Crowd Beats, Strips & Robs Tourist On St. Patrick’s Day; Incident Caught On Camera

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Caught on camera– a tourist being beaten in downtown Baltimore, and instead of helping him, a crowd laughs and steals his belongings.

Mike Hellgren has the video and the investigation.

Police hope this video will get the attackers off the streets.

The video shows a man being punched in the face in downtown Baltimore. You can hear his head hit the pavement near the entrance to Courthouse East.

Instead of helping, people laugh.

Then, the crowd strips him naked and takes his car keys, watch, money and iPhone.

It happened St. Patrick’s Day. Police say the victim was out partying and woke up the next day at his hotel, cut and bruised with no idea why.

“He had every right to leave wherever he was and get back to where he needed to be safely. Their behavior was just criminal,” Det. Nicole Monroe of the Baltimore City Police Department said.

“Not only was he relieved of his property after he was assaulted, but there were a lot of other things done to him that are disturbing to look at, and we want to bring these people to justice,” Monroe said.

Those who’ve seen the video are outraged.

“Oh, my God! Where’s the police?” Antonio Richardson of Baltimore said after seeing the video. “It gives us a bad name, Baltimore. And people don’t want to, you know, trust us to come down here.”

“It’s surprising, but it’s dangerous,” another person said.

“It’s awful, obviously. You just have to be really careful on those days. You can’t just be wandering around the streets,” Diego Tapia said.

Police say they’ve gotten leads but made no arrests.

“The public is going to be helpful in this case, and they have been helpful thus far,” Monroe said.

Those who filmed it for fun and posted it for the world to see unwittingly provided cops and prosecutors with the key evidence in this vicious attack.

The victim didn’t even know that such a video existed until a relative watched it online and told him.

After the attack, people bragged about it on camera. Tens of thousands of people have seen the video online.

More from Mike Hellgren

One Comment

  1. Freedm Summer says:

    MLK is turning over in his grave. These cowardly gangs are not the result of his life’s devotion. It is the result of the Jessee Jackson’s of the world corrupting MLK’s message of peace & equality to one of entitlement & confrontation.

    1. Buttchop says:

      There’s no reason to believe that MLK, had he lived, would be any different from the rest of the race baiiters today. Just look at Oprah, when the rubber hits the road, she’s just as big a hater as any of them.

      1. Derek says:

        MLK was a man of God and did his work. I whole-heartedly believe that had Martin Luther King lived to this day he wouldn’t be fighting whites anymore but rather confronting those of his own race that preach hate and entitlement. MLK was always a man that wanted equality and for men to be judged on their character not the color of thier skin. He would stand for what the truth and what is right. It looks like the dreams of Malcolm X are becoming more true today than that of MLK.

      2. Jacobite says:

        Somebody send a copy of this video to John Derbyshire, so he can give a multi-media version of “The Talk” next time.

    2. Septimus says:

      Their behavior is the result of their being raised by The State! End welfare and make these creeps get jobs. Then they won’t have time to be thugs.

      1. Matt says:

        you just saw their jobs. This quote is from an article called “It’s all about race now” “Perhaps because black males between 16 and 36, though only 2 to 3 percent of the population, are responsible for a third of all our crimes.”

    3. Fairness says:

      Actually MLK was not as peace loving as LIberal media like NBC-TV/MSNBC and CNN portray him.

      MLK played some good cop bad cop with the authorities. There was a vicious mob of Blacks that MLK controlled that he threatened the authorities with if they did not play ball with him.

      MLK would basically tell the authorities that if he didn’t get what he wanted……”It would be a long hot summer in the city”. wink wink 😉 😉

      The problem is white people have to start speaking out more and demand that the Left-wing supremacists in the TV media like NBC-TV/MSNBC stop always putting blacks on a pedestal now just because bad things happened to them over a hundred years ago with slavery.

      These Left-wing TV media idiots will probably never change so you’re better off just boycotting/shutting of this TV media and listen to other media like radio or internet instead that you think is more fairminded about race.

    4. alnga says:

      This is the type of behavior advocated by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton et al. This nonsense will go on until the voices of unreason are silenced.

    5. bikertrash says:

      So where are Sharpton ,Jackson,Farrakhan and Obama on this one,or is it that they can’t find any political capital in exploiting this story because maybe it wasn’t the “right perps or victims for their agenda.

    6. Ron Burgundy says:

      Didn’t even need to see the video to know the color of the victim and the attackers. Blacks are savages, and act like chimpanzees attacking in packs and no mercy when the person is unconscious. All back to the jungle to savage each other.

      1. leterrip says:

        I had the same reaction when I read the headline. There was no doubt this victim was white and the black psychopaths were as merciless as usual. Come on, Jesse and dull ton let us partake of your social wisdom.

    7. NY9Solyndra says:

      The perps look like Sons of Obama.

    8. Greg says:

      Gee, am I surprise…a bunch of blacks attacking a white. Nope, so racism there, no hate crime…just a few of Jesse’s boys in a chimp out.

      C’mon boys, let’s see your bravery in a concealed carry state.

    9. SpeakOpenHonest says:

      After seeing this video this morning, and realizing that the media is ignoring it and focusing in Trevon Martin, makes me want to say “Shoot him again and he will stop rolling over!”

      Im sick of it!!

    10. jack says:

      The new detroit

    11. Guest says:

      /Gosh Where’s the FBI hate crime squad?

  2. Annee says:

    Thanks to Matt Drudge for, once again, informing the public of news that the liberal media covers-up!

    1. Jones says:

      Took him long enough though!!!!!! I saw this on dailykenn over a week ago…

      1. rbblum says:

        Was beinning to think that the Drudge Report was so very alone in the alternative, aggregate news services. THANKS very much for mentioning Daily Kenn in order to broaden the knowledge base of alternative news services.


    2. Jones says:

      True Annee, it’s about time I said it too – Thank you Matt Drudge.

      1. Corey says:

        Yes thanks matt drudge for inciting these racist ass crackers to go on here and blow up every message board with Obama hate messages and kill N****rs comments.

        So what because this one white guy gets punched it makes it okay for Zimmerman to kill Trayvon? And are they not calling for the arrest of these assailants? Meanwhile George Zimmerman sits on his ass and gets a license to kill

        And im sure no white guy ever got knocked out by a black guy when Bush was President, blame it all on the democrats.

        You say you dont want a socialist state yet you appear to blame the government for not controlling the actions of every single person in the country…which in turn would be Socialism.

      2. Cara C says:

        Yes, thank you, Matt Drudge.

        The national mainstream media COVERS UP black on white crime because it doesn’t fit their distorted leftist narrative that whites are evil racists and blacks are noble, oppressed victims. It magnifies white on black crime, even to the point where they’re now calling a Hispanic man white to try to fit their template. The reality is that black on white crime is many times more common than white on black crime, and black on black crime is worse than that.

        What we need from our media is an honest representation of the facts, not distortions and propaganda. You can’t begin to fix problems that you won’t even acknowledge.

      3. Mark Grund says:

        @Corey It is very telling that your racial term for white people is spelled out and used by yourself while having to throw a couple of asterisks (stars for you) in your spelling of ni99er to get it past the censors. Go f**k yourself.

      4. midasrex says:

        Corey, I know it’s tough, but try to quit being such a f#$%ing idiot.

  3. NVRAT says:

    Where is Jackson and Sharpton??? this man needs help and the city needs to be ramped up for racial pandering. Comon you two old hypocrites get up here and help. No Justice No Peace, right Jesee and Al ???

    1. Sherry says:

      I am African-American. Believe me you will not find African-Americans fighting for the injustice and downright psychopathic behavior of African-Americans who display this type of behavior over and over again. My daughter was physically assaulted by an African-American and some of the people you see on TV advocated the physical assault against my 14-year-old child. Hypocrites come in all shapes and sizes.

      1. joe says:

        what part of africa are you from?

      2. Bob Cook says:

        Thank you for speaking up.

  4. ed says:

    If you like this kind of stuff- going on–just keep on voting democrat

  5. Tai Pan says:

    This is not news. Nothing will come of it. Now if this was a bunch of White Guys hitting a black guy (3% chance) then it would be news, call for hearings, the race pimps would be out in force, etc., etc.. I have to admit my attitude is getting a lot worse. i have no time anymore for all of this politically correct nonsense and race pimps. In my state we have concealed carry and I always carry. It’s loaded and ready. Period. It’s just that simple.

    1. Jack says:


    2. Ash says:

      Thumbs up!

    3. Mike says:

      Blacks are violent people. I stay away from them as much as possible.

      1. Silvermoney says:

        Boycott them, Do not hire them.

      2. Tim. says:

        Sad to say, you are correct. I have watched a Black Father beat his daughter real hard with a belt and she had not reached her 4th Birthday. Seen him at church for the past 20 years. I’l be leaving the U.S soon, before it implodes. Good luck to all of the Liberals who voted for this Anti-American Puppet. “Oh yes we can!”

      3. Bruce says:

        That is just not true. I have several friends who also are “black” and they are compassionate, loving, family oriented folks that you would enjoy being around.. The violence has to do with non racial issues like values, morality, spirituality, involved parents. It doesn’t matter what the the race is, when those things aren’t in place the kids tend to go bad.

  6. Joselito says:

    Where’s Sharpton and Jackson? Oh, that’s right…this is a black on white crime, they’re not interested. And if any arrests are made, Perry will claim racial profiling.

  7. Fredrick39 says:

    Why we need to put the Blacks on a reservation where they can attack each others and make the rest of safe.

    1. Dave49 says:

      We are, its called Detroit.

    2. Silvermoney says:

      By reservation do you mean zoo?

  8. Amanda G. says:

    Ignorant obama voters.

    1. FusterCluck says:

      I’m pretty sure that none of these neanderthals are registered voters. Though that is not to say that Acorn didn’t sign them up and vote for them…

      1. sam8131 says:

        they still vote, probably multiple times.

      2. Mark in ATL says:

        Neanderthal’s were white,and they had more commen sence not to attack the provider of their food.

      3. Keith says:

        I am certain they are on the Welfare wagon helping spread the wealth around a little!

  9. Annee says:

    The election of Obama has caused race relations to dramatically deteriorate…where are the reporters asking WHY? WHY is beating up whitey now considered a sport and not a crime?

  10. Joe E in the IE says:

    Pour enough booze and crack into Obama’s “sons,” and . . .

  11. Server says:

    Well, it didn’t take long for CBS to delete Dr. Manning…. no surprise there. They’ll ban me next: Google Dr. Manning…find truth. Censorship THRIVES on the LSM.

    1. Mike says:

      Leftwing ideas/views can only dominate others within closed systems.

      Because of the internet, the Left has lost control.

      Thank you for the Dr Manning post.

      1. rbblum says:

        Dr Manning is one heck of an inspirational individual . . . .And an excellent source to present to others in the various self-proclaimed disadvantaged communities in order to challenge their communities’ addiction to government programs while under the spell of an inferiority complex.

  12. Everett Mann says:

    Lock your car doors, do not approach, do not give money, don’t give a light or bum a cigarette or listen to b.s. about tough economic times. Armed criminal thugs of any race should be dealt with like feral pigs and stacked up like cord wood for public display. As for concealed carry in Maryland…you’ll just have to defend yourself and your rights at a moment-by-moment basis. There are cops who should get the Nuremburg treatment for enforcing laws they know are unconstitutional. Unfortunately, they must be dealt with too. And in all instances, remember that dead men don’t sue.

    1. whitefools says:

      Wag The Dog- I just finished Ilena Mercer’s “into the Cannibal’s Pit”. A true horror story of the black sub-humans running a Nation. Anne Paton is the widow of Alan Paton:The author of “Cry the beloved Country”. I ran across her on a blog. She was run out of South Africa by the black violence. She had been car-jacked and Assaulted in her own gated home,and almost killed on other days.The good news is that the blacks will kill each other off after all whites are gone. Only a toxic waste dump will remain. Pay Moslems to move into black areas and then tell them the blacks are insulting Allah and their Prophet. Then get the popcorn and beer and enjoy watching them kill each other.

    2. whitefools says:

      Seven days in May.Read it.

    3. richard says:

      BRAVO….well said.

    4. boheb says:

      I concur. Name the date. I am ready and so is my ammo.

    5. Mark in ATL says:

      Use the same common sense as when driving through one of those zoos that you take your car through and you should be okay.

      1. Sal T says:

        I always carry bananas at all times. When approached by wild primates, I simply toss a few bananas at them and run for my life as they go after the food.

  13. jbrock says:

    Is this a hate crime? Just saying!

    1. Jeff Potts says:

      Hate crime is a ridiculous distinction. Crime is inextricably woven with hate. Manson killing numerous people. Was that a crime of love? Just another inept attempt at legislation to stop the crime epidemic.

  14. kelly says:

    If I had a son ….he would have looked like the victim.

  15. Annee says:

    I am waiting for your wonderful insight on this racial crime, Mr. President…I’m waiting…Mr. President? I can’t hear you, Mr. President? Are you there? Oops – I forgot, it’s Saturday and I am sorry to interrupt your golf game.

    1. Stan says:

      Please, Annee… today is a BASKETBALL day, tomorrow is golf.

      1. Annee says:

        Stan – oops, I got the wrong sport…wrong day…so sorry!

  16. y0y says:

    Dont you love how Zimmerman is instantly branded a racist and declared as being white (which is funny bc he is mixed) when the facts at best are murky. The media doesnt hesitate to play the WHITE ON BLACK bs. Yet everytime there is a black on white racist attack like this one the media always plays down or outright ignores the colors of the attackers and victims. Racism is alive and well, just a shame its against whites. Then people wonder why the likes of Trayvon get shot. Whites cant get justice. Blacks want to be animals. Well, when know one will do something about the animal threatening you and your family, you put that animal down yourself. Caucasians, buy guns and defend yourself. If this guy put a bullet in the first animals head wanna bet he would not have been humiliated or robbed?
    Oh and before you idiots start, I have no issue with blacks. I have an issue with animals. Sadly many blacks act like animals. Not all but many but in the end animals like this of any color deserve to be put down, period.

    1. Silvermoney says:

      If Zimmerman walks, I would no doubt think he would sue rev jessica, fat mouth al. the new pink panthers, naacp and dull spike lee, to name a few. Hopefully he will come out of this financially secure.

  17. Rick says:

    White people should be marching to city hall and demanding arrests. In fact, white hoodies marching to the city hall. If you don’t have a white hoodie, wear a white sheet.
    The time is coming where America will be tamed once again and it isn’t going to be pretty.

    1. Mark in ATL says:

      Sorry, but white’s have to go to work to support the animals and the politicians know this. We are too busy paying the bill to complain.

  18. Ricardoh says:

    The sad thing is if he had been armed and shot these thugs he would have been Zimmermaned.

  19. snappercat says:

    Guess the president and his minions are choosing to ignore this.

    1. RoccoP says:

      He doesn’t want to UPSET HIS BASE!

  20. HopAlongBob says:

    The race war has begun. Get out of the cities if you are white, because they’re going to burn this summer.

    1. Big Bear says:

      I’ve posted this many times…

      Glad. I. Live. In. Idaho.

    2. k says:

      the race war began decades ago… only now are people waking up to the reality… but it is too late for many…


      Not on my watch. I have enough firepower to defend the entire city.

      1. Stan says:

        And yet only one trigger finger, Rambo.

    4. Nate Higgers says:

      Get out? No…we need to TAKE BACK the cities! They busted our blocks, now it’s time to bust some of theirs.

  21. amplitude jones says:

    Africans will never be happy here. We should send them to africa, and after a few years,when they are begging to return, when they are blessing their ancestors for having been slaves so they could be born Americans,we can tell them- OK for only three hundred million, come back- the diamond mines are that way.

    1. Stoat says:

      Many blacks did return to Africa during the 1960’s and they were greeted primarily with hostility. In africa it’s all about tribal identity not skin color and militant American blacks had no clue at all.
      Most returned to America, completely confused.

      1. Kim Bailey says:

        Gas Chambers to them animals!

    2. CallingthePotwhatitis says:

      US blacks to Africa and in return we take all the white from Africa. Great trade. I’d give all my life’s savings for this to be so.

  22. Stan says:

    just wanted to give a shout out to the CENSORS on this site that remove the comments with which they disagree. Way to be “fair” and “Impartial” you low-life, lying doosh bags!

  23. mikesvoice says:

    Maryland, wants to sell their “Landmark Locations” because they have mismanaged their financial house (think DemocRATs), can’t afford to protect the public because they would prefer to provide free college educations to illegal aliens, (think DemocRATs)….this is the result of extremely poor management State wide by a DemocRAT controlled State as well as Maryland’s major cities. Vote out the DemocRATs and Maryland may have a chance to survive!

  24. Andy Helms says:

    I am so tired of Black people acting like animals. Every time I see or hear about something like this it’s them. This is why i carry a gun.

    1. Stan says:

      I have a CCW permit but am smart enough to avoid places like this where the black attack machine lives. If you walk into this jungle with a gun then you deserve the mess you will be in. Keep your cracker butt and your money out of there and leave them to kill each other off.

      1. dave says:

        Stan, they are invading the white burbs with their homie friends so fuc you Nig.

      2. Stan says:

        dave- I’m a 100% honkey cracker like you, moron.

      3. Mark in ATL says:

        Stan, quit using Cracker and Honkey. I am tired of these words going unfiilterd through these comment boards. It is time we start standing up for OUR rights not to be called Racist names.

  25. sueln says:

    Where is Fox News to cover a this stoy???

  26. JSmith says:

    Uncivilized savages.

  27. mindovermatter says:

    Typical groid behavior.

  28. Norbert G. Ginsel says:

    Hmmmm, like packs of animals. I guess some people are possessed of feral minds.

    1. dave says:

      Yeah Norbert as you speak from the safety of your gated community or on the computer.

