, but at more than 100 years old, the homestead is hardly new construction.

Attwood was given the structure by a contracting company in the middle of a housing development project. The company didn’t want the house because the style just didn’t mesh with the planned neighborhood, but it didn’t want to destroy a historic home, either. So they gave it away to Attwood and Frances. They even offered to move it wherever the couple wanted; they picked Odenton.

“It will look nice down there. It’s already a historic street,” Frances said.

It’s a tedious task relocating a house. The move brought out neighbors wanting to see just how it’s done.

Inch by inch down the road, the house finally made it to its new location—only about a block away.

For the owners, this isn’t their last home improvement project.

“We’re not done, no,” they said.

After the move this weekend, Frances and Attwood plan to have the house ready to move in by this summer.

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