Man Gets 18 Months For Slashing Gas Station Clerk

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A man who slashed a clerk at a Glen Burnie gas station during a robbery attempt has been sentenced to 18 months in jail.

Joseph Earl Schrump, 22, of Glen Burnie pleaded guilty in January to first-degree assault. He was sentenced last week.

Police say Schrump walked into the Mobile gas station food mart and demanded money from the clerk, who resisted. The two struggled, and Schrump cut the clerk several times.

The Capital of Annapolis reports that the clerk needed eight staples to close the wounds on his head.

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  • wow

    And he only gets 18 months? And we wonder why crime is so out of control. This judge should be fired from the bench!

  • SpecialEd

    I think we should reintroduce penal colonies. We can use the Allutian islands off the coast of Alaska and send all our lifers there. Then we will have a lot more space in our prisons for people like this guy who gets 18 months because prisons are overbooked.

  • RavenLude

    very sad…..i see AA county has taken the same approach to violent predators as Baltimore has. 18months is a joke and every AA county voter should find out who the weak Circuit Court judge was and make sure they are not re-elected.

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