After an incredible stretch of sunshine and dry weather, our rainfall deficit really started to grow. Going into Saturday, we were down 1.82″ for the month and 2.81″ for the year. So people might not have wanted the tease of summertime weather to leave, but our environment really does need this rain. Not to mention, it’s cleaning a lot of pollen out of the air.

With the rain and clouds, our temperatures have taken a big hit. We nearly broke the record of 82 degrees Friday. Saturday, we were still above average but knocked about 20 degrees off those same highs. We officially topped out at 62 degrees, but that happened around midnight. Temperatures dropped to the upper 50s and stayed there most of the day. We will remain in the mid 50s overnight with rain, drizzle, fog, and maybe even a few thunderstorms around.

This same, slow moving storm will be swirling over us Sunday. That means more showers and thunderstorms, with temperatures in the 60s. There is the chance that clouds could mix with some sunshine. If that happens, temperatures could quickly spike higher. However, any warmup Sunday will be short lived. As this storm slowly moves away Monday, a gusty northerly wind will bring in a drier and cooler air mass. We will likely top out around 60 Monday (still above average) before dropping close to freezing Monday night and only recovering to the 50s Tuesday afternoon.

When temperatures drop overnight Monday/early Tuesday morning, there could be areas that go below freezing. This could be a problem for the numerous plants and vegetables that have been planted outside over this recent stretch of beautiful weather. But another warmup will move our way later next week. Highs will jump back to the 60s – maybe close to 70.


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