      1. Annee says:

        Apparently, gated communities are no longer safe, either.

    2. Mark in ATL says:

      I have feral cats in my neighborhood, I will give them food and water much like the govt does for the blacks, yet they do not attack me, try to rape me, break into my house if they aren’t fed when asked. Instead they actually show respect and rub against my leg in appreciation. How sad is it the feral cats are more civilized than the mobs of black people asking for the same from our govt? Very telling that animals are smarter than the avg. black youth.

  29. Andy Helms says:

    I think the rising black population is reaching a tipping point. It was ok when they were restricted to the ghetto but now they are spilling over. Whether it’s the shooting at south beach urban weekend or attacking whites at fairs and upscale shopping districts in downtown areas it is the same: They are animals. People have been brainwashed to think they are not but now we are being tracked by them in “polite society”.

    1. CallingthePotwhatitis says:

      This is why honesty is so crucial. America’s culture has been trying to put lipstick on this giant pig for a long time, but lets face it, blacks, as a group, are incapable of living in a high functioning society.

      There are good individual blacks, no doubt. But as a group, no evidence, THROUGHOUT HISTORY that they are able to function in other than a perpetually violent setting.

  30. Tobias says:

    Leave Baltimore to the blacks its been a jungle for years now. Leave Maryland to the liberals and guilty white people who feel so bad about something that happened 200 yrs ago. If you don’t work you don’t deserve jack shi t.

  31. JC Dunn says:

    This is a hate crime and all those involved should be jailed for life.

  32. Dave says:

    I will never visit Baltimore again. Visited the inner harbor area and on the way out of the city some animal thugs threw a piece of cinder block at my side car window where my wife had just laid her head against to sleep on the ride home. Thank God it did not break but the animals laughed because she jumped in fear. Disgusting people in Baltimore. I warn all my friends that it is not worth visiting.

  33. XonXoff says:

    Two words: hate crime.

    Two more words: full-auto.

  34. Ken Puck says:

    Any white person abroad after dark in any inner city in America has a death wish.

    1. CallingthePotwhatitis says:

      Yep. Free bus tickets for white libs to inner cities then. Nice way to resolve that issue.

  35. dave says:

    I hope that coon mayor reads this blog, that is if she can read at all.

  36. democRAT says:

    Remenber Cowboys & Indians

  37. Tim says:

    So this is the kind of behavior Al Sharpton and the black panthers condone, the president winks at occupiers .
    But my question is won’t this just put more blacks in jail?

    Who really wins?
    Al , Jessie and Black Panthers your sick, very sick.

  38. Uncle Willie says:

    Hey don’t blame them. they’ve only come half way down Darwins road. Talk about a great culture. no one will ever call it a civilization. Never was and never will be. Look at the Fire arm companies… their stocks are flying. The day is coming… looks like it’s time to cull the herd…

  39. MrSauer says:

    Too bad the thugs didn’t get Trayon’d

  40. MrSauer says:

    Any notice a few of the thugs looked a lot like Obama’s son?

  41. Granny Grunch says:

    This is why those wannabe politicians in Florida want to do away with the Stand Your ground law. Do you see what Race is Florida Those People have a pretty good chance of getting capped and The Bros don’t want to see their constituency removed from the voting bloc.

  42. P-Rick says:

    Shouldn’t the headline read White man racially profiled by Black gang? How come there haven’t been any arrests? Where is the justist?

    1. Mark in ATL says:

      Where is our speaker, our race baiter, our living off of black guilt person? Oh yeah, we don’t have one…so expect NO outrage, real or fanned by the media and our President. Too bad Obama, this was probably one of your voters. Oh well, I am sure he will vote for you again as liberals are too consumed with guilt or ignorance. I am of course assuming he is liberal due to the fact he didn’t run when the zoo came to him…

  43. JTTRI says:

    The American kneegrow is a very violent animal and should be approached with caution..

  44. Strudwick Wickerwire says:

    Folks, this is just a taste of what’s coming this summer!!! The election will be a catalyst of encouragement, sanctioning total chaos Nation wide!!! Yep, Occu-commie Omugabe has certainly brought the country together, NOT!!!

    1. CallingthePotwhatitis says:

      bout time.

    2. Mr. Please says:

      Cities will Burn. Savages.

  45. tex a. monyana says:

    N words running wilder (can’t call a spade a spade). If whites are afraid to take appropriate action we wiill lose the war of the jungle that Obama is so arrogantly creating!

  46. MDWhite says:

    Coward thug punks. I wonder if Obama will give each of them a conciliatory telephone call and apologize for them being ‘poor’ and ‘under privileged’.

    Or maybe he’ll organize them and get them to join a union.

  47. wondering says:

    I haven’t seen the video yet – reluctant to watch violence against innocent people. Does anyone know what race the attackers are?

    1. Da Big Red Haole says:

      When they don’t mention the race then you know it’s black attackers on innocent white.

    2. democRAT says:

      I wouldn’t ask NBC.

  48. NOBAMA 2012 says:

    The color of the “Detective” tells you everything you need to know to understand why it is the “Police” have not arrested the assilants. Holder approves and is proud of his people!

  49. dave says:

    Celebrate Diversity!

  50. Minh says:

    Look like hate crime to me. Where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Where is Congressional Black Caucus on this? It’s even worse that the article not even mention that the victim was a white man getting beat up by a mob of black people. Pathetic reporting.

  51. Frank says:

    Then you wonder why people are afraid of young African americian men.

  52. glitchus says:

    I was in Baltimore about ten years ago. It’s essentially a rather squalid concrete down-town adrift in a sea of slums. I’ve seen nicer places in third world countries. This is sadly the result of democrat politicians and policies.

    1. Mike says:

      Democrats also run Seattle, and there aren’t slums there.

      The problem is African in nature.

  53. Minh says:

    By the way, if Obama had a son, he would look like one of those thugs.

  54. paul232 says:

    Nobody else noticing him walking aggressivley towards the guy who punched him his fists balled up? I say self defense, unless the guy had stolen something from him.

    PS Im white.

    1. gdude says:

      That may be, but you don’t know if he was provoked before the film starts. Need a court to ferret that out at this point. What is a clear outrage here is stripping and robbing him. That’s not self-defense.

    2. CallingthePotwhatitis says:

      Paul232, you’re not white, you’re a puzzy. Loser boy.

    3. Michael says:

      You mean how he was going after that guy who was trying to steal something out of his pocket? YEAH, I DID NOTICE THAT.

      Pay attention. And PS: your race is irrelevant.

    4. Me says:

      He took the keys to the mans Audi out of his pocket.

  55. dave says:

    typical gehtto.

  56. Dave Burns says:

    Conservatives have been very confused by liberal propaganda for many years now…..basically what conservatives have been fooled into is to allow the liberals to define the concept called racism.

    In this case in Baltimore as in most cases like this that are happening now across the nation…it is not racism that is the motivation.

    The real motivation is Black Hatred of White People….coupled with the black thug mentality and propensity to seek out the defenseless to gang upon and attack.

    The real Definition of Racism per The Oxford English Dictionary(the world authority on the English Langage)is simply the recognition of biological differences in the various races.

    Not enough space here to discuss all this really…bottome line…white people need to study up on the origins of racism and how the liberals and pc press have made up their own defintion of racism to augment liberal, p.c. and black political goals

  57. Paul says:

    After 50 years of civil rights, EOE, welfare, medicaid and affirmative action, these coons have not progressed one bit. This experiment has been a complete and utter failure. The end result….blacks/assets=0, liability=$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$*10

  58. ed357 says:

    This looks like a “HATE CRIME” to me……..





  59. Rob says:

    Long live Zimmerman.

  60. snidely70448 says:

    Where is George Zimmerman when you need him? Oh, that’s right. Maryland doesn’t have the right to keep and bear arms. So thugs can attack others with impunity.

  61. nomoreblackonwhitecrime says:

    yeah more black on white crime but of course it’s white people who are rascists. i got news for you black folk out there, you want a race war, you can have it. we got the money the brains and the guns…you monkeys are going down.

  62. Tony Moschetti says:

    Where the heck were Twana Sharpton, “Hymietown” Jackson, the Black Congressional Clowns, CNN, NBC, ABC, and rhe rest of the corrupt liberal media on this one?

    So how do you like the new “post” racial America under Obama and Holder, with all of its “Hope & Change!!”

    Our country may NEVER be the same again after only four years of this crowd!

  63. robertryan says:

    Why has it taken three weeks to report this?

    1. RoccoP says:

      Exactly….why are we learning about this only NOW?

  64. Just a thought 79 says:

    When are we going to admit in America that these attacks are almost always done by blacks and the majority of victims are whites. It’s sad that in America if you state the truth you are immediately called racist. It’s not racism when it’s truth, when was the last time that you saw a white mob beat a black man and people laugh?

    1. k says:

      “It’s not racism when it’s truth”

      Or more like, racism IS the truth. Equality does not exist in nature, never has and never will. There is nothing inherently wrong with racism.

  65. Nancy where are you says:

    Nancy Pelosi’s brother Thomas D’Alesandro III was mayor of Baltimore from 1967 to 1971. Her
    father Thomas D’Alesandro Jr was mayor from
    1947 to 1959. Nancy, anything to say?N

    1. robertryan says:

      Nah, Nancy (Armani clothes) lives in a sequestered community just outside San Fran. No Nigs there.

  66. Mike says:

    Where are the good reverend Jackson and Sharpton to outcry this racially motivated injustice? Where is the new black panther party with their bounty reward for the perpetrators of this crime?

    Where is our great African American President who will unite the country and bring about world peace?

    I guess it is only a crime when it is against a black in the country.

    I am sure someone will comment he was where he shouldn’t have been. But saint Trayvon was just an innocent young black boy who had every right to be where he was at….

    This country is really beginning to SUCK!!!!!!!!!

  67. Jack says:

    If Obama had a son he’d look just like all of these thugs. Where’s Al, Jesse, Spike Lee, and all of the other race-baiters? I guess black on white crime is ok with these guys.

  68. Advocatus Diaboli says:

    If Obama had a son, he’d look like these perps.

  69. Thomas Pain says:

    These creatures are not human. they are wild ANIMALS. They should all be put down!

  70. robertryan says:

    Why has it taken three weeks to report this incident ? It happened March 17th.

  71. Mike says:

    This world is becoming fertile ground for evil more and more every day. This evil is being hidden through misdirection and deceit so be wary. Open your eyes everyone and look deep. Find the hypocrisy and pay attention and you will realize the reasons for these evil deeds.

    The war between good and evil is coming and it’s getting closer every day. Can you hear it? Will you be strong enough? Will you be prepared?

    1. mindovermatter says:

      Prepared? Yep.

      Just for starters, I ususally select Mister 12 guage with a truckload of buckshot.

  72. The Black Problem says:

    B-more, The ATL and Oaktown. If a city has an Ebonics nickname, it isn’t safe for evolved Caucasians.

  73. Fred Lopez says:

    this is a hate crime
    arrest those obamas

  74. Wilder Naplam says:

    If Obama had a son he’d look just like these thugs…………..

    1. CallingthePotwhatitis says:

      Good one!

  75. tex a. monyana says:

    At least one citizen knows how to handle these situations. Clone a million Zimmermanns. Most white sheep do not have his courage

    1. Bobsu64 says:

      Remember the Alamo?

  76. CallingthePotwhatitis says:

    Blacks need to have a serious sitdown with themselves. Why? It is abundantly clear they lead in:

    sexual irresponsbility
    social disorder
    being uneducated

    There are many good blacks, but are not forceful enough about justice. Black “leaders” only sound off when blacks are victims of whites. White liberals, the most cowardly entity on planet earth, are sllent when whites are victimized. I think whilte liberals actually, deep down, like it when whites are targeted. In a strange, psychotic way, Liberals hate themselves, so they hate whites.

    1. bs detector says:

      Could it be all the fine ROLE MODELS that HOLLYWOOD promotes in TV shows, movies and music for black people?

      How about all those role models for white people?

      Somebody don’t think much of black OR white people.

  77. stonedome says:

    he’s white, why would they help him? this is what the word n1gger describes, uncivilized savages. and you wonder why people describe this type of behavior as a chimpout….i was beaten by one of these gangs in middle school growing up backin the sixties…school did nothing. whitey goes on believing that black folk aren’t racist and violent. imagine if this was done to a black man in a white neighborhood…time to do the job the police are not allowed to do.

  78. ladini says:

    Welcome to “Harm City” folks.
    It’s a One-Party City, and a One-party State,
    w/ a disgraced former-mayor
    and a Guv. who’s eagerly pursuing his “Progressive Agenda” for a
    rumored Prez run someday.
    So everyone else is obliged to just look the other way
    (and blame everything on mid-income, low-pigmentation suburbanites).

  79. S says:

    What has happened to humanity?????

  80. Jane Goodall says:

    yeah, we’re all the same ‘inside’… these animals aren’t human, they’re some sort of ape hybrid.Intelligent enough to be confused and angry at the fact they cannot fight the urges to live-out the inner chimp.

  81. philly says:

    phucking animals… garbage that is produced by garbage.

  82. ladini says:

    Million Zimmerman March, anyone?

    1. Winkycat says:

      Yeah and put a bounty on Tvyron’s family. If Zimmerman has a bounty then the job is not done. The ape Tyrone has a family and they get to live why not hunt them down too.

  83. Don says:

    A great example as to why we keep building more prisons and why they just keep getting filled up with blacks Way to keep the prison business strong, yo!

  84. Lorenzo says:

    Since the victim is white and the perps black, I’m sure the ‘Reverends” Jackson and Sharpton will be leading marches through Baltimore demanding racial justive. Oh wait…I forgot they’re race hustlers who only politicize white on black alleged crime in order to get paid.

  85. stonedome says:

    welcome to obamaville…he’s white, why would they help him? this is what type of black person the word n1gger describes, an uncivilized savage. any wonder why people describe this type of behavior as a chimp out?….i was beaten by one of these gangs in middle school growing up back in the sixties…school did nothing. whitey goes on believing that many younger black folk aren’t racist and violent. imagine if this was done to a black man in a white neighborhood…time to do the job the police are not allowed to do.

  86. Jimbo says:

    I am almost 55 years old and have tried really hard to live my life in a non-prejudicial manner. However, I think the jury has about finished the deliberations. I will still give any individual, regardless of race, a fair shake. But as a culture, black male youths have proven themselves to be animals – over and over again. I am not being PRE-judiced, mind you. Just looking at the evidence and arriving at the obvious verdict. BTW, bought three guns in the last 6 months. Shopping for number four.

    If blacks want to be treated like everyone else then they damned well better start ACTING like everyone else.

  87. Jack Maj says:

    Look how long it has taken for this story to be covered by the media. UK media does a better job of informing Americans than their own media. Drudge links to UK media for many stories that should be huge in the US, but are apparently spiked by our mainstream media. What’s happened to the US? It seems our media feeds us what those in power want to feed us, such as the economy is improving, we’re making progress in our wars overseas, we’re a free people despite all of the recent legislation that gives the Executive Branch unprecedented powers even in peacetime, everybody wants to move here while millions of Americans are bugging out, etc.

  88. save_the_rustbelt says:

    You guys trying to imitate Detroit?

  89. visavis101 says:

    Clearly the thug mentality is alive and well in the black community. It’s so enduring to watch it in action isn’t it?

  90. Pl says:

    The attackers were black? Shocking.

  91. Rod Miller says:

    “BLACK CULTURE” … an oxymoron.

    When I took my family to Baltimore for a baseball game and to check out the hype about the inner harbor (polluted), we encountered a rude and hostile white crowd. At least we got out with our lives!

  92. Bill says:

    of course no marches, no protests, no outrage by the BCC (Black Congressional Caucus), no Hollywood celebs telling Piers Morgan how wrong these thugs are, and no, he doesn’t look like the President’s son BUT if these were white thugs and the victim (though foreign) was black, ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE

  93. DS says:

    This video was so heavily edited, it didn’t show 1/3 of the things these p.o.s. animals did to this guy. Why is it ok to under report and edit out when it’s black on white and then manufacture phony evidence when it’s “white” Hispanic on black. The media in this country is so far over the line when it comes to a suicidal liberal bias, God knows what the future of our country is going to be like. Want to see more of why this was so outrageous, barbaric attack by animals roaming the street, check this link to a more objective, uncensored video

    1. XonXoff says:

      Mainstream Media does this because one of the items on their agenda is that they very much prefer to show some groups of people as victims — not victimizers. Of course, we can easily determine which groups are preferred by Mainstream Media…

  94. deBeer says:

    If Obama had a son….

  95. SamIam says:

    Holder has no interest in prosecuting “his people”. Obamanation.

  96. jim says:

    all i had to read was baltimore and crowd beats to know what racial group did this. tell me you didn’t?

  97. Rodney Martenez says:

    Put them behind bars in jail, COME ON, thats a paid vacation for these people. AND I pay for their vacation??!! WHAT HAPPENED TO PUNISHMENT?? Labor for non violent offenders to pay for their incarceration…..violent offenders well, you asked for it- meet your maker and prevent 1) another bunch of crimes, 2) spraying your babies all around to pollute and grow the cycle and 3) meet your maker. End crime today: no free vacations and real punishment.

  98. Sirjohnnyrotten says:

    These are democrats ! this is the product of Democratic policies , coral people into the ghetto give um just enough not to work and you have the modern day black person. thanks democrats

  99. Steve says:

    When will these white-blacks stop committing crimes????

  100. snailmailtrucker says:

    Obamerica !

  101. sailordude says:

    Poor guy, he was taught his whole liberal life to get along and trust other races in America. I bet he has a more cautious opinion next time when he is the only white guy around. He’ll probably stay a liberal though, those people will never learn.

    1. Gman says:

      Yep, a naive Lib that has drunk the Koolaid. Welcome to the real world. Too bad it had to be such a harsh lesson.

