By Denise Koch

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Rumors swirl around the person who holds the winning Mega Millions ticket sold in Baltimore County and worth $105 million after taxes.  The Southwest Baltimore woman at the center of those rumors spoke to WJZ Monday.

Denise Koch has the latest.

“I’m in shock right now,” she said.

Mirlande Wilson– a McDonald’s employee and mother of seven– told the New York Post she’s the big winner.

WJZ was there Monday night as Wilson emerged from her Annapolis Road house for the first time since the story surfaced.

She’s not confirming or denying that she has the winning ticket, but says she’s just trying to make sense of what’s happening.

“I don’t know where this is coming from,” Wilson said. “I don’t know what’s going on. It’s just too much for me. It’s confusing. It’s very confusing to me.”

The $656 million jackpot will be split between the holders of three winning tickets for $105 million each.

One of those tickets was sold at a 7-Eleven store in Milford Mill. But so far, whoever bought it has not come forward to claim it.

“We haven’t heard from anyone,” said Stephen Martino, Maryland Lottery. “The winning ticket has not been presented, so we’re still waiting like everyone else to find out more about this winning Mega Millions jackpot.”

Wilson has already spread her good news at a carryout restaurant near her home. WJZ’s Mike Hellgren spoke to the owners.

“She’s working very hard. She have a lot of children. She’s a good person,” said the co-owner. “She tell me she win.”

The Post is calling Wilson’s story a “Mega Mess,” saying she went in on a pool with her co-workers at McDonald’s and now she won’t split the money.

Wilson told the paper the winning ticket was one she purchased separately.

When asked if her co-workers are fighting with her over the ticket, Wilson responded: “Yeah. That’s a big problem.”

But until lottery officials see the winning ticket, the rumors are still just rumors.

“The fact that it was the largest jackpot in the history of the world and Sunday being April Fools Day really kinda created this perfect storm where we know that a lot of strange claims were being made,” Martino said.

If Wilson did win, she will be $105 million richer after taxes.

The owner of the McDonald’s where she works issued a statement. He said that the people should not jump to conclusions until the winner officially comes forward.

We’re also told that Wilson is reportedly meeting with a lawyer.

Maryland is expected to receive more than $13 million in state taxes from the winning ticket.

The person who holds the winning Mega Millions ticket has 182 days to claim the prize.

Comments (43)
  1. Tim says:

    Easy solution to this whole thing; tickets have number which identifies the terminal it was printed on. Also, sequence numbers will tell with which tickets it was printed. Just like Mary Chapin Carpenter said, “the stars might lie, but the numbers NEVER do”.

  2. Roy says:

    Amazing, you win gazillions in a work pool and still too greedy to split it like you were supposed too. Oh, I bought this ticket separately. Hope she goes bankrupt, robbed, or shipped to Mercury. When we do pools at work once the tickets are purchased a copy of the tickets is made and given to everyone in the pool beforehand. I’m not saying she’s lying, but sure sounds like it, wants it all now for herself. Blah.

    1. Tigre says:

      I agree with you! How convenient that she holds All The Tickets, who ever deemed her trustworthy, well now, Her Face should be listed in all dictionaries as Definition to Untrustworthy.

    2. John Doe says:

      Some insanely high number of Lottery winners really do end up friendless, deprived, alcoholics, drug adicts…or worse dead. This woman is already headed down that road and it hasn’t even been confirmed that she is indeed the true “winner” and I use the term loosely in her case.

      1. george brown says:

        sad ,isn`t it

  3. bottle says:

    I’m glad I never won,now I can see why.

  4. marjorie says:

    only thing i can say “wish i win even just a lil so i can buy a house for my two lil young ones and save money for their school and future and so i can help the poor people. unfurtunately as always “i am a loser”.

  5. DS says:

    The workers at McDonalds should have gotten copies of the tickets they shared, but the only thing now is to demand seeing the tickets and check the sequence numbers on them. And if she still doesn’t come forward file a court oder and then request her legal citizen status (she’s from Haiti).

  6. ekc says:

    Yes because everyone from a different country is here illegally @ DS.

  7. dhs says:

    we did a pool at my work and everybody got copies of the tickets and we drew up contract that everybody signed say we would take cash option and split the money equally. this woman is heartless if thats what she’s doing.

  8. aj says:

    Unfortunately people trust people they work with. I bought 20 tickets on my own and never took to work, my boss bought 20 tickets and never took to work…We pitched in 2.00 each at work (small company) and the tickets bought were copied…. I cannot imagine winning that much money and I heard there were only 3 others that pitched in (I could be wrong) but with 220,000,000.00 I would think even half of that all 4 or 5 of them could live off comfortably. If it was me I would put a restraining order and ask to stop payment to her until it was filed at the courts and have them decide before she gets her hands on the money. Make her show that her ticket was bought separate. There are video cameras in that store. Should show something. Also as for what ekc said – they said request not demand. Now a days you can never be too sure. Sorry – this country and the leadership has us all asking who is getting what….And you can start the blame with the president and our governor of Maryland illegals plenty to help them. Shame people don’t understand the word illegal.

