Gas Prices Expected To Continue Rising This Spring

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, gas prices are up again this week.

Monique Griego has the latest on when and if they’ll come down anytime soon.

Gas stations continue to pump out the pain.

“It’s outrageous,” said Pauline McKesson, driver. “I just put $20 in and that’s not even half a tank.”

This week prices jumped another six cents, bringing the national average to around $3.90 a gallon.

Maryland’s average is even higher at $3.93, inching ever closer to that dreaded $4 mark.

“It’s just too much,” said Harold Walter, driver.

“When is it going to get down? When will the happy days come back?” said Mohammad Naqibuddin, driver.

Despite these outrageously high prices, AAA has even more bad news. They say the summer months mean another spike.

AAA says April is when the East Coast switches from winter fuel blends to the more expensive summer fuel blends. And for drivers that means topping off already abnormally high prices.

“What we’re about to see, the increases will just make it even worse but these are typical increases we would see seasonal,” said Ragina Averella, AAA spokeswoman.

Experts expect prices to jump 10 to 20 cents over the next few weeks before spiking in mid-May at around a record-breaking $4.25 a gallon.

“I actually expect it to go high,” Walter said. “I think $4.50 to $4.70 a gallon isn’t impossible.

Reporter: “I’m sure there’s a lot of people who hope you’re wrong.”

“I hope I’m wrong,” said Walter.

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  • SpecialEd

    Everyone blames the gas prices on Obama. Big Oil supports the GOP. Big Oil raises prices to increase profits and make their political opponent even look worse. Hmmmm… not hard to figure out there. All I know is that as long as the major Oil companies are still on the list of top 25 most profitable companies worldwide, I will be directing my anger at them.

    • Tom Ocomomowoc

      Special ED you may need special ED. Gas companies are making record profits, and also paying record taxes. Oil company income spread is less then 10%. Just think how much money the US goverment would make drilling domesticly. Not to mention the number of people that would be employeed.

    • Joe

      Well you name explains the silly post. Of course not everyone blames Obama, the morons that blamed Bush the last time oil went up are the FIRST to give Obama a complete pass. Funny how oil shot up entering election season, triggering a economic crash that cost the GOP any chance of retaining the White House… why would big oil let that happen, if they supported the GOP?

      Oil prices are up for very simple reasons:
      1) We have limited oil production around the world and sadly the nation that has the LARGEST oil reserves (the United States) refuses to tap into it.
      2) The dollar has been devalued greatly (i.e. inflation) because of the Fed and administration policies. Oil is purchased in dollars around the world, as it is the world reserve currency (though thanks to poor policy that is coming to an end soon which will further devalue the dollar).
      3) Tensions in the Middle East, particularly Iran threaten a major conduit of oil transportation.
      4) The cost of regulations keeps going up, over 10,000 new regulations so far under Obama costing the private sector 46 billion annually.
      5) Many states taxes on gasoline have gone up, those costs are passed to the customer.
      6) The OPEC cartel still rules the global oil market, setting supply as they see fit to affect prices.
      Simpletons and idiots will look at a list of the most profitable companies and say it is their fault, mainly because you are too ignorant to understand the difference between total profit and profit margin. Larger companies will bring in more revenue and profits, even if they have a small profit margin. Exxon brought in almost 500 billion in revenue but only 170 billion in profits. So profits are 30% of revenue. Whereas a company like Apple brings in 108 billion in revenue but 48 billion in profit which is 45% of revenue.

      And just think, all these high gasoline prices while we are mired in an Obama induced depression, with US gasoline demand down to 15 years lows. If we get some grownups back in charge and the economy ever actually recovers and people have jobs to drive to, gasoline will go up even more.

      The simple answer is to make more, domestic energy production could rival Saudi Arabia within years, creating millions of jobs and flooding the global oil market with US oil, driving prices down.

      Time to grown up SpecialEd and stop throwing out nonsense, that defies even Kindergarten logic.

      • Kevin

        Joe, you give me hope that not everyone is stupid. Thank you for your thoughtful, truthful layout of the facts. We can only hope that this administration and its war on capitalism is thrown to the curb this fall.

    • Wayners

      Well yeah, his boy the Bernanke just keeps on printing money. All Obama has to do is fire the Bernanke and replace him with somebody that will stop printing all the currency.

    • awthrawthr

      Was it the oil companies who put a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf, fights new drilling, won’t allow drilling off the Atlantic coast, and killed the Keystone XL Pipeline, AND mas made regulations that result in refineries closing down?

      No, that was Obama.

      PS. Obama blamed the high gas prices on Bush in 2008.

    • James

      SpecialEd… the perfect name for you.

    • BarrysHypocrisy

      Do you know which politician got the MOST money from big oil interests in 2008? I’ll give you a hint: he is the current president.

      Do your homework before you start spouting off on who supports whom. It’s all public knowledge and is out there if you’ve got enough brains to look for it.

    • Adam_ME

      Do you also direct your anger at corporations like Apple or Coca-Cola or Johnson & Johnson? They’re among the 25 most profitable companies in the world.