  102. MSMLies says:

    Ask yourself why we are seeing all this racial violence in mainstream news lately. Seems we are getting pounded with it every two seconds. Is MSM trying to incite a race war so the elite have an excuse to take away all guns and further their control over US citizens by the final installation of the NWO? I wonder how many of these “incidents” are actually psyops.

    1. Mike says:

      We need a race war, every big city is a target rich zone.

  103. JoeAstroturf says:

    They wanted to get some Obama money. You know free stuff. This will become a common occurrence with Barack Hussien leading the country. God help us all. I’m glad they didn’t have any of his Fast and Furious guns or other people would have gotten hurt. Usually it’s an innocent Mexican or an American Hero like Brian Terry (Semper Fi Brian them bean bags they made you fight with were no match against Obama’s Fast and Furious guns and bullets ) that gets killed by them . The father should be put in jail. If not Obama will give him a job in his administration

    Check out song called :teapartiers I can’t hear you” on Youtube

    Here’s a verse

    Townhallers I still can’t hear you
    She should put a botox needle in that flabby neck
    presently she looks like something from StarTrek
    If something goes wrong she can blame it on the Teapartiers Rush or Beck

  104. lairdkeir says:

    I live in Germany and this would never happen here. How can America have degenerated to such a level? And why is there not the racial element played up as the media has done with the tragic death of Mr. Martin? Clearly the black community needs to start finding leadership as opposed to being misrepresented my demagogues and self-publicists such as Messrs Jackson and Sharpton.

  105. Pat says:

    All this whining about Trayvon Martin when everybody knows the ratio of black on white crime is lopsided and racially motivated. The people with the victim complex are the predators.

  106. Fluoric says:

    Why did I know this was more black on white violence before seeing the video?

  107. Matt says:

    Blacks are gonna get themselves in a whole world of trouble. Whites: much higher IQ and the most armed ethnic population in the world = disaster for blacks.

  108. Pat says:

    Those uneducated, ignorant, racist savages would have been shot dead in a conceal carry state

  109. obrlnews says:

    This is why concealed carry laws exist. People who carry tend to be more constitutionalist and in favor of law and order. If the guy being robbed had a gun, he would not have been robbed. If one person in the crowd had a gun, it would have ended also. Of course with one or two dead or wounded “innocent black teenagers” they could drag up old baby pictures, and paint the self-defending shooter as a monster. Why didn’t this article mention the race of the criminals and of the victim? Because of reverse racism, and fear of “offending blacks”.

  110. tubaman says:

    most blacks are thugs and takers from the country.they add nothing to the country except new prisoners to the jails of america

  111. LorieStories says:

    My family and I will never visit Maryland. And I will encourage my friends and co-workers to put this on their “Do Not Tour List.” We are taking our kids on a tour of the USA this summer. Maryland will be skipped. And we’re from California, the land of fruits and nuts, I have never heard of this happening.

  112. Willy Brown says:

    Any metro controlled by democrats is not a safe place anymore. The ignorant people they rely for there votes are running wild.

  113. forparity says:

    One thing is for certain – as with the dozens of other horrific mob attacks, flash mob looting (entirely by blacks) that have “barely” been covered by our national media — one President Obama is not going to make a statement.

    Well OK, some of the Occupy Wall Street horrific disturbances – riots – and destruction of public property, etc. – was a very much white dominated crowd. And, naturally, Obama only praised them.

  114. Xpat48 says:

    They need to be “Zimmermanized.”

  115. skater says:

    There seem to be at least 10 incidents of a mob of black thugs attacking whites for every Zimmerman incident, yet we are supposed to believe that whites are racist, and whites are victimizing blacks?


  116. Ken Pittman says:

    This is clearly black on white crime but the media doesn’t have the fortitude to call it what it is; This seems to be an acceptable form of racism as the liberal media sees it. Someone should have sprayed the crowd with an Uzi. A man can’t go out in the public without being brutalized, robbed by worthless thugs? The entire crowd should have been wiped out.

  117. John H. says:

    Cities like Baltimore have let these thugs run wild so many years they will never get them under control again. They live like animals and act like animals.

  118. Crabjuice says:

    Had he successfully defended himself with a gun, would that make him a racist, too?

  119. skater says:

    There seem to be at least 10 incidents of mobs of black thugs attaching or terrorizing whites for every Trayvon (who was the aggressor), and yet whites are the racists? Whites are victimizing blacks?


  120. Joe says:

    So emblematic of Baltimore, which is an urban garbage dump.

    1. jken says:

      … an urban DEMOCRATIC garbage dump (but I repeat myself).

  121. D Ryan says:

    Where are Sharpton & Jackson ????????

    1. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

      Where is Rev. George Zimmerman?

  122. '67_riots_will_b_back says:

    if barryo (in spanglish, that’s barrio) had sons, they’d look like the perps.. makes me want to go see an o’s game

  123. BP says:

    This is the kind of thing that makes it hypocritical for the outrage about the TRAYVON incident.

    This is why the law was created, so we could defend ourseles for thugs that there is little to no outrage about.

    where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on this issue, this is racial, blacks don’t care….

  124. democRAT says:

    Where are all the WHITE CUBANS when you need them?

  125. RD says:

    Sure looks like a hate crime to me. No one care when these vicious black mobs beat, steal, rob, rape and kill white people every day. I guess it doesn’t matter since we have a BLACK Attorney General who only sees white criminals, and this person doesn’t look like our Half Frican American Prez Oh-bummer

  126. gasaholic says:

    I’m shocked that black people act this way. They’ve always been such a peaceful people.

    1. k says:

      What rock have you been living under for the past few centuries?

  127. GF says:

    The white guy should be prosecuted for impacting his face on a “poor black minority” fist.

  128. iodiner says:

    The sons and daughters of obbama taking out another cracker. They are vicious savage racist animals who pounce at the sight of a white person. Why are they still in our country? These are not isolated occurrences. It’s just in their nature..

  129. Pa resident says:

    I was about to leave for downtown Baltimore to take my children shopping then go pick someone up at the airport. .After seeing this, I will just go to the airport.

    I am glad i didn’t revew my aquarium membership.

  130. JonInVa says:

    typical wild animals. And they blame whites for racism when they do everything in their power to re-enforce every stereotype imaginable.. Lincoln is spinning in his grave.

  131. Tom Thaddeus says:

    Where’s Obama? Where’s Sharpton? Where’s the congressional black caucus? I guess he don’t look like them so he won’t be gettin’ no justice. And your tax dollars go to support these entitlement hoodlums.

  132. Mike says:

    It only took channel 13 a week to run this story. Fox 45 was on top of this a week ago. Just like the white business women who was beaten by 3 blacks on the light rail 3 weeks ago while they made race remarks you never reported on that one either but Fox 45 did.

  133. bossou says:

    I would really like to reason about the actions and the mentality of these people from the east.but the truth is I must treat most people pit bulls YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN THEY WILL ATTACK .

  134. Mike Uniteus says:

    Come Monday I get my Smith and Wesson M&P 40c released from its 10 day hold. I will not let myself or my family become a victim of these crimes. I wont even let my wife go to the gas station to fill up the car anymore. I will conceal carry regardless of the laws in California if they deny my conceal carry permit.. boxer, pelosi, feinstein and jerky brown can write as many laws as they want. I have had it with these liberal laws that only take away my ability to protect myself and my family. I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. I want to die peacefully in my bed surrounded by family and friends.

  135. FirstCoontact says:


  136. Joe says:

    Very sad what has happened to the USA. Anyway, I was driving past a large gun show in VA recently and it was jam packed. Lines out the door waiting to get in. 99% white people and a few asians and an occasional black. The whites were carrying out guns, crates of ammo, and everything under the sun. Don’t forget that the whites still outnumber the blacks in the USA by a huge number. I think that many are waiting — some hoping — for the financial collapse or other catasrophe. Then it is really going to get ugly. I

    1. Mike Uniteus says:

      I agree with you. I was fortunate to be able to purchase a handgun. Every gun shop I went to they were out of stock on many weapons and couldn’t even tell me when they would be able to get more from the manufactures. That coupled with people receiving their tax refund checks is leaving a limited supply of weapons available for purchase.

    2. Just an observer says:

      Well, some people actually buy their own guns. That doesn’t mean that other people don’t get guns some other way.

  137. jocko says:

    baltimore is another hell hole brought to you by black democrats who refuse to see the truth. I spent a lot of time there when I was at Johns Hopkins and can tell you white people are not safe two blocks north of Aliceanna. Hopefully the influx of hispanics can recivilize the worst parts.

  138. dave says:

    I see no mention of skin color, which means a black mob beat a white guy. Did I guess right?

  139. bossou says:

    Its crazy when I meet with new coworkers from the east cost,they seem to have a negative attitude about black’s ,I would kind of look @ them cross eyed. now I know why.

  140. Always Right says:

    Thank you Obama for your leadership in black racism and black hate crime!

  141. dave says:

    They are lucky they aren’t white-blacks, or this would almost be news.

  142. Joe says:

    “people” weren’t laughing, BLACK people who embrace the ghetto culture were laughing.

    If I saw a pond full of Black Swans, would I be wrong or racist to say look at all those Black Swans? No.

    The single recurring and fact that run through almost ALL these types of incidents are BLACK people.



    The problem is NOT the black people who are doing it.


    I truly believe race riots and “wars” are coming, and it’s not going to be black against white. It will be everyone against the blacks. And the start of it is and will be 100% the result of black actions like this one.

    The black people are consumed in an EVIL created by LIBERALS.

    It will be horrible. There are so many GREAT BLACK men and women. But THEIR SILENCE is contributing to the spead of the evil consuming the black community.

    There is only one way this will end, and it will not be good. It will end after great violence AND when the GREAT people in the black community stand up and say NO MORE and join all the other peoples and cultures in doing EVERYTHING it can to erradicate the evil that has infested the minds and spirit of the culture embraced by these people.

    There are blacks, whites, hispanics, asians who have embraced this evil destroying what is known as the black/ghetto culture.

    BUT all the other races REJECT AND BANISH such behavior and ideology from their culture.

    THAT IS WHY evil actions such as these are almost always “black” people doing the evil.

    The MSM & liberal America need to stop lying about the facts so we can help save the good black people from the bad.




    1. Clarence Overby says:

      It is because the blacks are a cursed and wicked race.

      1. mindovermatter says:

        Or the groids, as an evelotionary experiment – FAIL!

      2. irondog says:


      3. mindovermatter says:

        Caucasoids, Capoids, Congoids, Australoids and Mongoloids have all advanced in human anthropological evolutionary terms into healthy properous, educated and civilized societies.

        Nergoids, as a whole, have FAILED to do so.

        There, did I say it slow enough and use small enough words for you to follow?

  143. Namretupad says:

    I haven’t seen the video yet, I wanted to go on record with my remarks first. I’m guessing the attacked is a “mean ole whitey” and the attackers, laughers, and looters are from the race touted as the greatest thing to happen to mankind since sliced bread, the descendants of the po’ ole slaves of mean ole whitey.

  144. Harry BallSack says:

    Carry and kill.. sorry.. but that’s what this nation is coming to..Let’s just ship all criminals to an island and let them fend for themselves… PLEASE!!!

    You gonna speak up Jesse an AL? Oh yes.. no money in it..

  145. SandyLester says:

    Just watched the video. These alleged people are acting no different than animals in the wild ripping to shreds a wounded animal.
    They are jackals.
    If they want to live this way, they should be living in a country that does not value life and freedom.

  146. JDHAWK says:

    Baltimore is a cesspool. I grew up in Maryland and know what most of that is city is like. It’s as ugly and poorly run as Philadelphia. The people committing these crimes are the same living on our tax dollars while robbing for more.

  147. Gman says:

    Where are Jesse and Al? lol No money to make or “useful idiots” to march with them I suppose.

  148. ObamaStartedARaceWar says:

    If Obama had a son he would look like those thugs.

  149. Big Bill says:

    Nig gers- Dirty Fkin animals

  150. tuco says:

    Blacks have embraced hate and crime as a way of life. Short and miserable lives will be the result but they will blame others instead of themselves which will reinforce the cycle of hate and crime…………………….

  151. Apocalypto says:

    You stay classy Baltimore. Clean up your house or maybe a “surge” will be in order. Merica! ain’t it great? I can’t wait until the Apocalypse…

  152. Gracie says:

    It’s a joke to those kids because thy know that nothing will happen to them. They are a “protected class” and therefore entitled to do pretty much whatever they want unless someone gets killed. Even then they will still walk free most of the time until they do it a couple more times. In Maryland the “authorities”are too busy harassing and shaking down business people and foreclosing on widows and children to be worried about stuff like this. No money in it for the bureaucrats.

  153. rusty shackelford 728 says:

    More and more people are waking up to the fact of what’s really going on. The race mongers who protect and defend black behavior like this at all costs have overplayed their hand. Summer 2012 is going to be a violent one, I predict more stuff like this happening. Expect that the race pimps will join forces with the Occupy crowd to create a lot of trouble. there’s a reason why the Martin story didn’t become national news until almost a month after it happened, they needed to wait for the weather to warm up so they could gin up mobs during prime protesting season. There is going to be more black on white violence this summer, however, this time the media will no longer be able to sweep it under the rug. Go read the comments on any story dealing with the Trayvon Martin incident – people are finally waking up.

  154. Tom59 says:

    Two points:

    1) Stand your ground is a good and necessary law.

    2) This is why so many white people don’t want anything to do with black people.

  155. Clarence Overby says:

    I am sick and tired of these “urban” animals. It is sad to say that we desperately need a police state, and we need to fill our for profit prisons with as many of these evil animals as possible.
    Unfortunately our President is one of them and it will be law abiding whites that suffer his tribal animist wickedness.

    1. k says:

      No point in jailing them all, theres not enough zoo cells in the country to house all these monkeys. They can either swim back to Africa, or be buried in America.

    2. LogNormal says:

      We don’t need a police state. An armed citizen is his own police.

  156. Danny says:

    Could we get a little outrage from the race baiters Jackson and Sharpton? Aw forget it. They’d never call for the arrest of a black criminal.

  157. Dace says:

    This is pretty old. What the hell was that idiot even doing there in the first place?

    1. joexred says:

      He was assaulted for being (DWMWIIC} Drunken white minority walking in inner city.. Guilty of stupidity.

  158. Clarence Overby says:

    Trayvon Martin would have been right there laughing if George Zimmerman had not blown a hole in his evil black chest. Thank you George.

  159. Danny says:

    Yet another fine example of the barbaricy of the black race.

  160. WhoDini says:

    Obama supporters taking their fair share.

  161. Steve3 says:

    Typical African animals. Lets start selling them tickets to go back to toilet land where they all belong!

  162. Mark says:

    Civilized group of people. Do you ever wonder where negative stereotypes come from? Keep proving the stereotypes.

  163. Humpy Brown says:

    Black people, you are going to bring down the tempest on yourselves. And when you do, don’t come running to US and claiming “race hatred”. You clowns and minstrels have shown that NO one can hate like a black person. I don’t know if you’re just that stupid and animal like, or is there a plan in your repeated attacks on whites? If there is, it’s working, but not to your benefit.

    1. Rob says:

      I personally think hate crime laws should be taken off the books crime is crime. You have to stop crying wolf. We have been baited by the liberal class well intentioned and way off the mark. You created this mess.

  164. Clarence Overby says:

    If only Lincoln had managed to ship them all back to africa.

  165. Jane goodall says:

    I have studied these primates in the wild. They have no redeeming qualities.

  166. EndWhiteGenocide says:

    I like how CBS is not even showing the worst video of this, this video of the incident is much worse. Shows how even when they actually report black on white lynching, they try to portray it in the best light possible.

    This is further proof that there are at least 2 cameras used, and you would think they would use the best camera angle, but they don’t want you to hear the audio on this video. It will make your blood boil.


  167. LE Flaneur says:

    Savages…Baltimore should be decimated.

  168. LE Flaneur says:

    SAVAGES!! Baltimore should be decimated!!

  169. Terry Rohan says:

    If I had a son, he would look like this poor victim. I am going to go out tonight and get some pay back.

  170. JR says:

    Animals, not even human beings!

  171. Sal Chromo says:

    American blacks are animals low on the evolution tree, just above chimps. Please immigrate.

  172. Jack says:

    This is why I don’t take my family any where near major cities on either coast and especially Chicago in the mid-west. Going near these places is like taking a cruise in pirate infested waters off the east coast of Africa.

  173. The truth says:

    see the hidden murders and rapes of white people on a daily basis. Check this site out and get the truth. Genocide against whites.

  174. BATDAWG says:

    another sad product of “illuminati journalism” in the USSA – HOPE YOUR WELL PAID BY YOUR MASTERS

  175. Cato says:

    The G D Baltimore Sun is silent as always. Their negligence is criminal.

  176. James says:

    Oh yes but no outrage because the victim was white, blacks want to be treated equally yet they act like the animals they are. Where is Jessie and Al oh I forgot they only come out from under their rock when there is a buck to be made from it. This is exactly why I carry a 357 revolver at all tmes. I AM GEORGE ZIMMERMAN

  177. The truth says:

    this is nothing…check out how many of our white brothers are being murdered and white sisters/mothers/daughters are being raped and murdered and our white children are being victimized.

    it will freak you out the reality

  178. Tim says:

    Someone call Al & Jesse. . . They will be outraged.

  179. robertryan says:

    All of you white & decent black peope need to unite & demand a explanation from the Mayor Blake of Balto about future preventive meausure. NOW!!!

  180. John Paul says:

    Stop supporting sports that blacks play like football and basketball. Stop making them your heroes too.

  181. JonesTCole says:

    Is it just me, or does it seem like a lot of blacks in American are TRYING to start a race war?

