By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Across the country, the warm weather has heated up sales at places that sell what you need to keep your lawn and garden looking nice.

Mike Schuh reports Baltimore is no exception.

If it feels like we’re a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, we are. Not only do the trees and plants think so, so do people working on their yards.

Warm weather is putting people in their yards, but only after stopping at stores first.

Home Depot manager John Lucas has been kept busy.

“We did gear up earlier this year just because we had such great weather,” Lucas said. “We’ve had such a mild winter, folks are ready to go.”

Diane Pollack got mulch for her yard.

“Because it’s warmer, it’s time to start. Everything is blooming real fast. Weeds coming up, grass growing—have to work on the yard,” Pollack said.

This year, she feels she’s three weeks ahead.

Francine Phillips’ basket is $100 heavier. How early are these plantings?

“About a whole month,” she said.

For her, being comfortable while working in her yard is what got her going.

“I’m loving it. I think it’s beautiful,” she said.

The weather has pushed suppliers to get enough plants this far north this soon. Lucas won’t use numbers to define how good business has been, but he’s happy.

“We are up. We are doing well,” he said.

This warm weather comes at a good time for home improvement stores. After being beaten by the recession, the warm weather has meant more people starting on projects normally not started in the winter months.

At least one big home center plans to take advantage of so many people getting to their gardens early and has scheduled a large sale on nursery items this Friday.

Comments (3)
  1. m.A. says:

    Grass clippings & fertilitzer pollute the bay.

  2. Peter says:

    Nice story—better than all of the doom and gloom we hear so much about. Instead of Home Depot, go to Watson’s or Valley View Farms if you live near them! Or some other locally owned garden center near you!

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