Mega Bizarre News Conference Held For Alleged Mega Millions Winner; Lawyer Hasn’t Seen Ticket

BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Is it a Mega bust? A single mom from Maryland has become an international star thanks to claims she won the Mega Millions jackpot. But now she’s sick of the attention.

Mike Hellgren has the latest on whether this is all a hoax.

The owner of the McDonald’s where the alleged winner worked says there is no evidence to support the woman’s claims that she hid the winning ticket somewhere inside the restaurant. And so far no one has come forward to claim the big prize.

The woman who claims she’s Maryland’s Mega Millions winner called a news conference that turned mega bizarre.  She wouldn’t talk, and her lawyer said he doesn’t know if she’s the winner.

“I cannot say with any certainty that this ticket exists,” said Edward Smith Jr., attorney.

But the day before, Mirlande Wilson–a single mom of seven–told WJZ the whole family was overjoyed about the prize.

Hellgren: “You told your kids. Are they excited?”

Wilson: “They’re excited because it’s a different life for me.”

“I don’t think she wants to see 15 minutes of fame. I think what she wants to do is raise her children, love ’em  and go on about her business,” Smith said. “Somebody else started this ball down the hill, not Ms. Wilson.”

Now a new rumor is swirling that a man from Glen Burnie is the big winner. His mom bragged about it to a TV station in Mississippi where she lives.

Lottery officials say it’s time for a reality check, pointing out no one has come forward.

“A lot of strange claims were being made. We know there was no shortage of  Photoshop lottery tickets on Facebook and Twitter,” said Stephen Martino, director of the Maryland Lottery.

Whether Wilson is the mega winner or not, she now wishes she never told anyone anything.

“She still wants to go back to her life and be anonymous,” Smith said. “Let’s be human about this. Come on. It’s just money, people.”

Oh, and what’s she paying her new lawyer?

“I can’t tell you that,” Smith said. “My God, they might as well come down here and get my license right now.”

Lottery officials will be holding a news conference Thursday afternoon to discuss all the rumors. WJZ will bring you any new developments.

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  • Cathy

    I just read that a man named Michael Dronet won the Mega Millions!!! I hope he shows up and claims the ticket at the press conference. I think this woman is Crazy. Michael Donet if you read this,I sure could use some cash before you take off to Florida hehehe….

    • Millionaire babydaddy

      Why would you leave the most valuable piece of paper in America in the busiest, highest traffic, highest volume restaurant on earth? She’s an idiot. When I read the title of the news story….I figured that she was a single reproducer looking for a) quick cash or b) notoriety so she could get paid for interviews because she is off her rocker (or on her rock).
      Too many nutcases out there.

      • Lance

        The word you were looking for is ‘Welfare Broodmare’.

    • ctyankee1957

      Don’t you see where this is going? The real winner must have found the ticket at Mc Donalds and I am going to sue to get what’s rightfully mine!!! Great scam if it works out for her

    • GM

      I hope that he won and comes forward or that someone else, but that nut woman, won. She acts either mentally challenged or on drugs. If no one paid attention to her crazy self, she would just fade away with her 7 kids with 7 different fathers.

  • Cathy
    • John

      This is false too because the lottery office said the ticket was a quick pick.

      • JC

        What does it being a Quick Pick have to do with the story? There was no mention of whether it was a QP or she chose the #s. And why hasn’t any one asked her why she just doesn’t go to the MD and get the damn ticket? Gees.

      • MegaLawsuits

        This is another completely orchestrated story by the Gestapo. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search Palins Dirty Little Secret and learn what the media can no longer report on, the truth.


      • Jennifer

        I have read the story several times and it only states that he bought 23 dollars worth of tickest in which he bought, one ticket at the 7 11 store it doesn’t state anything about him picking his own numbers or using quick pick. So you can’t really state that this story is false.

      • Cathy

        Good Point John!!!

      • kmrod

        “search Palins Dirty Little Secret”

        I challenge people to google “search Palins Dirty Little Secret” and read what this nutjob posts

      • Mike

        The story said he got his numbers from a fortune cookie; therefore, the ticket was NOT a quick pick. Story is BOGUS…

      • Brian

        O M G…

        You *MUST* SEARCH the “Palins Dirtly Little Secret” link from this lunatic above. I swear you will laugh your butt off.

        This guy is a class-A LUNATIC who needs to be incarcerated.

        Seriously, I know we’re all supposed to be here for the trashy woman claiming to own the winning MegaMillions ticket but search “Palins Dirty Little Secret” instead.

        Does anyone believe she hid a ticket worth that much in a McDonalds? If so, you’re also crazy. A lottery ticket is a BEARER INSTRUMENT meaning whomever shows up with it is the winner (unless you’ve signed the back). If this fool hid her ticket in a McDonalds full of employees ticked off that she won’t share, they’d rip that place to the ground looking for the ticket. I know I would. And if I found it, I’d share it with my co-workers and cut her out.

