BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Baltimore police said they arrested four men and pepper sprayed one of them during a protest that got unruly.

The incident took place on Tuesday when 100-120 people began a protest march at 11 a.m. in the 2100-block of E. Oliver Street. The marchers formed a line blocking pedestrian and vehicle traffic at Rutland Avenue and Eager Street. They also blocked a city dump truck from moving out of a construction site in the area and began beating on the truck and sitting in the street.

Police officers tried to disperse the protesters and let traffic through but the crowd started getting violent and pushed the officers back.

Police arrested the four men at the scene. They are identified as Richie Armstrong, Earl King, William Simmons and Thomas Threatt. Police say they pepper sprayed Threatt after he violently resisted arrest.

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  1. Richard P. says:

    Blocking traffice and pounding on dump trucks really, have you not learned anything from Mr. M. L. King people. This is not how it’s done and this is how come nothing has gotten done. Take a clue from his rule book an maybe things will change.

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