      The reason gas prices are so expensive is our government is restricting access to domestic supplies of energy, they’re devaluing the dollar by having the Fed print trillions to buy up our own debt(euphemistically called “quantitative easing”), foreign countries have a growing demand for oil, and the Middle East is in chaos.

      Is this all Obama’s fault? No. But the restrictions in drilling and the out-of-control spending are.

    • Americawillsurvive

      Your a fool…………………… Obama wants you to drive an electric car. Even if everyone did, you still need electric to charge the cars.. Not enough sun and wind power to charge those cars. He wants gas high so you will buy a 50K Union built electric car.. Gas was $1.65 when he went into office.. Oh wait, killing 250K oil jobs down south, stopping and new drilling and making the permits impossible to get, yes that’s the GOP’s fault.. Your a moron..

    • Todd

      SpecialEd you are either a: not understanding of market forces b: an Obama lover or c: an idiot. I think b and c. Big Oil, as you put it are only responding to market forces. They don’t want to push high gas prices, but the supplier of oil, mostly the Middle Eastern countries, set the market price. They are the ones driving the high fuel prices. If your idiot president had allowed more drilling for oil and natural gas, along with the processing of shale oil, we would be the ones who would be setting the prices. But Obama is in bed with the environmentalist nuts and cannot go against them. So there you have it. Sorry to burst your bubble about your saintly president, but Obama’s energy policies are the reason for the gas prices.

    • cpatt

      SpecialEd you are either a: not understanding of market forces b: an Obama lover or c: an idiot. I think b and c. Big Oil, as you put it are only responding to market forces. They don’t want to push high gas prices, but the supplier of oil, mostly the Middle Eastern countries, set the market price. They are the ones driving the high fuel prices. If your idiot president had allowed more drilling for oil and natural gas, along with the processing of shale oil, we would be the ones who would be setting the prices. But Obama is in bed with the environmentalist nuts and cannot go against them. So there you have it. Sorry to burst your bubble about your saintly president, but Obama’s energy policies are the reason for the gas prices.

    • bob

      Drilll Drill Drill , build the pipeline and see what happens. Dumjies

    • borninmombasa

      “All i know” Is the oprative phase here. How in the world do you think “increaseing” oil proucers expense will bring down prices? Just explain that thought to us. Now if we were to increase the “supply” of a commodity what do you think would happen.?
      It’s hard to repesct anything who is incapable of logical critical thought.

    • retired military

      Gas was $1.82 when Obama toook office.

      WHen Gas was $3.50 a gallon under Bush the press and the libs blamed Bush. Kerry was talking about jawboning down the prices and smoking peace pipes. $3.50 a gallon under Obama and the libs say “Oh the president cant do anything about it”


    • YeahRight

      The Gas prices are up partly because the Dollar is DOWN…FYI printing money will devalue your MONEY…That is what Obama wanted by using the FED like his own personal Printing press.

    • dog

      Actually, the federal reserves loose money policies are driving commodity prices. Oil is not the only commodity skyrocketing, just the only one you notice. Food, gold, copper and the stock market are also steadily going up.

      The profit per a barrel of oil is FAR FAR lower than then the profit per barrel of coca cola, but you never complain about that do you?

      The reason why the oligarchs get away with fleecing you through the federal reserve system is because you blame price increases rather than money supply increases for price movements. This collective ignorance has brought down many countries.

    • orlandocajun

      I’m guessing that you weren’t defending Bush when he was getting the blame for high gas prices. Oil was $140 in the summer of ’08. Then, Bush announced that he was opening up federal lands for exploration. Then, when Obama took office, oil was $33. So, I’m not buying that he can’t have an effect on oil prices. If anything, everything he’s done has helped the price continue to go up.

      Oil companies net profit are much less than many tech companies as a percent of revenue. They’re profit levels are a result of the massive amount of sales. Last I heard, oil companies make 7cents per gallon. The federal government takes in a bigger share than that. Apologizing for Obama isn’t going to change anything. If you want to help, vote for the other guy.

      btw, the “big oil companies” that you’re angry with are all in the middle east.

    • TJ

      All Obama has to do is open the reserve and take away from the BIG oil co. and they will lower the gas price. President Obama..Who put this guy incharge anyway? It sure wasn’t me.

    • expres12

      When obama allows Bernanke to obliterate the dollar with his printing of trillions and gas rises as a consequence, it is indeed Obama’s fault.

    • Talcott

      Indeed anyone who does not understand the Petro Nazi

      Does not understand reality.

    • JoeBrooklyn1969

      SpecialEd, it looks like to me you need special Ed. Do you know Economics 101? Supply & Demand controls prices. Oil companies cant change the price of oil any more than the grocery store can change the price of food. They can but if it’s too expensive, people will go to another company and you will lose a sale.

    • Spartan

      High gas prices are due to the debt that Obama has tripled in three years. The value of the US Dollar drops requiring more dollars to buy the same product. It isn’t production or supply or demand. It is the weakening dollar.
      Ask yourself this: Who profits the most from a gallon of gas? Gas station? No.
      Refinery? No. Distributor? No. Truck Delivery? No. Oil producer? No. The State and Federal Government? Yes. They do NOTHING to produce the gas yet make the most money. It is 100% proftr as they invest nothing in materials, labor, refining, or delivery. Yes it is Obama.

