What a beautiful day! The sun didn’t warm us up much, though. We only got to 47 degrees, while the average is now up to 52 degrees. However, we are going to blow those averages away this week. The warm weather is returning big time.

Sunshine Sunday will start the next warm up. After a chilly morning, we are looking for a high of 62 degrees. It should be a gorgeous day for the Shamrock 5K and St. Patty’s Day parade downtown!

On Monday, we go to the upper 60s. At this time, a front will be approaching from the west. It’s not a strong one, and will be weakening as it arrives. So there will be some clouds and the chance for a few showers from it Monday night into Thursday. However, this front is only going to pump more warm air into the Mid-Atlantic. Highs will top out near or in the low 70s Tuesday. In fact, it looks like we have a chance at stringing a few days together with highs in the 70s. And yes, this is still winter!


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