  182. Rick says:

    Savages blowin’ off some steam. Wait until the mercury reaches 95!

  183. Humpy Brown says:

    Dooda name Ruby Begonia meen anythin’ tooya?

  184. Rob says:

    Never been to Baltimore and now have a reason why never to visit.

  185. JJ1970JJ says:

    Another example of a hate crime from the racist black thugs. We have an entire generation of savages who have turned this country into a third world hell hole. This country is doomed.

    1. irondog says:

      That might be true but I was attacked on St. Pats day in South Boston but I kicked the guys ass. he was white

  186. hogtrashhd says:

    they just misunnerstood good black kids.. yeah right.. i’d be interested to know the statistics of black on white crime since obama took office. it has to be off the chart..

  187. cashmere says:

    “Relieved of his property”?
    This is now the term for bring robbed by blacks when your white.

    1. Blanca de la Nieve says:

      Yeah–in Ghettoo-speak that’s call “reparations”…In Obama-speak it’s call “redistribution of the wealth”. WAKE-UP WHITES, LATINOS AND ASIANS: THIS IS BLACK RACISM AT IT’S WORST…THIS IS OBAMA’S AMERICA…THIS IS “HOPE & CHANGE”!!!!!

  188. Malachi says:


  189. Mr. White says:

    Ray Lewis, is that you?

  190. Thankfully, CBS showed the video to a black guy, and the black guy was outraged. If CBS had not shown a video of a black guy being outraged over this, I would have been really upset! But now I know that there ARE some “good ones” and I can resume feeling good about them!

  191. Don says:

    White are afraid of blacks for good reason. The last time I was afraid of a white on the street was over 40 years ago.

    1. CallingthePotwhatitis says:

      Come on out again.

  192. robertryan says:

    Why has it taken over three weeks to report this atrocious crime of hate by blacks? Hint….The Black mayor of Balto & the liberal news media. I demand a complete investigation by the FBI & now!! Just like Trayvon Martin. Equal justice for all.

  193. Mike says:

    The detective said he was relieved of his belongings. What a relief.

    Thiis is the entitlement generation in action. No sense of responsibility.

  194. David Ruiz says:

    I am waiting for Obama to comment, . . . waiting, . . . still waiting, . . . oh, nevermind, the victim in this case is white so there are no brownie points in it for Obama.

    When I was 9 years old I saw my father jump off my car and attack 3 robbers with a crow bar. They were robbing a tourist of his camera and wallet. He stood up to those thugs and the man lost his wallet but kept his camera.

    Police arrived and my dad said they were 3 black giys. By todays standards my dad would be racist for saying that. Oh, I forgot to mention, My dad is brown, the guy getting robbed was white.

    Hopefully they catch these thugs and take them off the street.

  195. LV says:

    A white is 18 times more likely to be killed by a black then a black being killed by a white ( – check it out). People need to be aware of this and protect themselves accordingly. Do not listen to the media – they will downplay this to non-existence and call you a racist for allowing your natural instincts to surge forth.

  196. Michael says:

    Perhaps this is the escalation of civil disobedience Al Sharpton wanted. Or possibly this is an isolated incidence of another African American attacking Whity.

  197. Jon Mello says:

    join the white’s man riot, don’t $upport anything that has to do with helping this city, the people that live in it in any way. I won’t spend a dime to help them.

  198. LV says:

    A white is 18 times more likely to be killed by a black then a black being killed by a white ( – check it out). People need to be aware of this and protect themselves accordingly. Do not listen to the media – they will downplay this to non-existence and call you a racist for allowing your natural instincts to surge forth.

  199. Rich says:

    Baltimore, Get in on it. That is Baltimore official slogan, Get in on it. If someone is being robbed, if you neighbor has a credit card scam, get in on it. Baltimore, home for the lowest class.

  200. gary says:

    This wont hit the national news,they are to biased to expose who is really being victimized by racism in this country.

  201. Frizzle says:

    Obviously this is not a hate crime. Obviously. There is absolutely no reason for the DOJ to investigate. Obviously. Had the crowd been white and the victim black, that too, would not justify a DOJ investigation and of couse Sharpton et al would not jump all over it nor would our lamestream media! Catch the irony.

    1. Rob says:

      a crime is a crime, this is what liberals have brought us.

  202. Jamal el Jamal says:

    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you that happened. Black on white crime. Where you at Jesse Jackson and all the so-called civil rights leaders.

  203. Political Dookie says:

    Little obamas everywhere. Lock and load.

  204. Michael says:

    Perhaps these are the African American Marion Barry wants instead of those ‘dirty’ Asians

  205. JimInMT says:

    “Oh my god, where were the police?” Oh MY god, where was his gun!? The police were only moments away while seconds counted.

  206. Sam says:

    Gee, could this be a reason why southern and South African whites tried to distance themselves from the apes?

  207. gettoughordie says:

    Fork them all, the short the fat and the tall.

  208. David Arizona says:

    This stuff happens to whites everyday in large cities. They usually pick on 90 year old defenseless white ladies.

  209. gettoughordie says:

    too sad

  210. Chimpout says:


  211. Joe says:

    Crowd of men behaving this way? Shocking. There is no way that this is ‘normal’ behavior. I mean, what about dignity and pride and humanity and all the contributions to history and so forth?


  212. thomas says:

    Did you notice the reporter said they ‘removed” his property rather than stole his property.

  213. bob lucas says:

    It’s the Black culture of Jesse & Al!!!

  214. LorieStories says:

    Unfortuately, we are all sinners and in need of the Lord. Fortunately we have Christ as our advocate. Believe me I would be a lot worse today if not for that. There are good and bad in every race. I know some wonderful people of every race and some rotten ones, which I try to distance myself from.

  215. Dobby says:

    That’s why every law abiding citizen should have the right to carry and conceal a weapon to defend themselves.

  216. Matt says:

    If Obama had a Gang of Street Thugs, they might look like this one in Baltimore.

  217. satxxkenn says:

    Why is it that no one can post a link to their website or advertise without being caught but the nword goes unnoticed unless I report them – (which I do all the time). Some one needs to sue YouTube and all of these news sites for allowing racists comments and turning a blind eye.

    1. NoOin2012 says:

      Yeah censorship….

  218. NoOin2012 says:

    Does anyone need any more proof that white people are under attack from these animals….they have reverted back to the ways of the jungle….the government, the media and the democrats are fomenting it to create a race war …wake up fools…notice no cops in downtown baltimore? notice the story hasn’t been reported? the time has come where law abiding citizens need to arm themselves or risk being killed…thats why they are mad at the trayvon martin case and lying to make it appear something it isn’t…they are not mad at the kids death they are mad at the good guy won for a change…its time to fight and protect your family or forever be second class…blacks have gotten out of control and threaten our society …its that simple

  219. Kim Bailey says:

    Maimonides said 700 yrs ago:
    “Blacks are not human, They are Gorillas with vocal cords and can grunt ebonics”
    They clearly are NOT human but feral beasts.

  220. George Bush says:

    Where is Obama on this one?? He could say that white boy looks just like me!!

  221. NoOin2012 says:

    Why wasn’t this the major story it should have been? the media the democrats and the government are systemically trying to elevate these animals and portray them as victims, humans and good and tryin g to [portray whites as oppressive evildoers….when in reality it is directly the opposite…there is a war on white America

  222. Blanca de la Nieve says:


  223. Dobby says:

    Why don’t you show the youtube video in it’s entirety? Why don’t you show the clear video so suspects can be identified?

    1. Mark in ATL says:

      Animals. They simply are not the same as white people, this is not some isolated instance, ths goes on EVERY DAY IN EVERY CITY where the swoogs are a majority. Disgusting.

  224. barryo says:

    Where are the Race pimps Obama, Shrapton, Jackson!!! Where is state run propaganda….Where is the outrage!!!!!…..That’s right; these animals vote democrat…..this nation is heading down a bad road thanks to the divider and thief Obama and his band of fascist criminals.

    Gun sales are sky rocketing for just this reason. We have to arm ourselves against the animals that have been created by socialism and economic justice. God help us who want to save our nation!!!

  225. NoOin2012 says:

    If your white you better get a gun and avoid blacks i large numbers…the government cops and other blacks will not help you

  226. Jennifer says:

    This is what Democracy looks like.

    1. paperpushermj says:

      Please jennifer this is what Liberalism’s victims look like. Many inner City Blacks share a common fate with Americas first one’s living on Reservations.They both suffer from Government attention.

  227. NoOin2012 says:

    Now let me ask you if the races were reversed would this be a major news story platered for weeks on the TV and papers? you bet

  228. Dale says:

    I hope all you people that are so outraged with this attach on inocent white people get out and vote the right way!!!

  229. Vince says:

    WHERE is Obama??? Are the thugs who did this what Obama’s sons would look like? Why isn’t this a hate crime?

  230. A G Kay says:

    Paging Soledad O’brien. Paging Ed Schultz.

  231. whitefools says:

    I’m shocked. Not little black Sambos-the poor victims of discrimination. Get in there with some Affirmative action. Ha,Ha. Well Yanks,we in the South had to take your abuse for years. Mean old Rednecks violating God’s precious children. And you even won the Civil War. How self rightous you were. Now you can enjoy the fruit of your great victories over the rednecks. Happy now? How does it feel?

  232. NoOin2012 says:

    MY post are being deleted…the media censoring again

    1. paperpushermj says:

      Maybe you should hold back your rhetoric to a point where it is acceptable around decent people.

      1. Mark in ATL says:

        You mean like the censors allowing the term cracker to describe white people? Whers is the censorship of that word and why do the negroes feel so secure in saying it? I for one am tired of the one way censorship and media bias. You want to know how to tell if a crime is committed by black people? No race will be mentioned and groups of them are referred to as youths.

  233. Malcom says:

    one thing is for sure, Whites who accept liberalism are taught to be submissive to blacks. Whites are cowards now. No way would Blacks put up with beatings and robbings from whites. So as long as Whites accept this you deserve it!!!
    Thats why whites are targeted. It will continue and only get worse. YOu are either a Viking or Victim.

  234. John R says:

    I don’t expect much more from Americans

  235. CJ Overby says:

    Black America is in crisis. The overwhelming lack of fathers…combined with the drug/ghetto culture of the men that raise other mens babies…if any men are doing so at all in many cases…to the ignorance of the black females that can’t manage to raise a child to even minimum standards for peaceful consumerism…to the coddling attitudes of the black church that sees only victims of the Man and not baggy pantsed monsters in their midst…to this government and its liberal institutions that have nearly destroyed our cities with its entitlement mentality and excuse making…
    It is a tragedy that proves sparing the rod spoils the child.
    I welcome the coming communist state and pray it is as terrible and harsh as anything Stalin ever managed.

  236. ThanksObama says:

    “Hope and Change.”
    “Are you in?”

  237. bigpeeler says:

    Maybe they were just looking for some Skittles.

  238. Kim Bailey says:

    1. Dan says:

      Amazing video.. Not that unusual though. Our local media would laugh this off and send it to the round file immediately.

    2. GozieBoy says:

      Is that Trayvon? Sure looks to have his move.

  239. Mike says:

    Some already drive with claymore mines strapped to the sides of their cars when going through a black area.

  240. Dale says:

    Your Democrat elcted official is part of this PC story telling. They react strongly if it’s white on black crime. Have you heard any democrat that favors giving Zimmerman a fair hearing?

  241. Antwan Deshuan Keyshuan says:

    I agree with Kim Bailey. Time for open season on the subhuman african pavement apes infesting our cities.

  242. HYPOCRISY RULES says:


    1. ThanksObama says:

      > With all the libs / hollywood BULLYING PROPAGANDA – Why aren’t they focused on ” BLACK MOD BEATS 78 YEAR OLD MAN” or “13 YEAR OLD DOUSED W/ GAS & SET ON FIRE BY BLACKS” or “BLACK MOB OF 50 ATTACKS WHITE FAMILY ON 4RTH OF JULY” or “WHITES ATTACKED BY BLACK MOBS @ IOWA STATE FAIR” ? I guess their answer would be “THAT IS SO YESTERDAY” <

      …Only the beginning of a very violent year. The frustration and rage will boil over. Just wait until this summer when Obama's impending loss looms obvious to even the most ignorant of Americans.
      There will be no peaceful transition of power this time. (I hope I'm wrong.)

  243. White and Proud says:

    Hey Kim, that’s exactly what I wanted to write! Darwin said that blacks were hot HUMAN. Closer to chimpanzees. It’s about time the White race starting dealing with reality, and the reality is that African blacks are NOT human and should not be treated as though they were. They are filthy, savage beasts…whose time on earth is quickly coming to an end.

  244. Blanca de la Nieve says:

    Baltimore has had a ROAMING, VIOLENT AND FERAL BLACK POPULATION FOR DECADES! Whites, Asians and Latinos are insane to even work, live or entertain themselves there. Socialist, Black-Democrats have had a strangle-hold on city government for decades! A once stellar, venerable city has putrified and decayed under Black “leadership”. (LOL! What an oxymoron!) Baltimore is a human zoo, where the feral black beasts run wild–attacking themselves; those who “provide” for them (the tax-payer); and the visitors (White folks)! The only cure for Baltimore is for business and productive (non-entitlement) folks to completely abandon the city. The Black-Racist-Moron Leadership will go down and drown with their unsustainable government-ship and cannibal constituency! GOOD RIDDANCE!!

  245. OBAMAS SON says:


    1. Jack says:

      Actually he would look just like that

  246. larry says:

    I think we are going to play cowboys and niqqers real soon.

    1. Mark in ATL says:


  247. Bawlamer Merlin says:

    This is the result of decades of rule by liberal, er, uh, I mean, progressive politicians in Baltimore City. It started with LBJ’s You-Are-Not-Responsible-For-Your-Life “Great Society” program. And it has degenerated into this.

  248. Fenderbassfan says:

    And they wonder why people think they are sub-human?

    1. irondog says:

      Lets send them to bed without dinner

  249. Fenderbassfan says:

    It’s different in Southern California because here, every time you hear about a crime you automatically know it’s gonna be, ‘Hispanic Male’.

  250. Deserttrek says:

    even animals have more class. this what al sharpton and jesse jackson have given us. where is obama?

    the garbage in the streets needs to be swept up and thrown out.

  251. dmzrn says:

    The exalted leader, BO, “The Won”, declared open season on whitey via his AG Holder when they consciously decided not to prosecute the Philly Black Panthers who intimidated white voters.

    Reparation, the Obama way.

  252. Realist says:

    Imagine a country without them……

    1. Mark in ATL says:

      It is very hard, but I know Dodge and Mercedes would go bankrupt, most of the gun companies wouldn’t exist. Plus most of the sidewalks would be covered in grass from lack of use. Holla

    2. LC says:


  253. Fenderbassfan says:

    They just discovered a new earthquake fault that runs from coast to coast. The Obama’s Fault.

  254. mmilesll says:

    Let’s see, who is getting paid to solve this crime? This was a hate crime, where is the outrage? Why would ANYONE want to go to Baltimore?

  255. ThanksObama says:

    The article says there have been no arrests. Should white people all put on hoodies and march through the streets demanding justice? Should white ministers preach about the racial hatred directed at white people during Easter services? Should a $10,000 DOA bounty be put on the heads of those black perps identified in the video? Answer: No. All racism is wrong. All race-bating for profit or votes is wrong.

  256. Pete838 says:

    TNB…Typical Nagger Behavior.

  257. caedite says:

    Pretty amazing that NO ONE IS SAYING ANYTHING, I hope you guys spread this all over

    it is amazing that the media does not say the people doing the crime are ALL BLACK

  258. Brad says:

    Hey, Maryland is a Liberal state and this is what you get when the inmates run the prison.

    Was the guy that got knocked out one of those “white guilt” liberals?

  259. George says:

    If there is any good to come from this it’s if the victim and his family were liberals Ill wager they won’t be now.

  260. Jack says:

    It was surprising the girl said…haha, no it wasn’t at all surprising…dopes. If it were me, I would have emptied two magazines into them.

  261. Joe Swell says:

    Guess he didn’t check this “Urban guide” out:

  262. Danny says:

    And this isn’t all over CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Huffington Post… why? Such as shame that crime such as this is only headline-worthy if the victim is non-white.

  263. Joe Schmoe says:

    White people: Avoid groups of young blacks, unless you have all of your affairs in order. America’s “Black leaders” do not want equality, they want revenge for crimes perpetrated by dead strangers on dead strangers so many years ago. You are in danger amongst large numbers of young blacks no matter what color you are (even if you’re black), but white people are their chief targets/victims. Beware!

  264. jk says:

    Every day there is a new hate crime by a group of blacks savagely attacking a single white person. Obama, Holder and nobody cares or does anything about it. The media doesn’t report it. It seems Obama, Holder, and the current DOJ and Federal Gov’t is anti-white and supports these hate crimes against white people. White people, WAKE THE UP. You are being hunted and it’s encouraged by Obama, Holder, the media and leadership of all of the Federal Gov’t Agencies.

  265. Jeff from Chicago says:

    Why does this article not state the races of the people involved? Out and out hate crime, but the this coward of a journalist decided in this instance to be neutral. Only when they think that will help their narrative does the MSM like to share that info up front and in the titles. This is why most thinking people seek their ‘news’ elsewhere these days and for good reason.

  266. US Citizen says:

    Not that a more graphic video was needed…but there is another video of this cowardly event. This is the video that shows these savages true colors. Go to this site.. “A Tourist is savagely beaten, robbed and stripped by a gang of teens in Baltimore.”

    It’s time to wake up people. This president has divided OUR great country by race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and income. God help us if this liar-in-chief is elected again. And just think, he likely wasn’t as radical as he wanted this term because he had to run for re-election. Imagine how radical he will be when he doesn’t have to worry about re-election.

