Incredible. We all know that it’s been a warm winter, but it’s pretty incredible just how warm it’s been and for how long.

We have already been over the fact that this is the 7th warmest meteorological winter (December, January and February) on record. Records go back to the 1800s. Now March is even surpassing those months. So far this month, we have averaged a high of 58.8 degrees. The average during that same stretch is 50.5 degrees. That makes our highs 8.3 degrees above average with a stretch of days in the 70s heading our way. Yes, 70s!

There is a front out to our west.  It is weakening as it moves our way. Clouds will thicken throughout the afternoon and evening, then there could be a few showers Monday night and Tuesday as the front clips us. There is even the chance for a thunderstorm Tuesday. But the other thing this front is going to do is pump even warmer air our way. After topping out in the upper 60s Monday afternoon, we are going to mid 70s Tuesday.

The front will lift off to the northeast Wednesday, leaving us in the warm air mass while sunshine returns. Highs will remain close to 70 on Wednesday and in the low 70s for the following few days. That is nearly 20 degrees above average! There is another front moving our way Friday into Saturday. We could see some showers from it, but it will remain warm for St. Patty’s Day 2012!

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