    • Pete

      When will you nut cases realize that the feds make more on a gallon of gas then the oil companies do? Oil Companies make 7 cents compared to 46 cents that the feds make in taxes.

    • R2

      I would hope the oil companies are profitable, as a % of profit they are at the lower end, they just do huge volume. The demonizing of the oil companies is stupid, why is it necessary to hate large profitable companies? The non thinking, uninformed people in this country are the ones the left appeals to. Why else would they be against a simple picture ID, provided at no cost and all folks have to do is prove they are here legally? I just don’t get how you folks think.

    • hans delbrucke

      Big oil supports both GOP and Democrats. Obama’s biggest supports in 2008 were big oil companies. Get your facts right. Of course your name tells me you rode the short bus in school.

    • LWiech

      Hey special ed, did you say the same when Bush was president? All I know is that the media destroyed Bush and are protecting BHO.

    • Kevin

      No dummy big oil actually supported Obama in the last election, now we see why.

    • ckainredstateusa

      You have no idea about P/L statements or conducting business, do you?

      But you do seem well-trained in the art of class warfare.

      Obama richly deserves blame. Just as the entire Democrat/progressive/liberal/leftist Party does for obstructing for almost 40 years any solution for U.S. crude-oil independence.

      The GOP deserves blame, too, for not having the stones during the Clinton years and now to get something positive passed.

      But until the DPLLs reverse their decades-long anti-fossil-fuel energy policies, we will continue to see crude, thus refined gasoline, prices rise.

      Yes, I know: There’s the Middle East and its problems. That’s not new. It simply needs to be factored into the solution.

    • Teacher

      I guess you have never heard of OPEC, you know where we by most of our oil and who is controlling price per barrel. Special is as Special does. Dont forget to have someone whipe the drool off your chin.

    • Mel Brooks

      You name says it all. Keep voting democrat. – lol. Gas was below $2.00 a gallon when Bush left office. Obama’s Energy Secretary has stated under oath that we need to have Gas prices on par with Europe’s. Socialist do not want people driving. They want you to use public transportation. High Gas prices is what they desire. Change you can believe in !!! lol Every time I pass a car on the side of the road I honk my horn and wave because I know that another Obama supporter has reap what they have sown.

    • lobodude

      Now that is funny! However I am willing to pay $6 per gallon gas if it gets us rid of obumer!

    • pizzle

      Refineries bring down the cost of gasoline. The Democrats have killed refineries in the USA. Blame them, do you research.

    • Jeff Reynolds

      are you kidding? You leftwingers don’t know the difference btw profit margin and profits…The oil companies profit margins haven’t changed..their costs have…learn something..

    • ChicagoBob123

      Just watched a piece on the number of drilling permits during the Obama rein. It is somewhere in the 4000 area during Bush and before it was 6000. This means serious shortage in the not too distant future. GEE aren’t we lucky. The middle class pays for all this with their sweat and toil while the Obama clowns party in the White House. Cant wait for November 2012

    • frank

      It’s Bush’s fault you dumb ass!

    • Andrew

      This started a long time ago. Bill Clinton wanted $5 a gallon gasoline. The politicians benefit from higher prices.

    • The Bruce


      I wasn’t aware that “Big Oil” raises prices. I was apparently under the delusional idea that prices were set in the GLOBAL market, based on the perceived notion of supply and demand (global demand is up, and global supply is currently down). Oil companies set their profit margin between 8 and 10 CENTS per gallon (depending on the company). The Federal government sets it’s profit margin at 18 CENTS per gallon. And the States vary anywhere between 40 CENTS and 239 CENTS?

      The point I’m trying to make is:

      A) Oil companies don’t raise or lower prices (the global market/consumers do this)

      B) When it comes to profits, the oil companies don’t hold a candle to the federal and state governments (the government is the one REALLY raping you).

      C) If “Big Oil” supports the GOP, why were oil prices at an all-time high during the summer of 2008 (an election year)? Wouldn’t an all time low have been better in order to get a GOP candidate elected?

      D) Take an Econ 101 class!

      E) You local gas station isn’t owned by an oil company. Those pumps are owned by a private individual that sets prices based on supply/demand and based on what his/her neighboring competitors are charging.

      • The Bruce

        And I forgot to mention that oil is traded globally in US Dollars!!! Thanks to the Fed’s devaluation of the USD, thanks to QE1, 2, and 3 (printing a ton of money out of thin air), they’ve devalued the USD and, as a result, it takes more US Dollars to purchase a barrel of oil.

    • Ben Watson

      it’s the strength of the US Dollar. Barrels of oil are traded in US Dollars. When the dollar goes down the price of oil goes up. The dollar will continue to go down over the longterm and so too will the cost of a barrel of oil. Nobody ever seems to pay attention to this component in the price of oil.. granted there is speculation, and we are a war economy, and we are quite possibly going to enter some form of armed conflict with Iran.. that doesn’t much help either. But ultimately, the US Dollar buys the worlds oil.. almost all countries trade US Dollars for barrels of oil.. and the longterm strength of the dollar is always decreasing. There is no bottom to the US Dollar which means there is no cap in which a barrel of oil will cost. We could very well see $200+ barrels of oil if the dollar gets extraordinarily weaker.