    I personally tell anyone who is on the political fence (although I don’t know how that’s really possible right now) that he will forever change this great country in his second term. I don’t want to have to explain to my grandchildren why we allowed this to happen. Whoever the republican nominee turns out to be, we must all rally around him and volunteer as much of our time as possible to help his campaign. We can do this people…but not from the sidelines. It’s game time. Are you with me?????

  267. picomanning says:

    This is a Black on White Crime. If there are GOOD Blacks they need to help bring these thug punks to justice. I want to hear the follow up stories on this but I’m afraid it will fade and no justice will be had. Anyone walking through these punk neoghborhoods need to carry a concealed weapon, legal or not. It appears the cops won’t do anything about this. If this guy were a foreign diplomat you can bet your ass these punks would be caught a brought to justice. Black Americans who claim there is no justice in America may be right.

  268. jk says:

    It is obvious from these frequent videos of hate crimes by blacks, that MOST blacks hate whites. Whites need to stay away from blacks as much as possible.

  269. jscm says:

    couldn’t possible be a hate crime or else we would have heard from the NAACP, ACLU, Congressional Black Caucus, Jesse and Al and of course Obama, who may have said if he had a son it would have looked just like this victim Oh yes the victim was white. Well I guess then it serves hm right for WWW, walking while white, in the wrong neighborhood when drunk.

  270. bossou says:

    I’m not from the east coast,but are all the big city’s from the east coast( with the majority being black ) f&*^ up .maybe its the rap gangster stuff that’s brought this on.

  271. Stray Goose says:

    Why I invest in precious metals…need as much lead as possible for the coming months.

  272. jk says:

    The attack is even much worse, they will not show the ending of this attack. Stop hiding the truth. Show everyone the extreme racism blacks have towards whites.

  273. ThanksObama says:

    Isn’t Baltimore another one of those paradise cities run by Democrats for decades? You know, like Detroit, or Gary, or all the others? Lesson learned: “Avoid liberal utopias!”

    1. ThanksObama says:

      Lesson learned: “Avoid liberal utopias!”

      … Like rich, white liberals do.

  274. thomas says:

    Welcome to Obama’s America, where the decent and law-abiding are brutalized and the thugs (the Trayvon Martin’s) in our society are glorified. Enough talk, I’m off to buy me a few guns and a few thousand rounds of ammo to defend myself against the inevitable consequences of Obama’s “post racial” regime.

  275. Cracker Crusher says:

    Whitey owe the brother.

    1. Bobsu64 says:


  276. JS81 says:

    *BLACK PEOPLE ARE A VIRUS* remember, no group is defined by its exceptions. *BLACK PEOPLE ARE A VIRUS*

  277. Hedley Lamar says:

    Barack Obama should be proud. I’m sure these guys would look just like his son if he had one.

    1. fuzzywuzzy says:


  278. whitefools says:

    Looks like Chittun’s Civil War 2 is coming to pass. You can try to get book on Amazon. If you are gong to carry then at least carry a 9MM. I like a 45 or 357,but a 9mm will do the job. Stay away from blacks and black areas,if possible. But if you have to,shoot,go for the belly or chest,the largest areas. I find I am more deadly when I lower and balance my body better. Shoot to kill. You don’t want a wounded animal on your hands. Of course,only do this if you are really threatened with serious harm. Just ignore ugly comments if possible.Good luck.

    1. FloridaSnowBird says:

      While a Gl;ock 9mm will holod more rounds it is not anywhere near as effective as a Colt 45 semi in stopping power.

  279. Max17 says:

    Wow. The perps look just like Oblamer’s son if he had one.

  280. FloridaSnowBird says:

    I thought everybody knew that when you drive south on I-95 you never stop in the cities of Jersey City, Newark or Baltimoe.
    It is simply a fact of life that “Civilization does not start until after you get past Baltimore.”

    Stopping in Baltimore is akin to stopping at the bridge in the movie Apocalyse Now.

  281. Paul Begala says:

    North American Pavement Monkeys

    ….they can be dangerous.

  282. jack says:

    I’m coming to town with an AK-47 to clean house.

  283. pslick says:

    You are all racist, disgusting human beings. I am disgusted to be of the same nationality as you.

    1. Cleary says:

      To whom are your writing? The people criticizing the thugs and attributing blame to Obama, who is by far the most racist president we’ve ever had? Or are you criticizing the racist thugs who mugged the tourist? Pronouns are important? Didn’t you learn anything in school?

  284. George says:

    Welcome to Baltimore, hon.

  285. Larry says:

    And your masterpiece has a higher IQ, too.

  286. cleary says:

    There is only one possible reason that CBS reports these kind of stories. That is because they hate white people. They WANT to show black thugs that the media has their backs and is not only willing to carry their water, but will ship it anywhere for free. I last this and every other racial incident from now until at least 5 years from now at the feet of President Obama, the most racist man I have ever had the misfortune to witness in my life.

  287. Paul Begala says:

    I think, as a country, we’re way past the point where we need to start shipping all of the…..


    ….back to Africa.

    1. Templar X says:


      This isn’t the America I grew up in; this is some dark, horrid, nightmarish alternate America I though would never exist!!

  288. jack says:

    If Obama had some sons, they would look like street thugs.

  289. FloridaSnowBird says:

    Message to White people.

    Abandon the east and west coasts of this nation. They are lost causes. Time to do what was forecast in the late 1980’s and that is for the whites of this nation to move to the center of this nation. Draw a line due north from Texas and re-locate to0 any state east of west of tjhat line but not to a state on the east or west coast. Especdially avoid Califonia, Oregon, Washington State, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, Florida and both the Carolinas.

  290. jack says:

    I’m bringing the boys to town since the cops are no where to be found

  291. jack says:

    Obama looks like these thugs…..

  292. Johann says:

    If you are white in certain cities, like Baltimore obviously, you are a target. These thugs have been taught that all their problems are the fault of the “white man keeping you down”.
    The racial spin-meisters have delivered us a generation totally lacking in respect for others or even a shred of simple human decency or empathy.
    Power to the people ?

  293. jack says:

    Better look out…ya’ll look like the son Obama never had.

  294. jack says:

    Ya’ll are about to get Trayvonned.

  295. Freddy says:

    Obviously a case of self-defense by the “mob.” The so-called “victim” had no business being white in downtown Baltimore, AND he was wearing that Green Shirt on St. Patrick’s Day. What part of Criminally Irish don’t you understand?!!

  296. gogsys says:

    Where are the voices raised against this race crime??? Where is the national outrage from the Left? There is no question, nut what will blacks say, he deserved it because of Trayvon.

    This represents a failure of everything the liberal Left stands for, but they will hide it and hide from it.

  297. Reality says:

    America,learn mass tactics and how how to make homemade naplam,it’s a matter of urgency,increasing in scope as we near the election(hopefully).

  298. jack says:

    We have an expedient remedy for this…

  299. jack says:

    Ask George Zimmerman what the safest way is to deal with these attacks

  300. dfwfire says:


  301. jack says:

    George Zimmerman recommends SELF-Defense in the form of blam, blam, blam.

  302. Crosscut says:

    Obama voters behavior like this is why I acquired a Beretta semi-automatic last year. Those that can should do the same. it is the responsible thing to do to protect your family and property from these degenerate savages.

  303. greg miller says:

    Negroes…negroes…negroes….another breed..sub human…

  304. jack says:

    We’ll settle this at the end of my gun barrel.

  305. Paul Begala says:

    Every American who isn’t blinded by political correctness knows that a very large percentage of the black community is uneducated, violent, feral, and de-evolving before our very eyes.

    Even Mr. Bill Cosby acknowledged this when he stated: “Black on black crime, drug and alcohol abuse, and a stubborn proclivity towards embracing the most ignorant and juvenile, criminal and self defeating culture and mentality, has done more to to hurt black people than anything ole Whitey ever did.”

    These facts are not “racist”, they are reality:
    ► Fifty percent of all of the homicides in America are committed by young black males, who make up just four percent of the total population.
    ► Almost seventy-five percent of black babies are born out of wedlock. That means the taxpayers are stuck paying for all of the associated health care costs.
    ► Millions of young Mexican men travel thousands of miles from their homes in Mexico to get jobs in America, yet young black men can’t seem to find jobs….why?

    That’s not racism, that’s reality folks. Blacks struggled for years to obtain their civil rights, so why do they ignore the civil responsibilities that are associated with those right?

    1. Bored_In_SF says:

      ► Millions of young Mexican men travel thousands of miles from their homes in Mexico to get jobs in America, yet young black men can’t seem to find jobs….why?

      Not to mention risk their lives crossing deserts, riding in the enclosed spaces of semi-truck trailers, willing to risk being murdered by drug cartel or coyotes.

      1. CallingthePotwhatitis says:

        This is why I think Mexicans and whites can get along: work ethic, family values and Christian. These are generalizations, but hold true. Blacks, they have no idea what they are. A lost, bungling, mired race. Going nowhere fast.

  306. jack says:

    This is the reason that I don’t leave the house with less than 34 rounds to take on the whole crowd.

  307. punisher says:

    harfford ct is a cesspool too the uconn college women and men games attendance sucks cause they smash into your car i never go to hartford it sucks gangs everwhere all black i hpoe they all kill each other

  308. jack says:

    What would reverend Jeremiah Wright say.?.. You go bros, way to steal from whiteee and make us proud

  309. jack says:

    George Zimmerman recommends 2 shots to the chest and one to the face.

  310. Bored_In_SF says:

    This is not a hate crime, in order for a hate crime to occue the vicitm needs to be black and the attacker needs to be white-white or white-lation or white-asian. These thugs were black-black and thus incapable of commiting a hate crime.

  311. Jamal says:

    When will black people start being civilized? There’s a reason why white neighborhoods are the safest in the US.

  312. jack says:

    I’m coming to town and going to act drunk.; Boy, will they be surprised when the firepower comes out.

  313. JS81 says:

    they never will act with civility. it’s not in their nature. their “brains” are hard wired for survival in the menacing environments of Africa. adrenal response and immediate gratification regions in the brain were necessarily were more prominent in early man so he could survive in the predatory jungles. as man fanned out geographically and diversified racially to regions where surviving was dependent on his ability to out-think the challenges of survival- instead of out-running or over powering them, he matured beyond those early prerequisites. What we have in abundance here in the US mainly throughout the south and in urban centers, are the descendants of those early savages- a group of people of the lowest order INCAPABLE of functioning in the world w/o reducing it to physical combat and predatory practices. as long as blacks are allowed to go where they wish and carry on naturally, they will continue to behave as they always have, recreating jungles out of cities and treating civilized men as wild prey.

  314. mr white says:

    TNB=Typical Negro Behavior

  315. jack says:

    George Zimmerman recommends either 357 or 45 to the chest for these idiots.

  316. Freddy says:

    An obvious case of self-defense. The “mob” were clearly entitled to beat the guy, who had no business at all being WHITE in downtown Baltimore. And that Green Shirt on St. Patrick’s Day. What part of Criminally Irish don’t you understand? The so-called “victim” had it coming.

  317. jack says:

    Time for some .223 crowd control.

  318. Dgunsolly says:

    It appears these are all black kids doing the beating of a white man. This is racist and people wonder why they get shot when they wear hoodies.

  319. bill.1942 says:

    Tell me again how blacks are not racist. Thanks to the likes of Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, and that crowd, American cities are looking a lot like Mogadishu

  320. ron says:

    And my wife wonders why I have thousands of rounds of ammo in 14 calibers, and keep loading more all the time.

  321. LA says:

    this is a “black on white”crime…hate crime!! they may be caught but will never be prosecuted. Did “obama” call this young man and apologize?

  322. Jerry Garcia says:

    I think he is White-Hispanic

  323. CallingthePotwhatitis says:

    And you white women who take up with negroids: “if you go black, you’re not welcome back”. Stay away. Traitors not wanted back. You can stay in that rotten bed you have made.

    And you white puzzy men who raise the black babies of white women who have betrayed us, please don’t. It is wasted time.

  324. dirtyharry says:

    George Zimmerman was in this same position until he fought back.

  325. Al Peterson says:

    ANOTHER hate crime for which Sharpton and Jackson will not show up NOR comment. Blacks condone a culture of violence when it involves Black on Black crime or Black on White.

  326. acrscout says:

    Just one more great example of a Democrat run city and a display of how its population have turned into animals. The liberals have long been whining about getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan, because they are too violent, looks like it is time to get out of Baltimore as well.

  327. john peters says:

    they were looking for a white drunk to beat up and st pats day is the day when white folks get drunk..move out white people and let them have it…..

    1. Silvermoney says:

      Yes, all whites , asians, and legal hispanics move out , then drop a tactical nuke on whole city.

  328. Dennis D says:

    White people are attacked by BLACKs every SINGLE DAY. All this fuss about Trayvon is to hide the TRUTH

  329. dirtyharry says:

    This is the son that Obama never had, and he wants a bullet in the forehead.

  330. acrscout says:

    Eric Holder and Barack Obama’s reaction to the video???

    “There’s no crime being committed there. The Blacks are not getting hit.”

  331. MyName says:

    Al Sharpton? Jesse Jackson? Spike Lee? Didn’t think so.

  332. MyName says:

    Obama, are these your “sons”?

  333. Martin says:

    What’s the matter Mr. President? Does this victim not look enough like you to warrant your concern?

  334. Bodymore says:

    All race baiting aside – I am Democrat and voted for Obama. The Trevon (or whatever the heck that kid’s name was) event was the second time this guy’s played the race card…..Unacceptable.

    The race card playing, the not keeping a muzzle on his beastly, uppity wife, the ineffectiveness, the fact he won’t chime in on this one with “Shame on all of you” or something……I’m gonna have to join the “Anyone but Obama” camp. I think our experiment with a black president has been a colossal failure.

  335. ECH says:

    Someone please send this story to Jackson and Sharpton, and ask when they plan to show up to do a wild protest against black racism and black crime against internationals? Please let them know that this is one reason profiling takes place against the black community and why men like Zimmerman follow young black men about (with a drug record) to see what they plan to do next? Then send it to the media outlets and ask them why they smother so many of the color-commits-crime stories? The issue is not racism but moral degradation and spiritual darkness growing and spreading in American, namely in her once respected cities. We do not need Obamacare, we need revival and reformation!

  336. J Bauer says:

    This is Maryland-if the victim had been armed and fought back with justifiable lethal force, he would be sent to prison, probably for life. There are innumerable people languishing in Maryland’s prisons for defending themselves-even in their own homes! I would not be caught dead living anywhere in that entire idiotic state!

  337. dobqiupy says:

    Where is the justice for Treyvon’s girlfriend’s cellphone carrier?

  338. Solid Citizen says:

    Send those thugs to Somalia

    Restoration of conceal carry rights in the State of Maryland is long overdue. When seconds count, the police are minutes ( or sometimes hours) away. At least he didn’t get the Yvette Beakes treatment

    You’ll never see Holder’s DOJ initiating a racial hate-crime investigation for this incident.

    Quo warranto, B.O.?

  339. mike3121 says:

    Cracker boy come to town
    Cracker boy gu’na fall
    Cuz we’z the toughest ones of all

  340. stan d'mann says:

    Bring that stuff up to Cecil County and we’ll see how well it works!!! We’ll have a group hanging!

  341. saduslover says:

    Unlike the situation in Sanford Fla. (Trayvon Martin) NO MENTION is made of the race of the victim and assailants. No coincidental, but truly pathetic, commentary on our media and our country.

  342. dirtyharry says:

    Our only hope for these crowds is double oo buckshot and a very fast forearm on the pump.

  343. robertryan says:

    Nig***r’s, big dic’s little brains…….Instead of thinking their way out of problems, they fuc instead.

  344. Solid Citizen says:

    I guess the weather was too warm for hoodies .What a bunch of goons

    This was nice Friday night /news dump (Did someone on the staff work at the White House?)

    Quo warranto, B.O.?

  345. Bobby says:

    This is the Time in our nation that if its going to be divided then lets choose the side we want and let the history prove what was right.

  346. Rim Devil says:

    Integration obviously has not worked. No one in the black community doing any moral policing now that the government has replaced Daddy.

  347. Mr. Please says:

    Just keep it up… We are getting sick and tired of it. God help you when we do. Jessie, NAACP, Al and not even your President will be able to save you then. Just keep it up…please.

  348. Mike says:

    I’m black and seeing this disgusted me! This isn’t a race issue. It’s a cultural issue. As long as the thug rapper culture prevails in the black community this will continue. It’s become a culture that glorifies being a low-life ignorant thug. Blacks who then criticize this culture become labeled as Uncle Toms so the only people in a position to uplift the community are completely ostracized by it. On the other hand you have the race pimps like Sharpton and Jackson who do nothing but parasitically feed off of it for their own agendas. I’m a believer in free-speech, but I’m starting to think the only solution to this is to hold those that are pushing this culture to black children, the thug rappers and all their ilk, directly accountable in the form of a class action lawsuits and arrests.

    1. chetta-ketta says:

      @Mike, Well stated.

    2. Mr. Please says:

      Class action lawsuits and arrests? Jail hasn’t stopped thugs yet. Chains, whips and a far away land with no way back.

    3. rbblum says:

      Most honorable post that needs to be preached by the average citizen at the court house steps of every town . . . It must be the average citizen to take back our republic from politicians, crony capitalists and thugs. . . .embracing the rule of law and social decency for each and every citizen.

      The heck with fundamentally transforming the United States of America to a political vision, greed of crony capitalists and addicts of government programs.

  349. txgp17 says:

    If Obama had a son, he’d look like those attackers.

    How on Earth is this not being pushed as a race crime?

    The liberal media is running the Trevon Martin story on a continuous loop, and they never miss an opportunity to mention the races of those involved. But in this story, race is not mention a single time.

