BALTIMORE (CBS Baltimore) — Magic Johnson’s ownership group has been given the green light to go ahead with a $2 billion deal to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Baltimore Orioles majority owner Peter Angelos was on the committee that vetted out potential buyers for the Dodgers.

Jim Duquette, former O’s exec and host of 105.7 THE FAN’s Baltimore Baseball Tonight, joined The Norris & Davis Show this morning.  He said having Mr. Angelos on the committee was no coincidence.

“He (Peter Angelos) has been shown two or three high-worth individuals that would like to buy into the club. Not for $2 billion for the Orioles, but, if Peter decides he wants to sell, Major League Baseball just showed him the keys to a couple individuals of high net worth that have the money that would want to buy. I don’t think it was a coincidence he (Peter Angelos) was on that board.”

Angelos led a group of investors in the purchase of the franchise in 1993 for $173 Million. 

Despite rumors, The Orioles recently noted that the team is not for sale.  Duquette added, “When you start looking at that kind of money I think you have to listen to anybody.”

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  1. Milton says:

    Ken Weinman is very close to being a system of interchangable parts. What I mean is that I’ve listened to him fill in on many different shows on the Fan, and points of view and opinions add much needed perspective to many different topics. This comment applies to any for the time slots he’s apart of.


  2. Milton says:

    I meant to say Ken’s points of view and opinions add much perspective to many different topics. Please excuse my error. Thanks.


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