      • Ben Watson

        Also keep in mind who owns oil companies.. gigantic banks.

        The Four Horsemen of Banking (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo) own the Four Horsemen of Oil (Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP Amoco and Chevron Texaco); in tandem with Deutsche Bank, BNP, Barclays and other European old money behemoths… the Four Horsemen of Banking are also among the top ten stock holders of virtually every Fortune 500 corporation…

        Big banking owns big oil, big banking owns big corporations, and big banking owns big government, and big government owns all of us.

    • Kevin

      Supply and demand. Restrict supply of a commodity and the price will rise. After the gulf oil spill permits were stopped. Keystone pipeline stopped. It is Obama-he is even saying on tape in 2008 that he wants $ 5 a gallon gas. You voted for this. Profits, my but. You are a stupid tool of the socialists. Do us a favor and shoot yourself in your pea brain.

    • NonniWon

      So, SpecialEd, will you ALSO be directing your anger at companies like Microsoft and Apple who have HUGE profit margins vs the 7 or 8 percent of oil companies? Or will you be directing your anger at Dept of Energy Chairman Chu who WANTS gas to be in the vacinity of $12.50 a gallon!! Wake up Ed!!!
      Or perhaps you should turn your anger to the EPA that is SQUASHING our energy independence!!! Here in America we have HUGE oil reserves available to us, except the tree huggers are in charge and we are NOT allowed to drill!!!

    • Steven Simpson

      It is time to realize that we need to nationalize all energy resources in the US as a matter of national security. These prices are effecting everything in the economy and represent a direct threat every aspect of daily life. All of this for a “free market.” How free is a market that can make daily community a struggle, and cause food, and everything else to go up to these levels? Nationalization of these energy resources and their production, is the only choice.

      • indianwithoutacasino

        the government should control all aspects of our lives…..since we are all so stupid, ignorant and helpless…

      • Triplets

        I do not agree. Government is the cause of all our woes.

    • Logical Thinker

      The oil companies make an average 8% profit which is in line with other types of businesses ($ amount may seem high because they sell a large amount of oil). Now the state and local government on the other hand make about 12% on oil at the current market price just at the pump, when gas is cheaper their percentage is higher. Add into that the BILLIONS of dollars the oil companies pay in corporate income taxes (we have the highest in the world) and you will see who is making the money off oil. Hint – It’s not the oil companies.

    • Barryo

      It is Obama and his radical green socialist who are responsible for high gas prices. Under Bush, gas was below 2 dollars. Its Obama’s economy, he owns it and will be defeated in November…Bye Bye Barry…

    • Mike

      The number one reason gas prices are going up is that the value of the dollar is worth less and less and gold prices are very high. Oil value is based on the value of a dollar. So for example if a barrel of oil market value costs 105.00. That value is 105 times the market value of a dollar. Summing this up, the price of oil is actually below average. The price of gas would probably have to rise like 50 to 60 more cents to be average. So as long as gold rises in value so will gas. This all takes me back to the dollar and The Fed.The dollar is a floating, undefined, fiat currency which needs to be backed by gold and not continuously printed.

    • worddust

      Direct your anger at whoever you want, but as long as the government interferes with business the prices will only go up. The State and local taxes on gas are much more than the oil company profit.

    • DeusVult

      Your nickname explains your foolish/ignorant answer!
      Companies; ALL companies are in business to make $$$; to make a profit!
      While “resident” (thats NOT a typo!) obama does not directly control the price of fuel/oil/gas; HOWEVER his asinine policies have weakened OUR Republic AND are a BIG factor in the current oil/fuel/energy price crisis; and it IS by design (according the SOB’s own words!)
      Nov. 2012 “IS” the time AMERICA!
      NO MORE “resident” obama, her worshipFULLness mooochelle “antionette” AND the entire cabal of socialist/marxist czars!!!
      Nov. 2012 ABO=”ANYBODY” but obama!

    • Henry R Kneitz III

      You’re wrong. But then, you have an agenda.

    • rosss

      moron. keep drinking that kool-aide

    • ObamaIsGodAwful

      BP gave generously to Obama last election. He’s undoubtedly extracted more this time. Obama works closely with anyone willing to pay for his re-election.

    • Dan

      Were you saying that when Bush was in office??? Or do you blame oil companies only when your guy is in office???

    • GeneO

      If it wasn’t for oil companies, you would still be sh itting in an outhouse and wiping your a ss with dried corn cobs. Then you’d be going back into your freezing house, after chopping wood and boiling water for your bath. Then at dusk, you’d be lighting your candles so you could see the bed so you could put the hot coals from the wood stove into the copper bed warmer, then crawl into your bed and start to shiver after another 15 minutes. Then wake up and drive your horse wagon to get some more wood. Yeah, those stupid damned oil companies, who needs them

    • stop2think2

      You’re a complete dolt. How about cracking open a book and reading Adam Smith’s easy to read (sorry no pictures for you to entertain you with) “Wealth of Nations”? Profits are NOT bad. Profits allow companies like your PC maker to make possible to spread your ignorance far and wide. BTW, when Bush was in office high gas prices were always his fault. Now that Obama is in office, well, gosh darn, it’s not the president’s fault. How nice.