  350. Leslie says:

    What a bunch of low-life losers. Bet they make their family proud on a daily basis. I feel very bad for the victim but more so for those hateful idiots that committed the crime and have no qualms about doing it. How sad to have to be like that because you can’t be a real man and live in the real world. Just ignorant losers.

  351. Dobby says:

    Here’s a link to a different video of the same attack.

  352. Ziggy Supers says:

    This is likely what happened to Zimmerman except after the punch that knocked him to the ground, Martin pounced on him while Z was dazed and started beating him. It’s likely that if his black friends had been there they would have laughed about it to. Too bad this tourist wasn’t able to resolve the issue like Zimmerman did.

  353. Planet of the Apes says:

    Planet of the Apes

  354. jnsesq says:

    Can’t believe that white guy would attack that black victim’s fist with his face. What a racist!

    Won’t be hearing from the usual suspects about this one — or any other of the thousands that occur that don’t fit the political correctness narrative of the mainstream manipulators, er, media.

    Besides, the press (such as it is) is too busy campaigning for Obama.

  355. Syd says:

    Time for Healing: Send in the Ambassador from the Caucasoid Peoples and negotiate a truce!

  356. jnsesq says:

    And if Obama had a crowd it would look just like this one.

  357. dawhizzer says:

    I saw the Drudge Report on this story, and thought, what’s up with that? Then I saw the Baltimore dateline and said oh, well, that figures.

  358. jim bob says:

    President Obama and MSM. Purposely overlooking and downplaying events like the one shown in the video have an impact. The people do not trust you. You are fanning the flames of racial tension. Is that your intent?

  359. dawhizzer says:

    I saw this story on Drudge, and asked, what’s up with that? Then I saw the Baltimore dateline, and it all became perfectly clear.

  360. Ziggy Supers says:

    Here’s the full video starting at 8:28 in a sequence of mostly discusting behaviors.
    The sucker punch that got the tourist is likely just what happened to Zimmerman. Following that “little” Trayvon pounched on him while he was in a daze and started beating him. Too bad this tourist didn’t have a 40 cal with a large clip that he could get a hold of. Let the animals have the city. Let the rest of us make sure they don’t get out.

  361. disguisted says:

    Does Maryland have a conceled gun law? It needs one.

  362. DDWilliams says:

    Could someone please help me understand just one thing: what is the point of putting those poeple in jail or prison? Will anything *honestly* really be done in a positive manner with them in jail? I keep seeing these videos and articles of these type of animal attacks and I just keep asking myself “why put them in prison, they will not improve society, what is the alternative solution?”

    If anyone out there has seen positive impacts of prison, please let me know if you feel these creatures can be rehabilitated. I just keep asking the question. I’m not trying to bait people into responses, i just want to know if anyone truly feels rehabilitation will fix these people. I don’t think it will have any positive impact and only cost us taxpayers huge sums of money.

  363. chetta-ketta says:

    Mr Please, suc my big white dic & choke on it.

    1. Mr. Please says:

      Chetta-Ketta…you can take your sorry white ass and get on the ship with them if you love them so much….Chetta-Ketta? Is that like Chicken George?

  364. chetta-ketta says:

    George Bush ain’t looking so bad about now eh folks?

  365. Savannah Limited says:

    Wake up WHITE PEOPLE! The Detective on the video is an apparent idiot! Quit voting for these people, quit hiring these people and if you have fire them. They are not like us and we need to accept that fact, we also need to send the HNIC home in the next election…

  366. Mr. White says:

    Perhaps segregation is the only answer.

  367. Mr. White says:

    The problem with east coast cities like Baltimore is that it is always after dark.

  368. Kyle says:

    Funny but I can’t find this story anywhere on Isn’t that strange?

  369. v.jones says:

    obamma voters.
    gimme, gimme, gimme

  370. Glenn says:

    This was running concurrent to the Trayvon Martin situation, and not one news affilliate picked it up. i guess it’s only racism when it happens to a black from a white, which hardly happens, so now we have a new name for Mexican: Welcom, White-Hispanic! You see, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and the rest of the race baitors can rest to sure, that they will get ”donations” from the race guilty populace.

    Of course, crime slike this will be like when the Islamic fascist blow things up: either not reported or put on page 22 with the legal notices…

  371. carl says:

    I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

    These people have little character, not because of their skin color, but because of their moral depravity. Out society is spiralling out of control.

  372. grunk says:

    Near Camden Yards.

    No more Orioles games for me.

    Go beat up a Yankees or Red Sox fan, if they even come anymore.

  373. hempstead says:

    No reason to visit Baltimore unless of course you want to risk your life and wallet, not to mention your clothes.

  374. jk says:

    Where is Obama? Where is Holder? Where is the Federal Investigation? Oh ha, the victim is white. All of the above are anti-white.

  375. John says:

    if he had died would he looked liked obamas son

  376. Arminius says:

    No need to attack the wonderful culture of mobs in Baltimore. All that has to happen is for the truck not to roll, the electricity to fail ans the welfare not be paid. The city dies in a week.

  377. LuscombeFlyer says:

    This is why I ALWAYS carry a concealed weapon. Though, the government in Maryland has made it well nigh impossible for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves – for their own safety of course.

  378. trajan long says:

    OBAMA AND HOLDER. ANti white bias is so flagrant it is beyond despicable. Not a word from our POS President about the U of Miss student shot to death in his dorm room by three black thugs a couple of weeks ago, but look at the onslaught of the affirmative action media to convict Zimmerman without a trial or real investigation. This country is finished if we don’t put affirmative action and every other law which benefits people on the basis of ethnicity rather than merit, in the name of “diversity” which has been a miserable failure. America has the LOWEST level of trust between neighbors of any country in the Western world.

  379. jk says:

    Whites are being hunted by packs of racist blacks all across America.

  380. Kaehu says:

    Why won’t this country do something about the rapidly escalating hate crimes by black people against white people? Aren’t black people subject to the law in the United States? It’s hard to see these days. And any time someone tries to hold them accountable, they ironically claim it’s “racism.”

    We need strong laws stopping these kinds of black hate crimes. It’s obvious that a growing part of the black community now thinks they can do anything to white people with impunity. The rest of the community shouldn’t stand for it any more.

  381. TJ says:

    Hey. It’s Baltimore!! Major city in the People’s Republic of Maryland!

    Old Thomas Jefferson said it best!

    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one.”

    And by the way, the Federal courts have consistently held that the police are under NO obligation to protect an individual.

  382. Arminius says:

    Without our charity (taxes) large swathes of the black community starve and die.

  383. John says:

    Go Zimmerman Go, now you see why he was following the hooded guy!!!! peace loving people?!!! what a laughable notion. They still belong in the jungle where they came from. They should be sent back

  384. BB says:

    Animals. So many animals in our society….at least 17% of our country is comprised of crude, rude, socially inept animals who contribute zilch to society and ALL of them should be put behind bars or returned to their continents of origin. They are nothing more than a drain on our society and resources.
    I would be willing to bet that most of the people in that crowd are on some form of govt handout and havent filled out an application for a job in months.

  385. Elliott Carlin says:

    If Obama had sons, they’d look like that.

  386. iambicpentamaster says:

    It’s all good.

    White guy beaten down by Obama voters.

    No hate crime here…

  387. John Campbell says:

    Since I know myself well enough to know I would have done nothing to have ever justified such an attack on me, were it me that was attacked like that there would be no problem finding out who did it. I would dedicate the rest of my life if need be to the effort to personally go out, locate every individual involved in attacking me like that, systematically and methodically killing every last one of them. The cops can then find the bodies as I go. There simply would be no measure to contain the hate for such outright evil and as such I could not go on without having that one goal as my every waking thought and action, to eliminate such evil. It would be a done deal. Not some macho tough guy thing. Just take them all down no matter how long or what ever effort it took. They should pray they never attack me like that.

  388. Me says:

    The black race is a threat to the constition and the national security of our Republic.

  389. brent says:

    I hate that white people do this.

  390. reaganredux says:

    another chimp out

  391. sickofstupid says:

    Typical of damn animal n**gr racists – where is the outrage from the Chief jungle bunnies Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton?

  392. rbblum says:

    The overt words and covert deeds of the current administration’s culture have only exacerbated the social ills in the fundamental transformation of the republic referred to as the United States of America.

  393. LuscombeFlyer says:

    Just watch the way this pack of animals behaves. And there are people who wonder why I feel the need to carry a concealed weapon!

  394. bullrider says:

    Our “president” (small p) is a racist. When something is about the blacks he is all over the place. When blacks do something to whites, not a peep.

    I cannot wait to flush him this November.

  395. LuscombeFlyer says:

    Um… no RS. Josh deserved his place in line because HE WAS THERE FIRST. The black couple deliberately cut in front of him.

  396. mainstreet2 says:

    “I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions of the Black community to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people.

    Real estate values are fueled by the mix of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nature of these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self improvement by hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.”

  397. OrlandoRican says:

    Thank Mr. Obama for this. His philosophy of divide and conquer at its best. Go. Vote for him on November. But remember – you could be next!

  398. Nimadan says:

    Why are White people still so stupid about blacks? Only an idiot gets drunk or stoned in a black-infested area. This reminds me of the recent discovery that there’s a micro-organism that infects the nervous system of mice making them lose their fear of cats. The bacteria needs to get inside the guts of a cat to finish it’s life cycle so it make it’s first host (the mouse) get itself killed and eaten.

    Do WE have a virus in OUR brains? What’s wrong with us? Why are we so self-destructive? Why do we permit these evil creatures anywhere near the places we live?

    1. tom shann says:

      We have a media that controlls us.
      Just like China does. In China Communists manipulate the media to get a billion people to do what they want.
      We are not immune.

  399. Resistwemuch says:

    If Obama had a son. He’d look like the guy that attacked the white guy

  400. Deek says:

    Obama voters.

  401. Jerry Frey says:


    PHILADELPHIA — Mayor Michael A. Nutter, telling marauding black youths “you have damaged your own race,” imposed a tougher curfew Monday in response to the latest “flash mob” — spontaneous groups of teens who attack people at random on the streets of the city’s tourist and fashionable shopping districts.

    “Take those God-darn hoodies down, especially in the summer,” Mr. Nutter, the city’s third black mayor, said in an angry lecture aimed at black teens. “Pull your pants up and buy a belt ‘cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.”


  402. Resistwemuch says:

    If Obama had a son he’d look like the guy that sucker punched the guy.

  403. tom shann says:

    We all have met and known great American black people.
    However, a very large urban underclass of ignorance, violence and destruction has been hatched happily by leftists as another notch in destroying our country.
    The leftists, socialists and communists believe that to conquer America they must destroy it from inside. And they get ignorant blacks to act it out.

    Hatred is approved of, disrespect is approved, animal behavior is approved, truth is a trick by whitie, logic is a trick, and education is oppression.
    Our leftist in the media approve of this and promote it as “only a logical response” to having been treated badly.
    Next time you hear a Republican or conservative say that the Leftists and Liberals calling themselves Progressives are destroying the country – – remember that this is what they are doing!

  404. jimmy says:

    Not one time in the story was the words Hate Crime mentioned!

  405. pwm says:

    Wow…..I’m wondering if Obama had a son, he would look like this guy too??? Gee……

  406. See That Too says:

    Anyone else notice that the video starts with the fellow who later threw the punch is ‘pick pocketing’ the guy in the green t-shirt. It appears he was able to get something and the guy in the green t was attempting to get it back, only to get slugged.

  407. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Welcome to the jungle. You can see what the words of Al, Jesse, Spike, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, NY Times and the president have stirred up and created. This is ha te they want to unleash.

  408. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Don’t wake up in a road side ditch.

  409. iambicpentamaster says:

    Being white on a Baltimore street,
    Is a great way to get yourself beat,
    Blacks punch and strip you,
    Record and whip you,
    Maryland tourists are in for a treat.

  410. Mr Bill says:

    If President Obama had brotha’s and sista’s it would them.

  411. papa kilo says:

    My daughter and son-in-law have to drive a truck into Bmore to supply a certain chain. They confirm it’s a dangerous place where many people with lots of time on their hands wander about looking to score.

  412. agatematt says:

    It is becoming more and more apparent as these hate crimes — and politically correctness be damned, that is what it is — continue President Obama’s legacy for his time in office will not be health care or any thing else but an out-and-out race war. More and more reactions of so many whites — as well as Hispanic and Asian Americans — the attitude has gone beyond even outrage into the realm of outright hatred for which no guilt is felt but only a sense of justification. And contrary to the liberal mantra, these expressions are no longer just the thoughts and verbalization of the far right but more and more of what the pundits would call “the mainstream of society.” History shows one thing — when society sits on a social powder keg holding a lighted match there is bound to be an explosion. And pure numbers should indicated to President Obama, Attorney General Holder, racial agitators like Jackson and Sharpton etc. what will happen not only when the explosion comes but what what the future of African-Americans will be when the debris of society are finally cleared away.

  413. mike says:

    all these attackers look like Obama’s son.

  414. RS: No, Josh ‘earned’ his place in line by being in line first.

    Go sell stupid, fictional racist rants to knuckle dragging ‘intellects’ like yourself.

  415. Debra says:

    I feel for this poor man, what animals that surrounded him, and we are just now hearing about this???…you know progressives believe that as time goes on mankind will become more enlightened, and better to one another, and we will achieve utopia…..well I am 55 years old now, and I have seen no sign of that happening… has only gotten worse in my life time.

  416. downfor the count says:

    who in their right mind would ever venture into a third world, ghetto, lawless place like Detroit….INSANE

  417. BB says:

    What gets me is how they are the ones who usually holler racism, and yet they continue to do the things that would brand THEM as racist, and also promote the most negative perceptions of their race.

  418. paulnashtn says:

    And people say John Derbyshire is wrong in what he says ???

  419. Dan says:

    This is not news, Whites or Hispanics or Asians doing this to Blacks.. now that would be news Blacks doing this to other blacks is not news either. It just isn’t/

  420. Bruce J says:

    How did I know the race of these losers prior to seeing it?!?! Anyone read “The Bell Curve”?

  421. JustinC says:

    Hey Obama: Does this look like your son, too?

  422. Ben Dover says:




  423. Marty says:

    I’ve been hearing about the race riots of 2012 when obama loses for months now. ence between these race riots and all the other race riots are the peace loving people will have legal guns and shoot the criminals threatening them.

  424. mkurbo says:

    I guess this poor tourist didn’t “look like bama’s son” ?

  425. Breanna says:

    ive never been to baltimore and could, and will, live a happy life never setting foot there. baltimore is indeed a city of crime, and nothing more, just like chicago and detroit. what do all these cities have in common? they are inhabited by people who are nothing more than losers. people who have no idea how to succeed in life and dont want to as long as the govt provides for their miserable lives.

    1. BB says:

      People who contribute nothing to society, nothing to the economy and are nothing more than a drain on our economy, services and society.
      We should deport anyone and everyone who is a habitual non-producer.
      Crude, rude and socially inept losers. Animals. If Obama had a son, he would look like the attackers.

  426. mkurbo says:

    I guess the tourist didn’t “look like Obama’s son” ?

  427. Ben says:


  428. Robert J. Sciolino says:

    Black on white…its a “group” mugging a man. White (or Hispanic) on black…it’s a hate crime. In the meantime we have people acting like wolf packs attacking prey that got separated from its flock. I didn;t even need to see the video. I knew the components just reading the news report…because I know when certain aspects of crimes like this are left out, its guaranteed who the perps are and who the victim is. Guaranteed. I truly would bet a paycheck on it.

  429. RacistHater says:

    Oh Rev. Al?! Oh Rev. Jesse?! Oh Minister Farrakhan?! Where are you, you bunch of hypocritical racists?! Your “brothers” have just committed another HATE CRIME against a white individual, so where are the marches? Where are the parades? Where are the speeches condemning the BLACK ON WHITE violence this video shows? You bunch of race-baiting, race-hustling pigs. Burn in hell.

  430. Mad Max says:

    Visit Baltimore… The next Detroit!!

  431. Mad Max says:

    Obama, Do you know where your kids are tonight?

  432. Six says:

    George Zimmerman did it. why have they not arrested him? Where’s Tawana B…er, I mean Al Sharpton?

  433. BB says:

    I would bet that if Obama had a boy he would look like most of the guys in the crowd.


  434. WRTolkas says:

    Hell, nothing is going to happen. These animals are Democrat voting pets.

  435. TGofTX says:

    If Obama had a nephew, would he look like the victim?

  436. Karmi says:

    Victim must’ve been white since there is no mention of color.

  437. ConanTheRepublican says:

    You twits are lucky I’M not the law in Baltimore. I’d have you SHOT.

  438. The Truth says:

    Where’s Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

  439. workingman4u says:

    Just reading the headlines, you knew it wasn’t a white crowd of assailants.
    You KNEW it wasn’t a white crowd.
    Where are Brian Williams and Katie Couric?
    Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?
    This has got to stop.

    1. BB says:

      It wont stop until a mass extermination takes place.

      They are nothing more than a drain on our society, a drain on our economy, a drain on our govt resources.

      They do not contribute to our society or economy…they are animals and should be put to sleep.

    2. PTParks says:

      White victim…Black assaulter. Silence from the White House. Typical Obama racism.

      It doesn’t stop until Whites get over the race guilt that elected Obama and start taking back the country. BUY MORE AMMO!!

  440. The Truth says:

    So where’s Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

    1. BB says:

      There is no profit…they could care less.

  441. nfinityman says:

    I was never happier than when I moved away from the Baltimore/DC area. The depravity of the average person demonstrated by this event is mind boggling but not unexpected. The is a whole predator vs prey mentality that pervades the area.

