CHEVY CHASE, Md. (WJZ)– The families of two teenagers killed in Montgomery County Friday question the events leading up to their fatal crash in a stolen car.

Pat Warren reports two teens survived, but so far have offered no explanation for the wreck.

Families are still reeling after a pre-dawn wreck brings a deadly end to a teenage joyride.

Two teenagers riding in a stolen car are killed in a ball of fire after the driver crashes into a tree near Connecticut Avenue and Chevy Chase Circle in Montgomery County.

“The flames were going 15, 20 feet into the sky,” one eyewitness said.

Officers were able to rescue two teenagers from the front seat of the car, but it caught fire before they could reach the passengers in the back.

“It’s just hurtful. My condolences go out to the mothers,” said one person.

Emmanuel Nelson, 15, and his cousin Kyree Nelson, 16, died in the fire.

The two teens’ mothers are sisters, and Nikita and Latreese Nelson are looking for answers.

“I don’t understand any of this. It doesn’t make sense. This is not my son’s character,” Nikita Nelson, whose son died in the crash, said.

The car was spotted by an officer around 1 a.m. Friday who checked the plate and found it reported stolen in Silver Spring. Police were in pursuit when it crashed.

“The vehicle– for reasons still under investigation– lost control and struck a tree at the circle,” a Montgomery County police officer said.

“I’m a burn nurse. It hits a little too close to home for me,” said one person.

“How horrible it must be to be caught in a fire like that,” said another.

The grandmother of one of the survivors says he has a juvenile record for car theft.

“And it wasn’t even worth it to die like this for a car or van or whatever,” Maxine Miller said.

“If they would never have gotten into that car, he could be here with us today,” Latreese Nelson said.

The driver of the car sustained life threatening injuries. The front seat passenger is expected to survive. The investigation continues.

The crash is also raising questions about the police pursuit policy.

Comments (56)
  1. Keesha says:

    Please publish the officers names and describe the pursuit policy for Montgomery PD since some officers are more inclined than others in the past to pursue.

    1. RICK says:


    2. RICK says:


      1. GM says:

        This is tragic but they should have never stolen the car. You break the law and blame others which is wrong.

    3. commonsense711 says:

      Please publish the laws regarding grand theft auto and the arrest records of these little angels

    4. J says:

      Come on Keesha. So if someone steals a car then its too bad for the owner? Yes what happened to these teenagers is tragic but they should not have stolen the car in the first place.

      1. Professor Keesha says:

        J. I believe we are talking apples and oranges. In no way am I suggesting that car theft should be permitted or laws should not be enforced for those who break them. I am not an anarchist.

        1. Stolen cars are disproportionately stolen by teens. 2. Black youth are more likely to be viewed as suspicious in ANY car as than white youths and have their tags run. 3. Police have an obligation to be forthcoming in their investigation so that the ENTIRE public is safe which means that pursuit in residential areas should be eliminated. and 5. The release of the officers’ names will indicate if the 2 officers have had prior citations for high speed chases and the dash cam will indicate if they were in pursuit — violating the safety of us all.

    5. Truth Telling says:

      You live in MO County, Keesha? If you do, aren’t you really tired of all the spillover crime from the District? What difference does it make who the officers were? The kids should not have been on the street at one A.M. on a school night in a stolen car. Period.

      1. Professor Keesha says:

        It makes a difference because ALL must obey laws (including officers) and the laws should be enforced without prejudice — did you see the
        “Batman video”… not everyone receives courtesy treatment from police.

        If there is a law preventing police pursuit, then police should held accountable. Surely the dash cam video will clear all of this up — WHEN (and if it is released).

      2. Mike says:


    6. Tom's Cabin says:

      I am just really glad that these deep fried N!GGLETS were burned and battered. It saved the tax payers of MD a lot of money. It was like a GHETTO BRATION on KWANZA. Bet these coons stunk up the whole block for a few days 🙂

  2. RICK says:

    here’s a question about the events……how come they’re in a stolen car. Take ownership of your poor parenting skills and learn from your mistakes AND STOP BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ruth says:

      Exactly! I am sorry these mothers lost their children, but why weren’t those kids home, in bed sleeping, on a school night. If my car is stolen, somebody better be chasing them!