    • david

      So…Uh…Did Big Oil “Raise” prices in 2005-2007 also to make Bush look bad? Oh Wait…back then the democrats and liberals all blamed Bush on gas prices. What a double-standard bunch of whiners! you all DO have other choices – its called DRIVE LESS – DONT move 30+ miles from work. Dont drive to every little store for eveyr little thing. Oh wait…THOSE are NOT valid options. Frick!

    • Chugiak Tea

      SpecialEd, if “BIG OIL” raises the prices to harm the Democratic administration, why would the administration argue (in public I might add), that we produce so little of the world’s oil in America, we can’t affect the price? I mean really, stop with the kool-aid, it can become an addiction.

    • Tim

      so, the oil companies support the GOP. When gas prices spiked under Bush it was bush’s fault, when they spike under Obama it is still bush’s fault. Sorry dude, you sound like an idiot!

    • phil Bloughman

      Ha Ha dont think so, Obama has single handily double the price of gas with his energy policies.

    • The Rouge Element

      Your name implies it all. You have no clue how oil futures work and how the cost of oil is trickled down to the consumer. The oil companies profit you speak of is before tax profit. Oil companies pay more in taxes than any other American company. Its a fact go check it out. I mean that is if you have enough common sense to look it up.

      • shawn

        you cant look at it as who paid more taxes because the larger income paid more, however if i make 400x more than your company and pay 2x more in taxes still fair? still make sense hell no it doesn’t.

    • Jeff Grann

      Start with the kook base of the Democratic Party…..the environmentalists who cause us to use all these different blends around the country to “protect the planet” while raising the price of gas almost a buck a gallon.

    • rushmore

      specialEd….you have got to be kidding. If the oil co. are in the pocket of the GOP, why did they raise prices when Bush was prez??huh????????

    • andrew musaelian

      no not so. Big oil support the lame ass president. You are dead wrong. He killed the keystone pipeline after he said he would approve it. He lies every time he opens his liberal mouth.

    • little oil

      Get real pal…so called big oil was a big doner to your god obummer…did you know that the evil oil companies paid more in taxes than theirn overall net profit

      • Michael

        A war in the Middle East will make $5 a gallon gasoline this summer seem cheap. All world economies are slowing down a spike in crude oil resulting from a war with Iran will result in a world wide depression.

    • SpankySpankster

      “Democrats have a commonsense plan to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices…”

      – Nancy Pelosi, August 24, 2006.

      Dems have run the federal government since 1/3/2007 – over five years. What have they accomplished in terms of energy independence? Nothing. All they’ve done is funnel taxpayer dollars to failed green companies like Solyndra. And those companies were run for the benefit of Obama bundlers.

      • RoccoP

        Yes….like GEORGE KAISER who owned 35% of Solyndra.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Now for the education that SpecialEd couldn’t deliver for you–

      Oil companies have NO control over oil prices; direct your anger where it belongs– at OBAMA for, first, his insanely idiotic energy policies; second, his LYING about this DEPRESSION being a “recovery” for political reasons, which causes speculators to bid oil up; third, his STATED GOAL of raising energy prices to this level AND HIGHER; and fourth, the destruction of the dollar’s purchasing power caused by his suicidal fiscal policies…in addition to the destruction of the dollar’s purchasing power caused by Bernanke’s suicidal monetary policies.

      • JPG

        Don’t forget Congress, which has been spending $1+ trillion per year that they don’t have, for the last five years.

      • Jaybird7

        Excellent Comment Serfcity! Educating liberal demoncrats is almost impossible as they have had extreme indoctrination via Government schools. It’s no accident that the teachers union is totally dominated by demoncrats.

      • expres12

        Bernanke, just yesterday, alluded to more printing and zirp (zero interest rate policy) so expect $5 plus per gallon gas come summer.

        It is Obama’s fault because he won’t/can’t rein in Bernanke’s printing. Gas isn’t more expensive, the dollar is buying less due to trillions upon trillions being printed. Why the printing? To fuel Obama’s deficit spending and to save his banks.

      • RoccoP

        RYou are CORRECT! Oil is priced in DOLLARS which is the “Reserve Currency of the World.” If you think Oil is high now wait a few years when the dollar now longer becomes the Reserve Currency. Gasoline prices we are experriencing now will be cheap compared to what they will be.

      • shawn

        people who own land with oil under it set the price, not the oil company not the president you produce a resource sell it for what people will pay.

    • Kathy

      From what I’ve read, their profit margin is fairly slim, less than that of bottled water.