  9. jobeycarl says:

    Don’t worry if she hired a LAWYER, she is already broke. I hope she read the small print before signing with the attorney. I’m willing to bet the lawyer gets 45-50% of any outcome. If she wins the court case the lawyer will get 51.5 Million. If she loses the Lawyer will probably still get all of her portion of the winnings left to her. Then the law firm will garnishee her McDonalds check for the remainder.

  10. mega loser says:

    If you run a pool you should not be able to purchase a ticket for yourself unless everyone in the pool has a copy of their tickets.The problem here is that the tickets were purchased late friday night making this almost impossible.These other workers knew this and still put their trust in her.Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  11. tylerjake says:

    Does the US Media just believe ANYTHING they are told nowadays?! Any person in this state could claim they’re the winner! OH wait, no it’s me! HA HA!!!

  12. Jennifer says:

    Nobody will no anything until the person who won comes forward. And why if she won all this money would she come forward right away, why not wait and go and get a lawyer first. Most people that win this amount of money wait to come forward to avoid these kind of issues and other types of issues and more.

    Plus the Maryland lottery was on 98 rock the other morning and they have a video of a guy buy the ticket. and they say the ticket was bought at 7:15 that night.

  13. SpecialEd says:

    Other stories I have read also reveal that in earlier statements she made, it sounded like SHE didn’t even know for sure if she had the winning tickets. She said something along the lines of “yeah, I remember seeing those numbers”. Unfortunately if that’s her claim, then this is just the media looking for something to fill the front page for a week or two until the summer slayings begin.

  14. NoBody says:

    lets look at the bright side, if the fathers are not dead or in jail, atleast they will be in their kids life. because you know they will go back to leach some money, but in the same breath somewhat be around the kids. Sounds like a BET movie in the making.

  15. Stupid says:

    Has no one even thought to see if there is a video or some type of video-monitor which recorded the purchase of the ticket at approximately the time the ticket was purchased?? And WJZ – I believe the spelling is 7-Eleven. Stupid. Why would anyone give any credence to this woman and her “story” and how on earth did it wind up in the New York Post??

  16. Darryl smith says:

    This happened with another large lottery jackpot where a woman claimed to have the winning ticket which turned out to be total bs. I think if she really hit her lawyer would be doing all the talking right now show me the ticket!




  18. miamifan71 says:

    That was very irresponsible to identify the street address of a multimillion dollar lottery ticket winner who lives in the “hood”. Very poor judgement on your part Denise Koch……

  19. Seuss says:

    This story is sooo messy…. For her sake I hope she is not telling lies because Karma is a b***h…. “‘ a fool and his money will soon depart””.

  20. janice says:

    She’s not confirming or denying she has the winning lotto ticket but she will go tell the people in the chinese takeout restaurant in the neighborhood that have stated so on camera that she does have the ticket.

    Then she won’t share w/ her coworkers because she got the ticket on the side? YEAH RIGHT. If she is truely lying then that makes her even more UNDESERVING of that $.

  21. pete says:

    Don’t you have to be an American citizen to claim that money?

  22. aupair unfallversicherung says:

    I am now not positive the place you’re getting your info, however good topic. I must spend some time learning more or working out more. Thank you for wonderful info I used to be searching for this info for my mission.

  23. Bill S. says:

    Anyone surprised??

  24. click here says:

    Wonderful work! That is the kind of information that are supposed to be shared across the internet. Shame on the seek engines for no longer positioning this put up upper! Come on over and consult with my web site . Thanks =)

  25. darlene says:

    Well. needless to say,but I will anyhow. If she did indeed win , Those co-workers can file a law suit against her for breach of contract. I If they had something in writing about them sharing and pooling their money to purchase the tickets. This could end up in the court system for years. The big winner’s will be the lawyers.

  26. cms827 says:

    A Glen Burnie man is coming forward and saying he has the winning ticket!! LOL this is getting interesting……..

    1. Sarah Brown says:

      Lol ….go figure…….all fools day

  27. cms827 says:

    Now a Glen Burnie man says he has the winning ticket!! 43 year old bachelor LOL this is getting interesting……

  28. Sarah Brown says:

    I do not think in this day and age anyone would be stupid enough to be in a pool and do not have a copy of all their tickets. The lady is claiming that she went back to the office and everybody have copies of the pool tickets. Then she bought a ticket on her own. If this is so the “Hell No” nobody deserves a part of that money. If i am every in a pool nobody can tell me that i cannot also buy tickets on my own. Thats utterly garbage…….If your story is true you do not need to share your money.It is all yours.

    Anyway Sunday was April’s fool one never knows.

  29. Sarah Brown says:

    How are they entittled to it…..She said the ticket was not a part of the pool……….are you saying she is not allowed to purchase a ticket on her own?
    If her co-workers are stupid enough not to have a copy of the ticket then they do not deserve a part of the money. However i do think they actually know that the ticket is not a part of the pool thats why we have not heard much from them.

  30. Support and help for bed wetting says:

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  31. LEE M says:

    She has to feed her babies. Who in the heck has 7 kids and no father. Oh wait, this is Baltimore. I am sure she is “trustworthy” since her lifestyle is just so full all the right “choices”.

  32. ROSIE says:


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