BALTIMORE (WJZ)—More shopping downtown. Four big name retailers are slated to open this year in Harbor East, giving shoppers more reason to stay in the city.

Andrea Fujii tells us what’s coming in.

Both customers and employees at South Moon Under in Harbor East look forward to more retail stores in the area.

“It’ll make Harbor East a more destination shopping area, and I think it’ll bring more foot traffic into our store which is great,” said Kate Duvall, store manager.

This summer Anthropologie, J.Crew, MAC Cosmetics and Lululemon Athletica are slated to open.

Anthropologie will open at the bottom of the Four Seasons. J. Crew is in the Legg Mason tower. MAC will be at the corner of Exeter and Aliceanna streets and Lululemon is near the Harbor East roundabout.

“The more stores, the less you gotta drive to the mall,” said Kenny Purnell, downtown shopper.

And that’s exactly what the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore is hoping.

“This is going to appeal to residents who continue to move in. But not just the residents, employees and tourists,” said Kirby Fowler, Downtown Partnership of Baltimore.

Fowler says downtown is the fastest growing neighborhood in the city.

Last year alone 11 major retailers and restaurants opened in downtown including H&M at the Inner Harbor.

According to the Downtown Partnership less than six percent of retail space was vacant last year–compared to the Baltimore metro area at 6.6 percent. It’s significantly lower than the national average at close to 10 percent.

As major retailers discover Baltimore, “I see a lot of potential here at Harbor East,” said one customer.

Retail sales downtown totaled $928 million last year and experts expect that number to only go up for 2012.

Several unnamed big restaurants, local boutiques and condominiums are also expected to open this summer in Harbor East.

Comments (7)
  1. wise up Md says:

    just don’t let Harbor East turn into Towsontowne at night



  3. queen says:

    A must on the wrecking list when the black flash mobs gear up this summer.

  4. The Working Man says:

    Queen, I agree that the mahogany mobs will keep people away. Besides, I’m frugal, I care not an ounce about shopping nor does shopping have an effect on where and how I live.

  5. picomanning says:

    The economy is sinking and will continue to sink under the weight of unbearable debt. Inidividuals who have figured out the high level of danger to our economy, and understand what is undermining it, should now be making plans to get out of town. Move to a mre rural area where gangs of thugs will be very scarce.
    Redistribution of wealth programs will be strained to the ripping point as the economy continues to weaken. Inner city life will reach an unbearable tipping point. Do NOT wait for that to happen. Then, you may find yourselves trapped. This all reminds me of how Jews living in Germany in the 1930’s rationalized that they could not afford to leave their businesses and friends in spite of the evidence that Hitler as a ruthless jack booted killer who hated jews. He pretty much said so in Mein Kamph. Now TOO MANY inner city blacks act as Hitler did. Sadly the media will not give much air time to the heroic efforts of Conservative Blacks, Without their voices the inner cities are pretty much doomed.
    Those who can afford to, black or white, who would be the first to panic at this clear and present danger should be making their plans to leave all inner cities. many will leave and time will work against you if you stay. Then, increasingly those who remain will sense the growing beat of coming disaster. Save your lives.

  6. Candy says:

    What amazes me about the comments on this and other boards is the rampant racism and how when a white criminal does something to anyone of any race these people posting negative comments about blacks have nothing to say about the savages within their own race. Nice to have proof so many of you feel the same about us as your grandparents did 40 years ago. And you wonder why so young black youths like to cause choas in your life. They know how you feel about them too.

  7. Manda says:

    Wow, I must be so naive. I assume that racist are the minority but I guess every other person I hold the door for or exchange pleasantries with in the grocery store could be thinking, “I don’t need you to hold my door n-word” or “why is this nappy headed black woman talking to me”. It’s sad.

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