      • radicaltruth

        Exactly right… yet it’s easy for ignorant people to lay blame when they hear the word ‘profits’ – it’s become a trendy fad to hate those who do well and are productive, even though they’re providing a valuable resource for society.
        All honest experts agree that even if we use what current and soon to be technologies we have for fuel, we will still use oil for 80% of our transportation fuels. We should be focusing on making cars as fuel efficient as possible, adding hybrid capability to most, electric boost for acceleration, and natural gas for larger trucks and vehicles that need massive torque and power.
        However that would actually work and wouldn’t give this administration the excuse and leverage to exert more control where they deem necessary and desirable. The three prongs of desired government control? Energy, healthcare, and education.

      • OBAMA FAILED E-VERIFY... google it

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        Correct…just a few cents per gallon for doing ALL of the work– exploration, processing, refining, transport, etc., compared to the over-half-a-dollar “profit” the govt makes on each gallon in taxes– for doing NOTHING. In addition, the EPA forces all kinds of different gasoline blends per region, grossly inflating transport costs, reducing delivery efficiency and needlessly creating potential shortages.

    • bho

      Big Oil supports has bought the GOP and Democrats.

      • WelcomeTheTheStateRunMedia

        Hopefully gas prices will soon be manipulated like the employment stats and the markets. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever much like me.

      • Kip Noxzema

        Environmental Whackos have bought the presidency.

    • gice1000

      yeah specialed huh.

      • Zip

        The speculation card has already been used. Most know why gas prices are rising, its not really tough.
        We can always use a super good recovery as the reason why.

    • marty9957

      Then you’ll not see the prices come down any time soon. People should once and for all realize that it is economic policy that determines the price at the pump. This is not admitted by any of the left but when fuel prices reached their highest point in the Bush administration, he set the policy to explore and develop all known reserves. Once that was put into the speculation equation, the prices came down. Obama is going around telling lies trying to convince Americans that we have 2% of the world’s oil supply and we use 20 %. Information for governmental sources say that we have more oil than Saudi Arabia. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.4 trillion barrels. That’s not even counting all the natural gas which is now being developed on private land along with the shale oil by private enterprises. BTW, when Bush did that, the price per barrel of oil dropped from $140 dollars per barrel to $33 dollars per barrel.

      When is the lame stream media gong to tie the high cost at the pump to this administration and their lack of an energy policy to bring the price down?

      Stop enabling this administration and place the blame where it belongs or these high prices will continue until we replace this administration and their policies.

    • Chuck

      Gas prices are increasing because the value of the dollar is decreasing because we borrow .40 out of every dollar spent. The 16 trillion debt causes our currency to be worthless, so everything we buy costs more. Like this? Vote for a democrat.

    • RightWay2012

      These high gas prices we are experiencing today are the direct result of the Bush administration. They knew before they left office that Cheney would need a heart transplant. Bush and the oil industry timed the rise in gas prices to coincide with Cheney’s heart transplant in the hopes liberal wouldn’t notice. Bush also knew Obama would win, and as part of the scheme, timed Cheney’s heart transplant with the election year, kind of a two for one. — Your handle is appropriate, SpecialEd.

  • Gas Prices Expected To Continuously Increase Through Summer | Baltimore Christian Radio

    […] Read the full story at WJZ 13 […]

  • Smelly Hippie

    Obama’s fat cat friends on Wall Street and in big oil are making the Obama depression last longer.

    • teaisstronger


      There is already a $100 limit at most gas stations. I have placed a picture of Obama and a Keystone near the my gas cap.


      • teaisstronger


        I will also inflate my tires and get a tune up with new points.

        $10 a gallon by Labor Day, WOOOPEEE! WOOPEEEE!

      • teaisstronger


        1. Ten dollar a gallon gasoline

        2. Obama’s arrest for High Treason.

  • pokey

    “Big Oil supports the GOP.”

    What an obtuse comment. Oil companies (hyperbolic labels aside) contribute equally to both parties, they send money to whomever is in charge. Finding specious connections between supposed enemies only serves to feed your partisan blinders without respect to how the world really works.

    Grow up, take off your partisan blinders, you might learn something.

    • teaisstronger

      Put a windmill on your car.

  • AAA: Gas prices expected to rise through the summer - politiColonel

    […] by COLONEL on March 26, 2012 Welcome to PolitiColonel! If you like this article, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet Box WordPress PluginSource […]

  • Lost City

    I live in Chicago……..always $.60 higher than the average?????

    • Henry R Kneitz III

      Environmental policies are reasons.

      • ella funtz

        I believe GREED is the reason—think (Wall Street)

    • Truth Is
    • SpankySpankster

      We’re from Chicago, visiting NYC – and prices here on Manhattan are lower than Chicago. That’s plain weird. Everything else here is incredibly expensive.

      • Gary

        I would not advertise the fact that you come from the city that spawned obama and the most corrupt city in the world, at that.

      • SpankySpankster

        Gary, we’re getting out of the Chicago area as soon as possible. You are right about the corruption – it runs rampant.

  • thetreker

    If you voted for Obama you voted for $6.00 gas.

    • regulas

      I hope it hits $7-9 so we can be assured that the little dictator from kenya will not get a second term to continue his destruction of Amerika.

      • ckainredstateusa

        I, too, hope Obama and his regime get jerked out of office in November’s elections.

        But I will not agree with you re: gas prices. I live in what Obama would ignore as flyover country. Most places don’t have the luxury of bus systems, subways, above-ground trollies, light-rail systems or all the other alternate transportation modes.