  3. doe22us says:

    Well let me break it down to you dear parents, if you had raised your kids right you wouldnt be in this position, I cant stand enablers.

    1. Truth Telling says:

      Me either.

  4. anonymose says:

    i wouldnt blame the parents because there are a many teens that do play innocent and that they can wear a mask like any one else. Im sure their parents didnt say go steal a car. Ive seen hard working, good parents, be at the mercy of their kids abusive behavior and they are trying their best. Its sad it happened but no one can be blamed except the ones involved and the driver is alive. so i guess we will find out later. So being nasty to the parents isnt right either. They dont deserve that especially when they just lost their kids. We only hear a story but we dont know all the facts so stop judging and just pray it dont happen to you. Theres nothing we can do except try to help our own teens not do that stuff. Ppl are gonna do what they are gonna do. I mean whos point fingers and be the influence of the reasons some of you are so mean. Its just the way it is. No one told you to be that way. thats all i have to say.

    1. Truth Telling says:

      “Ppl are gonna do what they are gonna do,” Yeah, that’s EXACTLY the problem. Roaming the streets committing crimes when they should be at home on a school night. Well, the police did what they had to do also.

    2. crazy! says:

      There are 3 kids in my family. I am the oldest, and I have 2 younger brothers. I am successful and so is my younger brother. My middle brother is a drug addict loser. It is my parents fault he is a drug addict because they have done nothing but enable his drug addict behavior since he was 11 years old. My parents are not bad parents because 2 of us made it in life, but they did fail my middle brother because they chose to enable him. There I said it……I do put the blame on my parents. Tough love goes a long way, and I’ve learned a lot from my parents mistakes. I will never enable my kids the way my parents did my brother.

      1. william trexler says:

        aww did you miss a titty or two

  5. Leigh Ann says:

    Out of Character? Ages 15 and 16, One o’clock in the morning, in a stolen car. Questions as to what happened, parents look in the mirror. Not heartless, total truth. Bet they already have lawyers.

  6. Sick and Tired says:

    Enabling….All I have to say…..

  7. Mark says:

    Yeah that’s a girl….blame the cops for trying to catch the crooks. Just glad no innocents were hurt. It’s a known fact that criminal behavior often escalates, first a joy ride then a car jacking then a murder. But lets just make it easy and blame the cops who risk their lives to protect us. Ever see the protests for the killing of a cop… either only for the thugs that were good little gang bangers.

    1. Professor Keesha says:

      As police heroes risking their lives for teens in a fiery crash. The police public relations should be ALL OVER THIS. We should be seeing their faces and the burns they suffered doing a thankless job that people like me criticize. Such a heartwarming story!

      Hmmm… no pic or stories of the officers and their bravery…..

      Curious, huh?

  8. Too Bad -- But....? says:

    Here’s an example where “Do you know where your children are?” comes into play. It’s 1AM, the kids, 15 and 16 are out jjoy-riding. What’s wrong with this picture? Don’t blame the cops — blame the parents. If they hadn’t wrecked the car and got away from the cops, what next? HIt and run someone walking? Rob a 7-eleven or a gas station? Or even steal another car? The parents should have had the little Darlin’s inside and in bed. Period!!! It’s sad that they didn’t make it. But put the blame where it needs to be.

  9. Honest Steve says:

    The pursuit policy? It should read A) See bad guy B) Catch bad guy C) Send bad guy to jail

    Forget their policy how about the kids in a stolen car running from the police. Even as a teenager I knew which of my friends had cars and which ones didnt. I’m fairly sure I’d know if I was in a friends stolen car.

    Sorry for the officers as I’m sure it’s not easy to get through…

  10. Howard says:

    School kids out after 10PM.The parents should be held for child neglect. The Driver charged as an adult with murder. I get tired of the ” Blame some one else thing”. Own up to your life and family. Those kids are dead becauese you failed.

    1. Truth Telling says:

      Yep. It’s 1:00 A.M. Do you know where your parents are? Too many parents try to be their child’s “best friend” instead of being the parent. Doesn’t work.

