Maryland Zoo Says 2 Chimpanzees Expecting

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Credit: Maryland Zoo

Credit: Maryland Zoo

BALTIMORE (AP) — Officials at the Maryland Zoo say two chimpanzees are expecting.

Curators believe 22-year-old Bunny became pregnant last fall and is expected to give birth by May.

Forty-year-old Joice, meanwhile, is the oldest chimp at the zoo and is expected to give birth in mid-summer. Zoo officials say it is not uncommon for chimpanzees to give birth into their late 40s.

She also give birth to the last chimp born at the zoo, 6-year-old Jambo, as well as 19-year-old Renee.

The zoo has 11 chimpanzees and zoo officials say it is not known which of the three males fathered either baby, but they will find out after DNA tests are conducted.

Zoo officials say chimpanzee gestation is about eight months.

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