        Plus where I live, and in much of America, where unemployment is high and wages low, such high gas prices will affect many people.

    • The Bruce

      Don’t expect the average voter to understand basic economics.

      Here’s their “logic”:

      High prices under a Republican administration=”evil” oil companies “raising” prices to line the pockets of the GOP.

      High prices under a Democrat administration=”evil” oil companies “raising” prices in order to elect the GOP.

      The circular firing-squad mentality of this logic is astounding. Sadly, newly hatched Democrats fall for this hook-line-and-sinker.

      • Truth Is

        So true. Many also don’t understand how many actual jobs and taxe revenue oil companies provide. Unlike the many now bankrupt green energy jobs, that have wasted billions of tax dollars.

      • SJ

        Unfortunately you seem to be an average voter as well, as you failed the understand the basic economics.
        Oil price is set by the free market, and is high right now because of the tensions with Iran and the speculation that there maybe a supply crunch if Iran decides to cut supply. Even if production is increased, it will only slightly affect the price as the analysts and traders….who work for the investment banking sector…will bring it back up. The above article also fails to consider this important fact.
        So stop blaming Obama…even when Bush was president oil touched 4$ a gallon and the govt could not do anything about it. Only reason it came down back then was because of the economic crash.

      • The Bruce


        Apparently you’re a bit too obtuse to understand why I put the word “RAISING” in quotations.

        The point was exactly that oil companies don’t set the price of oil, but the average pleb doesn’t seem to understand that.

    • andrew musaelian

      no–$9.00 by Memorial day or no later than July 4th. I guarantee it.

      • CapitalSpirit

        Possible gas price signs on Memorial Day…

        Regular: TDM 9/10
        Mid-Grade: AYS 9/10
        Premium: ABO 9/10

  • Bob Sherron

    And now Jack OweMalley wants to tax it some more. Why was it Bush’s fault when it went up under his addministration but now Obama has no responsability?

    • poetikus

      And don’t forget, Bush opened up the lands that DECREASED the price.

  • richardwiggler

    when the economy collapses AGAIN..
    the prices will FALL..
    AGAIN !

  • Mikey

    When Barack Huissein Obama took office, gas cost $1.84 a gallon.

  • PinkFloydFan

    And on 15 Sept 2012 Obama will release the oil reserves, fuel prices will plummet. And on Election Day we will be paying 1.95/gal. And the Obama will fool 51% of the people one more time.

    • ckainredstateusa

      Even if he does that, the impact will be insignificant, if that.

      He’s going to have to open his used-to-expensive-foods-and-drink piehole and announce to the world that he’s immediately opening all federal non-park land, on and off shore, to exploration and production.

      And that he will have DOE, EPA and whatever other federal agencies expedite any required approvals/permits/whatever.

    • The Bruce


      The oil reserves won’t do that. They never have.

      If Obama wants to crash oil prices (like Bush in 2008), he’ll “announce ” lifting the moratorium on oil drilling in the Pacific. Bush did that in the summer of 2008, where we went from $4.00 to $1.85 in a matter of 2 months. It was symbolic, of course, as the Pelosi Congress wasn’t about to lift their moratorium. But the price of oil crashed under the perceived market perception.

      Obama, while smart (unlike his political base), could do this but won’t, because he can’t get reelected without his base.

      His base will continue to blame it’s usual suspects (Big Oil, Cheney, HALIBURTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

      • Mike

        And, of course, “global markets,” while completely ignoring the West Texas crude oil market the largely dictates gas prices in the United States. Would help if we had more refineries (thanks, ethanol idiots), more pipelines to speed up delivery (thanks, Obama) and more domestic drilling (thanks, Dems and Obama).

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Unless we have the kind of REAL emergency for which the SPR created, AFTER he empties it out to try to save his own skin. I for one wouldn’t mind a bit paying $50 a gallon for a couple of months if it helps karma bite him for it.

    • SpankySpankster

      Releasing the SPR won’t affect gas prices all that much. Remember when Clinton did it in Sept 2000 to help Al Gore get elected? Gas prices dropped about 10% for a few months and then shot up again. That’s not enough to get Dear Leader elected again.

  • Segeny

    It’s OK. Every time I have to pay these exorbitant costs to enable me to commute to work (there is no public transport), it is as if I am paying to evict Dear Leader from the Oval Office. I am looking for the pony in the pile of excrement.

  • SpankySpankster

    Compare Apple (AAPL) to Exxon (XOM):

    Profit margin: Apple: 25.8%, Exxon: 9.47%
    Forward annual dividend yield: Apple: 0. Exxon: 2.2%.

    I think we should be regulating and taxing Apple more than Exxon.

    • CommonCents

      When you use slave-wage labor in China to produce an iPhone, profits abound!

      Odd how the liberals won’t boycott a company (Apple) which exploits children… so that their own brats can be entertained and dumbed-down by a ‘smartphone’.

      Remember that little photo collage of Obama having a nice sit-down dinner with the likes of Jobs (Apple), Zukerberg (Facebook), Imelt (GE), and other neo-Marxists.

