ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—More taxes. That’s what the state Senate approved Thursday as their budget now heads to the House of Delegates.

Andrea Fujii explains how it’ll affect you.

The Senate approved raising income taxes across the board. But some would be paying more than others.

The Senate finalized their budget in less than two days with some controversial plans, starting with state income tax increases.

Anyone earning $3,000 to $25,000 a year would see their rate go up .15 percent; $25,000 to $75,000 earners will be raised by .2 percent.  Paying the most are people with incomes of $500,000 plus. Rates would raise .25 percent. That’s a total state rate of 5.75 percent. That means a total 8.95 percent for Baltimore residents.

The move would generate $475 million.

“If you’ve made a success in your life — if you think money is a success — we have an obligation to do our part for everybody,” said Sen. Mike Miller, (D) Senate President

“It raises taxes sharply, it increases spending sharply. I don’t think that’s what the working families of Maryland sent us to do,” said Sen. E.J. Pipkin, (R) Senate Minority Leader.

Maryland residents are also split.

“I think if you work hard and you make a lot of money you shouldn’t be penalized,” said one resident.

“That sounds fairly marginal given the amount of support the state provides,” said another.

The Senate also approved an Internet tax, imposing the 6 percent state sales tax to all sites.

The Senate’s budget is $36 billion— $1 billion more than last year.

Another controversial topic: teacher pensions. The Senate voted to shift the cost from the state to counties, saving the state $225 million a year.

The complete shift to counties paying teacher pensions wouldn’t start for another four years.

The tax increases are expected to start in July.

The House of Delegates will take up the Senate’s budget next week.

Comments (29)
  1. Anne says:

    What a sorry bunch of representatives. They obviously do not represent the people of the State of Maryland. Why are some of these “people” being elected year after year? How politically uneducated are we?

  2. Fogey0 says:

    O,Malley is a lame duck and has done tremendous damage to our state and he doesn’t care. The rest are not lame ducks and everyone one of them who supported more tax increases should be voted out of office. Until the voters in this state wake up it will continue to get worse.

    1. Flo says:

      They won’t be. Too many people in this state just hit the Democrat button. That’s why we have O’Malley still in there. Nothing will change. The day I see the Maryland state line in my rear view mirror for the last time will be a good day!

  3. brian says:

    95% of Marylanders are ill-informed, stupid and cowards. with all the voter fraud that takes place in this state we will never be able to get the people we really need elected. thats right voter fraud is rampent in this state with most of the democrats who are still on plantations voting more than once, once for themselves and again for their dead realitives and then there is owe’malleys new americans. even though they are illegal they have a drivers license and they vote. do not let anyone tell you different because i know first hand.

  4. JOE says:

    where are the spending cuts all i see is tax increases. owe’malley has a BILLION dollars in this years budget for ILLEGAL MEXICANS. the budget has a structual deficiet of a billion dollars doesn’t it make sense to stop paying illegals to be in our state and our budget would be balanced. where is the out cry at what is happening. WAKE UP MARYLAND AND GET YOU HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASS.

  5. Josh Parkville says:

    Is anybody surprised? They are going to stick it to us hard this year because they know better than us. More job killing taxes for Maryland families. The poor and middle income families Democrat libs claim they care about the most. Enjoy people; you get the government you voted. Oh…and don’t forget they want that gas tax on top of $4.00+ gas coming your way soon. Sen. president Mike Miller said we are going to get that one even if they have to come back in for a special session in the Fall.

  6. weareallbozosonthisbus says:

    well no more on line shopping for me go to pa pay their taxes.
    it is truly a shame maryland has no viable third party we are stuck with these republicrats and demican clowns.

  7. Jerry says:


  8. Jerry says:


  9. Mike says:

    I for one have stopped spending money in Maryland only if I have to. I will not drive on any toll roads. Now I will stop buying anything on the internet that is taxed. I will not continue giving my money to this corrupt state gov. They will not be happy with tax increases until we are all bankrupt. I am tired of supporting these overpaid state workers and there lavish pensions. Now how much are property taxes going to go up for the counties to pay the teacher pensions. Get rid of the damn schools, make them all private.

    1. Barbara says:

      The problem here Mike is you talk about over paid state worker. I agree with no more takes and Omalley being a jerk but I work for the state and am not over paid, I am under paid. The state workers at the top are the ones over paid. The majority of us in the trenches are not. I haven’t had a raise, no cost of living or step raise in 4 years, working on 5. I have had to take days off with no pay as well. The education money has been cut for us to continue education including some of the education that is mandatory to keep our license’s in some fields. The state workers working in the trenches get the tax increase plus all the things we have given back to this state with our additional cuts. I say cut Omalley! I can’t believe this idiot state voted him back in!