  442. templeknight says:

    So even in this article the fact that the victim is white and the perpetrators are black is not mentioned? Where are sharpton,jackson, farrakahn and the race baiter obama, why the victim could be any caucasian son! And they want to take away our right to stand our ground and not be beaten or killed, the second amendment is for just such caes as this. This like florida is a tragedy, that falls on the progressive liberals like obama and his boss soros, this is what happens when there are no behavioral norms or personal accountability. And maryland is a far left progressive bastion, can you say biden.

  443. hey Md says:

    will we hear from Cardin amd Mikulski ?

  444. hey Md says:

    will we hear from Cardin and Mikulski ?

  445. bali says:

    Trayvon’s brothers…

  446. malice420dotcom says:

    Shocking ! they’re black thugs with hoodies. Where’s Sharpton, Jackson and the rest of the racist ?

  447. Dparker says:

    Like a pack on animals attacking….don’t see media all over this one and sure we won’t see any outcry….must have been the white guys fault for being drunk…good example of where this country has gone…straight to the gutters.

  448. bondxo says:

    I think the victim looked a lot like Obama’s son.

  449. workingman4u says:

    Just reading the headlines, you knew it was not a white crowd of assailants.
    You KNEW it wasn’t a white crowd of assailants.

    Where is Brian Willaims and Katie Couric?
    Where is As Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?

    People, this has got to stop……

  450. Archie Bunker says:

    Where are cries of racism from Jackson, Sharpton, Holder, Obama???!!!!!! Aren’t these “your people”, Holder?


  451. Barry Soetoro says:

    You can take the monkeys out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the monkeys

  452. NBF says:

    Nigroes commit all these countless hate crimes against Whites because they see us as weak pus sies: easy victims. Why is that? Because the JEWS that control the media, Hollywood & the education system have taught them that’s what we are, and that’s what they have every right to do in retaliation for slavery: remember the miniseries “Roots”, and countless movies like “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Mississippi Burning”? Fear of the White man needs to be re-instilled in the coal black hearts of these jungle savages & their hook-nosed jew enablers. They didn’t dare commit these atrocities against us when they knew that if they did, they’d be hanging from a tree come nightfall.

  453. workingman4u says:

    On seeing the headlines, you knew it wasn’t a white crowd of assailants.
    You KNEW it wasn’t a white crowd.
    Where is Brian Williams and Katie Couric?
    Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?
    This has got to stop……

  454. guest123 says:

    Welcome to Baltimore!

    Hope you survive your stay!

  455. Mr. Wee Wee says:

    Mr. Wee Wee sez “yOu gO girl” and STAND FIRM BEHIND Barack!


    We don’t have a black problem in this country, we have a n****r problem, once we git rid of the n****rs then we will solve all out crime problems.

  457. Brigmaster says:

    I guess he just didn’t look like O-Bum-A’s son

  458. August says:

    Welcome to Baltimore…YOU’RE NEXT!

  459. Aard Vaark says:

    “If I had a son, he would look like the young man in the video.”

  460. NO NAME says:

    That’s so sad …..That’s the reason I DON’T GO DOWN TOWN

  461. cfy says:

    Grew up in a black neighborhood. Everything you hear about blacks is true. Better to be a racist rather than dead.

  462. wookie says:

    “Where are the cops?” is not the right question.

    The right question is why those people are acting like wild apes and assaulting and robbing an innocent man.

    Don’t blame the cops for those animals committing a crime.

  463. takecareofyourskin says:

    Interesting how this article never mentions the ethnicity of the attackers.

    When the “mainstream” media literally LIED about the ethnicity of Zimmerman. And then the New York Times had to create that NEW ethnicity, the “white hispanic,” to attempt to justify the lies they were reporting.

    Anyone that can still vote for Barry Obama and any Democrat does not deserve the privilege (it’s not a “right”, folks) to vote at all.

  464. Mike G says:

    My father used to say that the only good black person was a dead black person. For years I thought him to be an idiot until I grew up and saw the world for what it is and what black people are really like. Now I know he was right.

  465. Tim says:

    Where’s Obama’s outcry for this one? Oh wait it was a white guy being beaten and stripped of all his possessions by blacks, not a black guy being attacked and stripped of all his possessions… this is how Obama sees everything black and white… if its black its ok if its white its wrong… You speak out for one Obama, than you need to speak out on National Television for ALL, not just those that might look like your SON!

  466. trixlette says:

    If obama had a son, he would look just like the ones beating the white guy!!! Where is the outrage from Sharpton and Jackson, where is obama now, wyhere is Eric “My People” Holder???? What cowards. What racial bigotry! This better be charged as a hate crime!!1

  467. bad bob says:

    Is this the Zimmerman tape ………..I think so

  468. Herp McDerp says:

    It’s them gol-darned Swedes acting like animals again, ain’t it?

  469. East Baltimore says:

    Theres a guy from California that identified the attackers in the video and forwarded the information to the Baltimore city police. They know EXACTLY who these people are and yet NO ONE has been arrested. He found there face book and twitter accounts which have been deleted. He has a blog about it.

  470. tom says:

    Did you know there was more to that video. The “perps” turned the camera around and showed their face to brag. But the media “edited” that. They purposeley want to try and not show a gang of blacks beating a white guy. Nothing in the story about a bunch of blacks beating a white guy—is there?

  471. East Baltimore says:


  472. BruceQuarles says:

    It is sad what happened to the innocent white person. It is nice that it is opening the eyes of most people with an IQ over 90 that those worthless animals should be sent back to their “great homeland” africa and not allow them back in the U.S.A.. Another option is send them to Texas, if they persist in behaving like animals we will use them for compost. I will buy that crack head in our White House a convertible if he will come to Dallas for a ride in it.

    1. MarcusOHreallyUS says:

      Good one!

  473. TOM says:


  474. Mike0oSS says:

    I guess all this talk of “diversity” and “tolerance” hasn’t quite worked out the way the proponents suggested it all would.

  475. wookie says:

    Antonio Richardson shouldn’t be asking “where are the cops.” the cops are not at fault. He should be asking why these people are acting like wild apes in the jungle. The actually make wild apes look bad.

  476. Lived in Baltimore says:

    This news story is highly misleading.

    It erroneously suggests this is not an ordinary everyday event in Baltimore.

  477. Bill says:

    Yeah, society in the US is disintegrating… your family a defensive weapon regardless of your stand on the issue. These animals will do this any time and any place, man, woman, child, elderly – and the frequency of this type of behavior is increasing all of the time. Police will never be there when you need them, that we all know. These Cretins act like Bonobo Chimps….they need to learn how to be human – the hard way – the old fashioned American way. Historically they respond to blunt force, no reasoning. Fact.

  478. Frank Riz says:

    Is this where Holder, Obama, and the police are supposed to protect us from the Hip Hop Nation?

  479. dave says:


  480. dave says:


  481. Matt says:

    Obama (and his main stream media supporters) want and need a race war this summer. It’s coming, beware.
    This is a lynching of a white man by a black mob, you will see many many more scenes like this in the coming months.

    1. paperpushermj says:

      If you’re right about Obamas intention, then many of the comments on this thread are falling right into feeding that fire. Aren’t they?

  482. rachel says:

    Nowhere in the report itself was it said that it was black on white crime. If it had been the other way around, he would have mnetioned it. I guess white victims are of no interest to reporters. Now that’s justice “leftwing” style.

  483. pako123 says:

    and the color of their skin is???

  484. vernon says:

    If this was white on black crime it would state that a white group of people attacked an african american but, since it was black on white crime there is no mention of any race in the article. I have noticed that lately with these stories. Reporters want to get people angry reporting one way and then report another way when reversed. The reporters can’t print any truth anymore cause they just want to to get riled up by reporting race wars.

  485. cbinflux says:

    Eric Holder APPROVED — NOT a hate crime.

  486. Matt says:

    Hey wait, maybe the guy that was attacked was a “white hispanic”? And his attackers were “white blacks”?

  487. Matt says:

    Just an FYI, you can check the stats but I promise it’s true. Since the beginning of the war in Afghanistan, almost twice as many people have been murdered in Detroit as the number of U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan.
    Detroit is a small African kingdom, right here in the U.S. Run by blacks for 50 years. Once the greatest most technologically advanced city in the world (in the 50’s) They are now broke. The city is a wasteland. They’re looking for a bailout from “white Michigan” and eventually the crime will move out of the city and spread.

  488. Matt says:

    St Patricks day? Why is this the first I’ve seen of it? Will I ever hear of this again?

    1. Sherry says:

      Good it is finally out! I hope more videos come out of how African-Americans terrorize and beat other people. After I reported cheating by African-Americans in Broward County, Florida by African-American principals – Jeannie Floyd and Leo Nesmith to Dr. Desmond Blackburn and Dr. Leontine Butler – All Blacks in an predominately African- American neighborhood, school and school zone. My African-American daughter was physically assaulted and these African-Americans encouraged the assault, the threats on her life and bullying by teachers, administrators, district personnel and students. Even senators on television knew of the assault on my child and did nothing. African-Americans react when it suits them and cover up the crimes they do to one another and other races.

  489. Orson says:

    What possible good are these fu—-g MONKEYS?

  490. Matt says:



  491. craig says:

    If I had a son, he would look liike these Baltimore thugs…..

  492. LeLe says:

    There was NO reason for this young man to be attached and the thugs that did this should all in jail. But there was no reason to sail million of free Africans to live under the highest attrosities of man-kind to build America for free white people!! Just like (since then) there has been no reason for whites to continue these generations of attacks by hangings, tar & feather, degradation, systematic unequal economics & education and standards of living!! To read these post, is it still the same mindset…America is no place for black people to be, no matter how brilliant, educated, or how hard they work to bring what’s right to all people! Yet, “blacks” from all walks of life are blamed for how they respond to hopelessness that has been drilled & handed down for centuries!! Just like black people will always be the ultimate ‘heathen’ race of the earth for being black, so will white people show & live by their unyielding genetic hatred as long as they are white..

    1. Jesse Jerkson says:

      Africa is in the hands of black Africans…care to live there where violent crime is highest on the planet?

      As far as the slave trade – blacks sell blacks even today. It’s called human trafficking.

      Race relations have come a long ways since those days you speak of – but now are rapidly deteriorating because our HALF black president says nothing – why?

      1. LeLe says:

        As if you don’t know that the black hands that rule Africa have HUGE white business men & politicians w/(hidden)guns in their back to do their dirty work of continuing the genocide of wiping the African map clean for all the riches the land has been striped of by Europeans & Americans! As far as slave trade, they are selling their people as does other poor countries (India, Asian countries, etc) who cannot provide for their own people because of $$ hungry giants striping their economies! Race relations have NOT come along way when having a half Black President who is being attacked (from all angles) BECAUSE he is black! 31yrs of white Republicans & 12yrs of Democratic Presidents, yet President Obama is being held responsible for the demise & destruction of America? Really!! In case none of you want to learn what ‘truth’ really is…here’s a lesson!! Top 50 Things Accomplished by President Barack Obama | News & Politics I would dare any of the “superior race” representatives (white people) posting on here to learn something true!!

      2. Bobsu64 says:

        Because he doesn’t have the character to lead. Only a honest person with intestinal. fortitude can be a true leader.

  493. Jesse Jerkson says:

    No justice no….what, he wuz white? Uh, yeah…Take a piece for Just-us!

  494. Lived in Baltimore says:

    This is a common, everyday occurrence in Baltimore.

    1. Steve says:

      I got lost there once, daytime, looked like it was full of crack heads everywhere. Didn’t see any whites until I got to hotel room downtown. Largest ghetto I’ve ever seen. Never so happy to leave a place and have never been back. Rule of thumb – stay away from all black cities, they are full of hate.

      1. Lived in Baltimore says:

        Had a knife pulled on me twice and a gun once. Decided to leave while i was still alive. “Largest ghetto I’ve ever seen.” is a fair description.
        The really amazing thing is the laughing is the common attitude. They are actually proud that they are uncivilized animals, and that the entire city is that way.

  495. Steve says:

    Diversity – another government failure.

  496. Non-Sequitur says:

    Which one looks like Obama’s son this time?

  497. nathan101 says:

    People please take time to read this, we need to get out black Americans back, the left in the president, false black leaders is destroying the black community, Welfare is destroying the poor whites, and black community s taking removing their nature senses of common sense. Please give feed backs of your opinions, I’m a middle class black, who is tired of the left in the false cry’s of racism.

  498. Meatchopper says:

    looks like someone already started the race war in Tulsa.

    But it is either a white guy or a someone in one of those white guys masks they sell on line.

  499. rastus says:

    These are obviously photos of Bomba’s children running amok and he now regrets the US government didn’t provide his mother with free contraceptives when she was in college.

  500. Lillith Goby says:

    Democrats, the more equal pigs.

  501. Joisey says:

    This was a black on white hate crime.

  502. charlesamiller says:

    Pardon, but blacks are NOT entitled to violence, even in the face of racial slurs. As long as they think VIOLENCE is the answer to HURT FEELINGS, blacks are going to PERPETUATE the stereotyped image of blacks as mindless, rampaging savages.

    And, actually, it’s tough to watch the Baltimore video without AGREEING 100% with that stereotype.


  503. William Carter says:

    Why is this video so pathetically distorted? I’ve seen screen shots of the same video on other websites and they are completely legible. It is as if someone is intentionally trying to conceal the identities of the perpetrators (who, by the way, are known).

  504. Rich says:

    White, Asian & Latino people should just steer clear of Baltimore. The place has become a complete cesspool. Once black people become the majority in a city, pack your bags they are going to elect the loudest silver tongued incompetents and crooks who pump tons of tax money into the lowest and laziest encouraging them to take rather than work and the result… “Baltimore, get in on it.”

  505. Alan says:

    I am a 1st degree black belt in aikido and have difused a street situation with more than one assailant, after seeing this video I will purchase another revolver for my collection that will be used for conceal and carry and I will use it like a movie stunt
    man if this situation is even a remote possibilty…..

  506. Alan says:

    I love guns and the 2nd amendment………

  507. Mitchell Anderson says:

    There is a reason why the n-word is still in use to describe some black people…

  508. Steve T says:

    Things like this are why I moved away from Baltimore in 1975. I don’t ever want to go back to down town. Happened to be there the night O. J. got off at a hockey game. Didn’t think I’d get out of down town area alive. People were walking down the streets in gang fashion, stopping cars and the feeling of gang mentality that night made me say never again.

  509. SnotPuppy says:

    Realy? No national TV news coverage of this incident? No protest marches? Where are the Revs Sharpton and Jackson, their images on TV protesting this hate crime?
    Where is Dear Leader venting his outrage?

    Wake up America and prepare for the civil war!

  510. Joe white says:

    ..What would you expect in a state run by the liberals and leftists that pander to moinorities, just so they can stay in power?

  511. dryden01 says:

    Evidently Obama has some sons in Baltimore that Moochelle doesn’t know about

  512. DPC says:

    Where is the President of ALL the American people speaking of this hate crime? Oh wait, I forgot…he only speaks on behalf of black victims. Never mind. My mistake.

  513. egoist says:

    I wonder where the mob might have gotten the idea that they can clobber this guy? The media has been promoting [faked] injustices against blacks for a long time. This video makes sense and oughtn’t surprise anyone.

  514. William says:

    All through school and into my adult life i have been told i was racist. No other reason but because i was white. I am blonde hair and blued eyed so i got the Nazi stuff alot. In Cleveland during the 70’s we were forced bused into the inner city schools. Someone described inner city blacks as savages. I can only agree. But that didnt make me Hate blacks, just cautious. Now, 30 years later, i am still being called racist if only because my butt was born pink. Blacks, along with our compliant media, are created more racists our of sheer exasperation that there was before. I, for one, as getting very, very tired of it. If i cant win, why bother?

  515. Joel says:

    This is the worst thing I ever saw; no empathy, no compassion, no moral value inside anybody to help or stop it.

  516. Vugg says:

    nothing to see here people……..move along. and the tourist probably had it coming. he’ll probably get sued by holder for causing injuries to the fists of the obama supporter that’s beating him. Thanks for uniting us Mr President !

  517. maltboy1 says:

    This is nothing more than native Baltimorians doing what comes naturally.

  518. soonerflash says:

    Where is tha ambulance chaser (Jessee Jackson) crying out about this being a hate crime?
    If this was a gang of white thugs doing this to a black man we would have marches accross the nation. We would have a President going before the nation saying this could be his son.
    Racism is a two way street! It is pure evil for any human to attack another human, period! Let’s not just label whites against black as being hate and black against white as being something different!!!

  519. NAAWP2012 says:

    We’ll see you all in Sanford this week.

  520. Karl says:

    I am certain that Sharpton and Jackson will now decsend on the city and spew their racist rants against the attackers? Not likely.

  521. stoli says:

    Where the f*** is Obama, the great uniter to fix all this?

  522. Cleary says:

    I am really hoping that the guy who got mugged was not hurt too badly, and that he was a liberal. If so then one of two things happened: he got the “reward” of his liberalism and/or he learned that liberalism sucks and that what counts is individuals and the character beneath their skins. That would be a good result of a – how did our glorious President put it? – a teachable moment.

  523. NAAWP2012 says:

    we’ll see you all in Sanford this week

  524. Trayvons ghost says:

    the only difference is Zmmerman had a gun

  525. Cleary says:

    A question that I’d like someone at FoxNews (the only station that have reporters with cajones): “Mr. President. a few days ago you said that if you’d had a son, he’d look like Trevon. A two part question, sir. Did you mean he’d look like Trevon because he’d be black? And if so, now that we have new racial incidents popping up all over the country, with the attackers being black, is it safe to say that your son, if you had one, would look like the black thugs? If not, how are we to recognize the black men who would look like your son from the black thugs who would not?” Anyone in the media got balls enough to ask this when they have face time with the Prez?

  526. jbgaines says:

    Some of these guys look like Obama’s son, if he had one.