      What were their ‘collective’ taxes for last year? ZERO. Gotta love outsourcing.

    • ella funtz

      People (child minded) are hyped into buying the toys Apple puts out at outrageous prices.—-Gasoline in many ways, IS A NECESSITY.

  • MarkJ

    “When is it going to get down? When will the happy days come back?” said Mohammad Naqibuddin, driver.”

    When people like you stop voting for Democrats in general and Obama in particular.

    • tonyl

      These are Romney’s friends on the wall street making billions in profits while sucking blood from American consumer. Blaming Obama for the wall street thuggery is not the answer. Wall street is financing the GOP.

      • Mike

        I see Tony is another one of the OWS stooges who hasn’t a clue what the hell he is talking about. Check the cozy relationship between Obama and Goldman Sachs, for example. But, that would be an inconvenient truth for obtuse liberals.

      • Barry bin Inhalin

        Tony – how old are you?

        Just curious….

      • ckainredstateusa

        Living in blissful voluntary ignorance, which apparently you do, is something you might consider changing.

      • Jeff Reynolds

        Wall Street was in Obama’s pocket until he bashed them and stabbed them in the back..

      • NonniWon

        tonyl, do some research. Obama’s largest financial supporter in 08 WAS Goldman Sachs! You can search on this thing called, GOOGLE, you may have heard of it. There is a Top 10 list of financial donations to Barack Obama.

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        Lol, tonyl,
        Your Kool-Aid pitcher is empty again. If that’s the best you’ve got you owe Soros a refund for whatever he’s paid you. Your Fearless Leader got VASTLY more cash from Wall St and EVERY SINGLE BANK except for BoA (~50/50 split) in ’08.

      • Segeny

        Better check your data again. Wall Street has been a major contributor to Obama.

  • NoOin2012

    And I needed this article to tell me this….news flash Obama wants them to go higher

  • tonyl

    Stop the speculation and market manipulation fabricated by the oil companies. They are buying their own oil to create a demand which does not exist in reality. Oil is a crucial commodity for a life line of a nation and its citizens and economy. It should not be allowed to be used for speculative profits. Oil companies are making billions in profits every month at the expense of the consumers with no competition. They control the supply and demand.

    • dh

      85 % of the oil supply is sovereign owned (Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc.). The oil companies own very little of their own oil. As long as this is the case, any geopolitical event involving the listed countries are going to drive up prices. The oil companies control very little of the supply. If the US made even the slightest threat of increasing it’s own supply (i.e. Bush lifting the off shore drilling moratorium in July 2008 when oil was $148 barrel) the price would drop like a rock just like it did then.

  • Jeff Grann

    Don’t worry Mohammad. Obama will give you some free algae to put in your tank while he shares our missile defense secrets with his new best pal Putin.

  • bobdog

    “I actually expect it to go high,” Walter said. “I think $4.50 to $4.70 a gallon isn’t impossible. I’m sure there’s a lot of people who hope you’re wrong. I hope I’m wrong.”

    Unleaded Regular has been $4.59 here in Chicago for the last 10 days, and it’s headed higher.

    Oh boy. We’re number one. We’re number one.

  • tonyl

    Big Oil=GOP=Wall street thugs=Romney
    Blame Obama is a GOP strategy for the crime and pain inflicted by GOP supporters on American consumers.

    • ckainredstateusa

      Please, grow up and drop the Democrat/progressive/liberal/leftist Party talking points.

      Also, while it might be painful for you, dig your way out of your intentional ignorance and cognitive dissonance.

    • phil Bloughman

      No doubt you blamed Bush when gas went up under his presidency. Sorry your guy is responsible, how does it feel now??

  • Segeny

    Better stop guzzling that KoolAde – – your talking points are right from MediaMatters and Joy Behar – – not a very pretty or very bright duo.

  • DB

    So go shoot a wall street speculator…

  • viableop

    Here is an article that compares recent pump prices and gasoline excise tax levels for several nations in Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States:

  • Truth Is

    China produced just 1.56 million automobiles in 1998, and by 2012, deliveries of passenger automobiles has reached 2.37 million per month. Experts are now revising 2015 forecasts of China’s crude-oil consumption to 13.6 million barrels per day, a level that is triple where the country was in 1998.
    China isn’t the only growing source of demand, either. India’s oil consumption grew 40% from 2001 to 2009, and other emerging markets around the world are more than making up for any reduction in demand from the United States.

    • tonybaloney

      Auto industry should retool to run cars on natural gas. They don’t because it is unprofitable the lying coc suckas.

      • ckainredstateusa

        You should retool your mouth and what you think you know about the automotive industry and natural-gas-fueled vehicles.

        By the way, since your raise the subject, please present a credible spreadsheet, with all your assumptions and references, that support your assertion that NG-fueled vehicles are profitable.

      • Truth Is

        Obama is too busy promoting his green agenda. I am sure NG is too dirty for his hippie freinds.

  • astralweeks

    “somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” Steven Chu, 2008, now Obama’s energy secretary. Gas in Europe is up to 9 and 10 dollars. Reelect Obama so they can get it all the way up there.

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