  10. mabe pouncy says:

    Make sure to vote out those that raised your taxes and be sure not to vote for O’malley when he runs for his next office..he is a real piece of _ _ _ _ fill in the blanks

  11. Mike says:

    this is what you get when you have DemocRATs making decisions…. they will steal your money any way they can…… STOP THE FREAKING SPENDING YOU WORTHLESS BUNCH OF A HOLES

    1. Dr. Jim says:

      This is revolting. Maybe we should refuse to complete our taxes for this year. We need to take a stand and stick to it. Our state leaders always go thru the motion of stating that taxes are high enough on the citizens, but they end up passing the increase tax rates. I know they say that if serious cuts would take place, everything the state does with our taxes would force extreme cuts in service, such as roads and education. These two items are always the same. Our roads are not in bad shape and they would not get worse. The biggest bump in the road are the “increasing taxes” They have always used the same arguement over the years. If we do not raise taxes everything would be is in disarray. For once and for all, who has the courage to stand up to our local leaders who play this game on us, over and over. I am sick of it all. If we are lucky maybe some of our leaders will fall into that gjgantic hole in the road and we will never see them again. I know that a lot of citizens are completely fed up with the games every time the leaders come into session. Rip out their desk in the state rotunda, cut the electricity off and make them count by hand for votes as they did years ago before they had electricity. Do not do your state taxes this year. That’s right, our leaders shirck their taxes but they would come down hard on us as citizens if we do not send our taxes into Annapolis. Let’s take a chance and see what happens if we do not pay our taxes.

  12. ballsohardclub says:

    All of these tax increase would be unnecessary if only the state would:
    1-Stop spending other people’s money
    2-Get rid of all the illegals, Mexicans, Africans, Russians etc.
    3- Cut social programs only for the neediest. All other types of section 8, food stamps, cell phones , medicaid etc out completely & have the receipents take a mandatory drug urine analysis each month before they get their check.

  13. Truth Telling says:

    A serious movement needs to be started in this pathetic state to have all the counties secede from the destruction lead by Montgomery, PG, and Baltimore City. Let those three tax and spend THEIR money, not mine.

  14. CW says:

    I agree with everyone here! We need to start a rally in the streets of Annapolis!

  15. awsinnottingham says:

    The Republicans presented some very good solutions to the spending problem in Annapolis and every single one was rejected. The Doomsday Budget as the chief blowhard, Mike Miller called it actually kept spending equal to last years spending. This is what the average taxpayer has been doing since the economy tanked. No, we’ve spent less. The fat cats in Annapolis have no clue as to what cut spending actually means.

  16. Debbie says:

    It is definitely time for the people of MD to say enough is enough and VOTE these representatives OUT OF OFFICE. All we are to this bunch is a source of revenue for them to SPEND SPEND SPEND.

  17. Dial-A-Bank says:

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  18. ballsohardclub says:

    Ya’ll sound like a bunch of whinny pricks. Revolt in the streets of Annapolis as if they were coming to harm your wife & family, because they are. They the Dems mostly are taking from you & just giving it to the spooks & illegal Mexicans. Would you shoot an intruder in your home or stab them? Better get some balls people cause this is no different.

  19. BiteMe says:

    Make CUTS not more taxation and higher fees. Has anyone seen what cuts were made. NONE they actually have 1 billion more in there 2012 budget then last years and looking to spend more on worthless pet projects and off the wall studies for future spending.

  20. BiteMe says:

    These taxes and fees are like giving an alcoholic a bottle of whiskey. They’ll always want more. Shame on you in the senate acting like a bunch of drunks

  21. backdoorBen says:

    Vote the Mother F…..k’rs out & stop complaining except on this thread.

  22. Jerry says:

    I think we should Impeach OweMalley .
    The reasons are,
    1. Making Maryland a save haven for illegals.
    2. Breaking the law by helping illegals.
    3. Running business out of state.
    4.Taxing us to give the illegals a home and jobs while we are looking for jobs , struggling to pay bills , gas our vehicles , get food and meds.
    I think these are good reasons.

  23. happy1 says:

    Keep taxing the givers so they can give to the takers. Soon all that will be left is the takers because the givers have left the state. I know I will not be staying in MD when I retire.

  24. OBG says:

    MOM couldn’t cut less than 3% of a $36B budget? At best he’s incompetent.

    Why does the state still have a private suite at M&T if we have budget crisis?

    Sounds like MOM is an arrogant corrupt politician.

  25. Hellwithit says:

    Well I’m sure PA, DE, & PA are all celebrating the new sources of income OWEmalley and crew just created for them. Cigars, no problem DE has loads for sale. Gas tax go ahead. Again, DE is 4 miles away, PA is 3 miles away. Instead of gaining revenues, these dimb a$$es are sending more money out of state than they are taking in. Keep on electing the ol tax and spend dems. The only ones winning here are the bankruptsy lawyers. BTW what happeded to the surplus Erlich left behind

  26. Politicians Suck says:

    Wow! Furloughs the last 3 years for State workers. Higher food food prices, higher Gas prices, Higher Electric Bills,and now Higher Taxes. Bet the politicians in Annapolis aren’t suffering cuts. Can’t wait to retire to move to a better state. Maryland SUCKS!!!!!!

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