    • Dori
  • Ruzz

    “One of the worst things that could happen is for someone to erroneously believe that the winning ticket’s been claimed only to have the actual holder of the ticket be confused and maybe throw away the ticket,” said Stephen Martino, director of the Maryland Lottery.

    Or, to put it another way, it would be very bad if the people’s Republic of Maryland did not collect their $150M in taxes…

    • StrongDreams

      If the money is not claimed after 1 year, the prize goes back into the pool and will eventually get awarded to someone else.

    • Cathy

      The real winner is probably sitting back LOL at this woman…See the link above. I believe Michael Dronet is the real winner.

      • Palford

        I don’t think he is

      • Don

        Not if he is sticking to his story of getting the numbers from a fotune cookie.
        lottery office says the winning ticket was a “quick pick.”

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  • RightOn

    This lady is mentally not in her right frame of mind. Someone needs to turn her into a mental hospital and allow her to sit home and collect SSI because she shouldnt be fixing anybodies food with a brain like that, LOL!

    • colliemom

      I’m hoping the feds/state look into her situation; is she in the US legally (described as Hatian)? Is she collecting welfare for the kids (and is she admitting to her McDonald’s earnings)? Is she mentally stable enough to be providing a safe living situation for the 7 children? Something isn’t right here; probably many things aren’t right! Hope for the children’s sake someone with child services is looking at the situation.

    • Uncle Mike

      Single mother of seven kids? That alone would make you crazy.

      • welfare queen

        Don’t laugh, you are paying for them

      • onlyinamerica

        It is not funny. WE are paying for this…

    • freecheese

      I think she’s off her rocker, and is enjoying the media attention.
      Do the math: Seven chirllins’ and 37-years-old. Who are the daddy’s — just out of curiousity.

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  • Amirah

    The winning ticket from the 7-11 sotre was a random lotto. Michael’s mother states that he got the numbers from a fortune cookie. If that is so than Michael is not the winner.

    • Sezmane

      u could be on that tv show genius Amirah the genius!

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  • Tom

    I wonder if I can get hired at that McDonalds. If so, I would clean up every part of that restaurant and find that ticket, which is a bearer instrument.

    • jedi knight ivyan

      That was my thought. The McDs will get its most thorough cleaning ever. Or, it might get mobbed and torn apart.

  • cms827

    She is a liar!!! Period!!!

    • spaceman

      This is the type of person that believes in redistribution of wealth, as long as it’s someone else’s.

    • Jerky Miester

      Don’t be sayin that, cms! Al and Jesse will be comin down on you and calling you a racist, bigoted cracka!

  • RH

    I bet the employees at the golden arches in Millford Mill are looking for that ticket. How stupid is this woman? I mean if it was a ticket I purchased, I would have had it in my possession and if it was a pool, my co workers would have a copy of the tickets purchased. If I or the pool won, I would have put it in a safe deposit box at my bank, If it was the pool, I would contact my co workers and tell them the above and we would be renting a van or a bus to lottery headquarter to collect. I think McDonald will name a new burger, called the Mega McRat burger named after this troll.

    • Marriage

      and it will sell for $5.00 – then she will claim that she has rights to royalty for it being named after her since she created the spotlight.

  • T-Bone

    Dat ho bin smok’in too much crack!

  • Scott Martin

    She is just trying to get them to tear the store apart….



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  • skylordric

    Is that McDonald’s still standing? If that place gets leveled by a mob of treasure hunters, she’s in for a HUGE lawsuit!

    • maryJo

      yeah, like what are they gonna sue for – one of her 7 chillllren?

  • Ratz

    I did not think that you could claim a lottery winning if you were not a U.S. Citizen. Is that fair?

    • bob from account temps

      the lottery will pay anyone that signs the ticket and presents ID. illegals pay top tax rate to state and feds.

  • Jeff

    Great, now everyone knows where it is, that was smart

  • Idiotmitten

    HTH does she afford a lawyer?

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  • yousefthe giant

    First thing this thing needs to di is close her legs. Seven welfare babies? That is a scam in itself.

  • LEE M

    She is trying to feed her seven babies.

  • 1uniquemonique

    She’s doing all of this for publicity. She never had a winning ticket. I have to question the lawyer’s motive. Why would he/she represent her, if he has never seen the ticket. This beyotch is a “nut.” She should be arrested for being stupid!!!

  • Oh_to_be_Rich_someday

    1. we did a pool – make a copy of all the tickets – gave everyone a copy of the tickets
    2. Had spouse buy personnel ones and keep them seperate from pool ones.
    3. We won – 18$ – divided it between 11 people….
    4. No one complained – – – -now if we had won
    5. We all would have called in sick to work the next duty day – and driven together to Springfield to collect our money…..

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