      1. RICK says:

        yup -yup

  11. D.Wiggins says:

    Wow,as a kid I had parents,and family members who where excellent responsible leaders,but I decided to live on the wild side,and taken quite of few joy rides,lucky I lived through it.Parents its not you responsible guys fault,its more of just having a attraction to living on the wild side although as a child you where taught better.The kids where caught up in the excitement of doing something wild and crazy.I’m so sorry to see that it cost them their lives.I had a terrible crash,but none of us where hurt ,and to scared to get caught,but the pain of that craze ended my joy riding days.Kid its not worth it, stay away from crime period!

  12. LoneRebel4daright says:

    It IS the parents fault! Any parent whose 15 and 16 year olds are not in the house/home/bed at 1am in the morning would be and should be scouring the streets looking for them! Kids on the street at that hour can only be up to no good. These parents are just too self involved these days to even worry about their kids. Until these kids are injured or DEAD! These kids are just money makers for these parents these days from the time they are born and when they die..the parents get a windfall from lawsuits with the state, city or, county in which they lived or, died! It is sickening! They need to stand up and accept that they are not only the master of their own fate but they are also the masters of their children’s fate!

  13. wllharrington says:

    Few if any parents will admit that their children are criminals.

  14. Aquaholic says:

    15 and 16…..1 a.m. = do you know where your child is??? I do. And while some of you will make excuses…there are none that are valid. IF you know where you kid is and are a parent not a “friend” to your child…and know your kids friends Parents and communicate with them…this could have been avoided.

    And wow to the racist comments….this has nothing to do with has to do with Parenting…

  15. To the racist idiots who posted earlier, may karma get you all! Unless you can say you have different dam than the rest of us, your fan is 99.999% the same as the”nigs you hate so much! We are all one race, human. If you don’t like it, leave earth!

  16. Officer Young says:

    That is horrific story, but the parents should not be looking for answers. They failed as parents, and now the tax payers will sadly have to pay the price as the parents im sure will sue the county police, and get rich because they were dead beat parents. Truth hurts, but there was NO NEGLECT on the police officers part, only the parents. Disgusting.

  17. ROBBIE says:

    why is it that some folks let their kids run wild and when they end up dead, it’s everybody’s fault but their own? I have noticed that when the victims are black, all of a sudden the cops are accused of being racist… It’s all about racism? wrong!!! it’s all about poor parenting skills… Those little brats would still be alive if they had never stolen the car in the first place…People can throw stones as much as they want, but, it all boils down to BAD PARENTING SKILLS!!!

  18. william trexler says:

    tragic,but think of all the money they saved the tax payers in the next 60 years

  19. sam says:

    CUT DOWN the racist tree.

  20. sam says:

    Was the tree wearing a hoodie and they tried to run it over?
    Was it a Latino tree?

  21. BETSY says:

    Why are you question the police for doing the chase!!1 Hello Do you know where you child is If i was out at that time my parents wore tore me a new butt . It the parents fault if they keep a better leash on there kids we would not have have of the things going on .Don go accusing the police because you failed as a parent If you did not want to be a parent you should not spread your leggs and none of this would of happen If you are the parent you should kept a better leash on your kids it not the police faucelt it your fault your child went and stole a car come on wake up smelll the coffee that the problem in this world we have parents like you that don’t care and that why kids do what they want My kids are raised right and my kids do not going around and steal they all have jobs and I care for my kids I sat rules and that was your mistake you did not . DO NOT BLAME THE POLICE FOR SOMETHING YOU DID NOT DO IS CARE WHERE YOU CHILD IS!!!!!!

    1. Funk & Wagnall says:

      English, please!

  22. Bill S. says:

    It’s too late to ask for sympathy — where have you been?

  23. solid citizen says:

    It seems the parents were pretty neglectful ( where the heck are the fathers, anyway?). 15 and 16 year-olds running around after midnight … in a stolen car no less. Did they have nice hoodies?

    It is tragic that the mothers couldn’t find the right men to help raise their boys. This tragedy might have been avoided with a small dose of parenting. On the other hand, would these boys have been any better than their apparently irresponsible fathers

    Don’t blame the cops on this one

    Quo warranto, B.O.?

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