Many are asking me for what I think the Ravens need in the off-season. And while many have likely written the same and better, here it is.

C, MLB / LB, S, LG, LT, WR, DE/DT in that order unless a few things happen. Here’s some food for though.

Center: Birk says he’s coming back, great person but at tail end of his career. Need a replacement, might be the 1st round pick in 2012. Then Birk becomes mentor, his perfect role.

MLB / LB: I don’t think this need much explanation, the Ravens and every team in the AFC NORTH need better than average linebacker play. Need to continue growing this position.

Safety: Needs depth and youth. Reed wants to keep playing and likely will but plans need to be in place for the next few years after.

LG – Grubbs: likely gone – FA Jah Reid is the fav to play there but VERY raw at guard.

LT: Big Mc is a very short term solution & if Jah is playing LG, who’s our LT backup w/ versatility? Need Tackle and Guard help & depth.

WR: only reason it’s ahead of DT/DE is that I hope JJ comes back… Need another spread field guy, redzone threat, fade guy. Later rounds 3-7 ballpark.

DT/DE – JJ: 50/50 they can keep him, I hope he stays! If he does they still need an end / OLB to stop run and lock things down on the outside long-term but not right away and the priority level lowers. McPhee can stop the run inside and Kruger can get to the QB.

  1. peter o neil says:

    They are going to need a miracle now!

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