ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A measure that would keep minors from frequenting tanning salons has died in a Senate committee.

The Finance Committee voted Friday to kill the bill. Only four of the 11 senators on the committee opposed the unfavorable report issued by the group.

The bill, sponsored by Montgomery County Democrat Jamie Raskin, would have prohibited anyone under 18 from using an electric tanning bed, eliminating a provision in Maryland law that allows minors to tan if they have parental permission.

A version of the bill is filed in House of Delegates but has not yet received a vote. Monday marked the deadline to pass legislation out of either chamber to avoid it being referred to a committee that must rule on whether legislation can move forward.

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  1. Steve Wilson says:

    Better idea: Before using an electric tanning bed, you have to sign a affidavit that goes to your health carrier and allows them to charge extra for the possibility of future skin cancer, melanoma, etc.

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