  527. jbgaines says:

    Must be an oversight that the phrase “possible hate crime” didn’t appear in this story

  528. Nunya says:

    So what did the man do to those poor Negros to make them so made at him? I know that they were just standing around being honest folks. Now if that was a Negro you can bet Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all the other big nigs would be on the news calling for action. Funny how thing seem differant when its a race issue.

  529. peter o neil says:

    Just whaT THE F…K DOES obama have to do with this you idiots?

    1. Roman says:

      If Obama had a whipping boy, he’d look like that white guy.

      What does Obama have to do with it? Maybe you missed his take on the Trayvon situation and talking about what his son would look like.

  530. Dis Custed and armed says:

    The not-so deep seated racism that lies within these perps is brought to the surface intentionaly by the president and hin minions. “Vote for me” he says, I’m like you.
    Translated: ma homies n’ me, gonna show the whitys hoo da man is, THE MAN say OK!

  531. Roman says:

    If Obama had a whipping boy, he’d look like that guy.

  532. Al says:

    We are now a divided country an so be it. I no longer believe in racism because it is practiced by so many by so many cultures and colors. I will no longer pay attention when a black child is set upon by white suspects and I will no longer care when a white as in this case is attacked by a mob of blacks acting like thugs. Let it begin

  533. Hitokiri_Craig says:

    Where’s the FBI on this one???

  534. Observer says:

    Hate Crime Law shouldn’t exist – but since it does – why isn’t this immediately labeled a hate crime? If this was victim from a different race – we would have marches across the nation. It’s time we stop being so hypocritical.

  535. Solid citizen says:

    No cameras at the court house? probably the taxpayers funded the cameras used by the perps anyway. Did Trayvon sucker punch Zimmerman like this,too?

    It’s incredible that the citizens need to do the investigative work for the police

    Quo warranty, B.O.?

  536. Dennis says:

    Where is Eric Holder now? And where is MSNBC & Al Sharpton?

  537. John G says:

    Where are scuzballs Jackson and Sharpston? Where’s all the indignation? This is a prime example of why racism continues to exist.

  538. snappercat says:

    CNN has written about the two accused of the killings in Tulsa and said openly that they were white – and the victims black. Funny that just doesn’t happen in reverse EVER. I guess if there were no video we’d be left guessing…

  539. David B. - Wilmington, DE says:

    This happens all the time … remember the poor little girl from York, PA that was caught by thugs on Independence Day after being separated from her family? She was raped, beaten and left for dead. Yet, this is never reported. Trayvon Martin, a drug-abusing burglar, is shot and killed by an Hispanic-American and Al Sharpton and the MSM is all over it. Why? Because “dog bites man” stories (like Batlimore’s violent crime rate) are never reported, while “man bites dog” stories make the news.

  540. RacistHater says:

    I wonder if Obama is going to say that all these racists thugs “look like his son”, too?

  541. GeorgiaRican says:

    Black on white crime has no political benefit to this administration. How many times has he made any comment when the crime is black on white.

  542. Madbonger says:

    They’re always going ot be criminals but anytime an unorganized gang of people commit a crime together like this it’s really disheartening.

    I remember leaving a Dead show at the Balitmore Civic Center in 1979 grabbing a couple of beers on the street and walking to our car. On the way a group of black guys asked us for our beers and we just ignore them. They stated throwing some empty bottles at us and we just high tailed it out of there.

    I lived and went to school in Durham, NC til 1982 and have lived in NYC ever since. I spent 15 years in the Restaurant business with a barbecue place and a famous blues club in New York. I would travel alot to always go to authentic soul food, barbecue and blues places around the country in the funkiest of neighborhoods and never had another issue since that one in 1979.

    As bad as this incident here is many of the comments here are just as sickening. If you spend enough time if people of other races you would realize for the most part they’re just like you and me. They want to live their life problem free, work hard and take care of their children.

  543. Millie says:

    Justice for George Zimmerman.

  544. Doc says:

    If Obama had a son it would look like the guy throwing the punches.

  545. TheCakeisaLie says:

    Way to go, Baltimore. Your tourism industry just got punched and kicked goodbye.

  546. nyc says:

    I hate two things… racism and kneegros

  547. barry sottero says:

    never ever trust the blacks. the blacks are very violent..

  548. Ash says:

    I agree!

  549. TJ says:

    Obamanomics 101. What’s the problem?

  550. DennisinWV says:

    This Black on White violence has been going on in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore for decades, but the news gets suppressed for fear of losing the tourist traffic.

  551. Chuuku Magaah says:


  552. Roberrt says:

    My daughter works at a police dept. She has learned to despise black people. The way black men speak to women disgusts her. This is hope and change on public display.

  553. Rubicons says:

    Where’s racist Obama on this viscious crime, when there’s no question about guilt? Oh I forgot, he’s the zookeeper who opened the door on the cages of these animals, and along with his media lap dogs are encouraging this. And what about the DOJ. Oh I forgot, if you’re not black in Obama’s world you don’t deserve equal protection under the law and justice.

  554. Bennett Feitel says:

    Come on Journalists, DO YOUR JOB: the thugs were BLACK and the victim WHITE.

    SAY IT!!!!!!!!

  555. Let's be honest... says:

    This is basically Obama and his friends dealing with a typical taxpayer.

  556. malcom says:

    how is the integration working for you white people? this is the future of Whites as they become the minority. get used to it or learn how to fight back. Yes white liberals whites have a right to fight back and survive.

  557. Danny M. says:


    ANSWER: THE VICTIME WAS WHITE AND ATTACKERS WERE BLACK. So, who cares? Not ABC, NBC or CBS or the New York Times etc. cover up these stories all over the USA, every weekday.

    If these low life animals that did this want a race war, it’s time to show them how a race war works. We, got the guns, the training and the bullets. We know how to make guns and make bullets and if you check it out practically all of Seal Team 6 and other Special Forces are white. I don’t want a race war, but I’m afraid that this is were it’s headed, if we don’t get some equal protection from Eric Holder at DOJ. We are sick of a double standard. Maybe, it’ time to, “let the bodies hit the floor”.

  558. paul ford says:

    the article said “people”. these aren’t people. these are ignorant, uneducated, losers filled with hatred and violence and racism. why don’t they get the story straight?

  559. Emma53 says:

    Last summer there were dozens of Black Flash Mobs all around the country that attacked white people who were just trying to mind their own business. Most of those stories did not make national news. Here we are again in 2012, and I predict the Black Mob attacks that went so under-reported last summer will pale in comparison to what is in store for us this summer as Obama deliberately tries to incite racial violence.

  560. Sonf of Liberty says:

    Interesting how the story doesn’t mention the crowd was black and the victim was white. Had it been reversed, we’d have had another Trayvon story and Al and Jesse would be marching in Baltimore now. An armed society is a polite society. This kid would have been 100% justified to blow these a**holes away for attacking him.

  561. Edward Boothe says:

    I am sure Obama will call the white victim and comfort him. Just think if this had been a white gang on a black person. What has happened to this country.

  562. greg miller says:

    The sub humans of Baltimore

  563. greg miller says:

    Baltimore is a roach ridden rat ridden cesspool….sub humans run…

  564. Guest says:

    If Obama had a son, he would look like the attackers. Just saying.

  565. REXISWRITE says:

    This didn’t look like a planned attack. Just regular black folks do’in their regular stuff. Bill cosby was right. Black folks are not do’in their responsibility. Sad but true. White people – Arm yourselfs and stay out of the city. After all – aren’t the lib polititions going to blame you for this?

  566. irondog says:

    Uncomfortable but true

  567. FAN says:


    Where’s obama’s outrage???

  568. TexasProud says:

    This stuff doesn’t happen in Texas very often, you know why!?! we carry guns! if I saw this happen there would be some dead people….

  569. mxg58 says:

    can any one tell me when the game of cowboys and ni**ers will begain

  570. BenGladden says:

    The white boy was a fool to think he would be safe hanging around with a crowd of blacks.

  571. Kenya says:

    New song i’m working on
    Chimp out da do da ,chimp out da do da , everybody have you heard the news act like a pack of wild apes , chimp out da do do chimp out, thats what they do in the jungle chimp out……

  572. Dobby says:

    The story made International News.

    Don’t expect our national main stream media to cover this story. It doesn’t fit their liberal agenda.

    1. Henry says:

      This is outrage. Where are those community organizers, particularly, those Africa American community organizers? I did here this from CNN, NBC, MSNBC, etc.

  573. John says:

    Where’s Al and Jesse? No interest? Not surprising.

    Baltimore is a stinking %^#$hole, like every other inner urban area on the Eastern seaboard.

  574. Larry Sinclair says:

    What! No civil rights violated? Oh yea..he is white…

  575. Put the HOODIE Down says:

    Black youths are cowards. They always attack loners.

  576. Thomas says:

    Where is Al Shapton and Jessie Jackson ??? O Yea he’s white !!!

  577. Joe says:

    Actually, Caucasians retain about 5% or so Neanderthal genetics. Africans have zero.

    1. Civilized Man says:

      Neanderthals had bigger brains than modern man. That explains alot. Y’all have really kicked butt with science, civilization, art, and everything in Africa! Oh, Yeah, it took us Neanderthals to bring you the wheel (LOL) and an alphabet (LMAO).

  578. Lee says:

    What is really sad is that after the initial disbeleif that an inteligent informed person feels after seeing a head linel like this is the intuitive knowledge that the perpitrators that were involved will turn out to be black.

    1. Joe says:

      Very true.

  579. LogNormal says:

    This is disgusting. Lessons learned:
    Don’t go out drunk if you don’t know where you are.
    Always have your carry license and your gun with you.

  580. Joe says:

    As many have pointed out, black crime is no longer reported in the news as such. That is, the race of criminals is obscured. This is dangerous for whites who may be “lulled” into a sense of complacency regarding areas of black concentration and the inherent dangers they pose.

  581. Sick of Nigeroids says:

    NI66ER ANIMALS !!!!!

  582. Sick of them says:

    George Zimmerman showed you how to handle that situation. Now that little punk trayvon martin will be worm food instead of climbing through your window some night.

  583. manrice says:


  584. AZ Dave says:

    Tell me again that Traaaaaaaayvon was such an innocent little boy …

  585. Bubba says:

    Where is Jesse Jackson and fellow extortionist Al Frankton? Where is the FBI on the case in an instant like they are in Tulsa. Oh sorry I forgot he was white…..go ahead and beat him up good, he just some cracker.

  586. Joel Harding says:

    Where’s Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton now? You caused this race war, why aren’t you trying to settle this mess?

  587. tnt4him says:

    The real problem is we live in a divided culture of left and right, rich and poor. Obama continues to divide us with class envy speeches. He does not unite.

  588. AZ Dave says:

    Gorillas in the mist …. or is that “midst” …

    1. irondog says:

      Mike Wallace croaked God destroyed another flaming liberal

  589. ckainredstateusa says:

    Wonder what Obama, Sharpton, Jackson Sr., Farrakhan and Cosby have to say about this?

    Oh, I forgot: The victim is the wrong color and the attackers are the politically correct color.

    The day’s coming when mobs like this are going to regret their lawle4ssness and barbaric behavior.

  590. ckainredstateusa says:

    So where are the outraged statements from Obama, Sharpton, Jackson Sr., Farrakhan and Cosby?

    Oh, that’s right: The victim was the wrong color and the attackers were the politically correct, never-to-be-criticized color.

    The days’ coming when ethnic mobs like this one will rue the day they behaved lawlessly and barbarically.

  591. gingerbread says:

    Yhis is what these “RACE PIMPS” and “RACE BAITERS” have turned our country into. We have become an armed camp. I have a suggestion for everybody. Any time you are out for a simple “WALK” anywhere , always. always bring your tw friends along, Their names are SMITH & WESSON

    1. irondog says:

      tw firends?

  592. JAY says:

    Baltimore tourist board should use this video. Visit our clothing optional downtown!

  593. Lee says:

    Why did we know before seeing the video that the perpetrators would be BLACK?!

    1. irondog says:


  594. kcsparky says:

    You can almost bet that Jesse and Al are throwing keggers over this news.

  595. Ben says:

    Please take a look at my blog regarding this incident:

  596. SpankIt says:

    Shocking – another gang of monkey savages. Hey Al & Jessie : why dont you try to get your people under control?

  597. Joe says:

    This must be an edited piece by an unknown producer, the real victim was black and the attackers were white. I demand he be fired or sent to sensitivity training for as day or two.

  598. Racial Victim says:

    Florida – no video but everyone knows what happened and riots break out over the so called injustice.

    Baltimore – video of everything, must be racial due to the victim being a different color of the mob of participants but there is no outcry for justice and whites are not in the streets like we should be looking for their houses to get our own justice.

    There is a double standard in America and I experienced it first hand.

  599. GozieBoy says:

    Obama’s incredibly divisive leadership and “acting stupidly” has set our country back by 30 years. His administration is punching, stripping, pitching every demographic group against another, and “releaving” us of our hard worked belongings. Sadly, all of Obama’s supporters, black and white alike, are meanwhile standing on the sidelines…laughing.

  600. Anthony says:

    If this was a Black man getting beaten and robbed It would be on every network in the country. If this white man was shot and killed it would make local news as a robbery homicide. How many crimes on white people get swept under the rug, I want to see the mayor of this town apologize to this guy and give him the key to the city. I cant believe people can be so hateful as to beat up a drunk person who is basically defenseless. They should track who posted this video and press charges on this person for not doing anything, like calling police instead of filming.

  601. Jamesjim says:

    At best, the Neanthals are 10-20% of the population. We are 80-90%.
    Let the fighting begin.

  602. arnoldripkin says:

    And we the taxpayers pay these worthless mothers by the head to produce these criminals.

  603. David says:

    If Obama had a son, he would look like those thugs in the video.

  604. Tony says:

    This is exactly why you never go out without a gun on your person. Exterminating this kind of trash is the responsibility of everyone.

  605. Jason S says:

    I wonder what % of comments here are sincerely vile and racist and what % are people trolling. It’d be hilarious if it was all just trolls trolling each other, but my since is that it is closer to 60/40.

    1. ninjalover says:

      Regardless of whether they’re racist or trolling, the comments generally speak the truth about the world’s most useless, most spoiled, and most rightfully reviled culture. You’re either an apologist, or one of them. Either way, the days when your opinion become that of the minority are approaching fast.

  606. omeglesite says:

    What a joke. It’s the black guy’s fault? The white guy was stalking after him aggressively. The black guy was backing up and threw a punch in defense. The video is very clear about that.

  607. JT says:

    Just think at how this story would have been turned around if there was no video and the victim had a weapons permit with a pistol and decided to defend himself. Then shot and hopefully killed his attackers!! I bet my life that you would certainly being seeing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton responding then.

  608. BillyBob117 says:

    Never ever forget what the white hating Erick Holder said—He and the DOJ will never investigate a hate crime, where a white person is the victim. The reason, according to racists Hoder, is that the whites have not yet suffered enough–his words, not mine—–
    It is way past time for the whites to start pusing back very very hard ——-
    If Dr King was still alive, he would be horified at what blacks have turned in to.

  609. Barry says:

    In Baltimore we have some of the most violent sickening crows in the Nation. I just wish the Baltimore Police and FBI would crack down on them and put more of the sickening crows behind bars where they belong

  610. jason says:

    Note that, of course, the feedback from the street that this report offers up is 1. this guy saying how they don’t want tourists, and 2. this grinning kid saying how you can’t just be walking around drunk on days like this. When it’s Wh itey, the victim is to blame.

  611. Silvermoney says:

    Wild dangerous animals that have escaped from the zoo should be put down. Arm yourself and a put a bullet in their brains. That is all they understand.

  612. Silvermoney says:

    1. shoot them. 2. If you can’t shoot them , don’t hire them for a job.

  613. RobL says:

    These thugs also look like they could be Obama’s kids.

  614. Randy says:

    Note to self STAY THE HELL out of Baltimore. And stay away from black area’s

  615. BertErnie says:

    Full video of St. Patrick’s Day Baltimore beating of bystander:

  616. Templar X says:


  617. Silvermoney says:


  618. Mike says:

    Is going going to say if I have a brother he would look like the victim? I guess not. Blacks are violent people.

  619. GIMP says:

    Who goes to Baltimore as a tourist anyway? Seriously, is anyone going to Jersey City, Newark, East St. Louis, or Detroit as a tourist?

    This was a gang of pickpockets; you can see the guy who knocked out the tourist reaching into the man’s front pocket during the initial parts of the video. Once the guy was knocked out, the whole gang moved in.

    Was it a racist attack? Probably, but a robbery too. This isn’t really about race, it’s about people who have no business being in society walking around free and someone who was being a tourist where he had no business being at all.

  620. kimdi01 says:

    Thank you Barack Obama. Attorney General Eric (prosecute the white republicans) Holder and the Reverends (of what religion beyond money I know not) Jackson and particularly Sharpton. You four are the prime reason these things happen. You should be held accountable.

  621. gutz22 says:

    This is the world according to Obozo.

  622. cwgf says:

    Where’s all the weeping and gnashing of teeth by ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, & CNN? Where’s the Black Panther Party’s $10,000 bounty?

  623. Annie Oakley says:

    Wake up white people.

    If you go into a restaurant, bar or store and there is a huge number of blacks, leave. It’s not worth your life. When around blacks, never relax.

    White men and women, stay off your phone while you’re out in public. That text or that webpage is not worth your life.

    Am I a racist. Yes I am. Have no problem with being called it. In fact, I embrace it. I would like to divorce the black race and live separately from them. I bet if you were to take a poll of most white folks today and even Asians and Hispanics, they’d love to be rid of this plague of locusts.

    1. ninjalover says:

      I would say that most black people, as soon as they have the means, don’t want to live around their own kind. That speaks volumes.

  624. PTParks says:


  625. Commonsense says:

    Here’s whats going happen: white people will leave black areas out of fear for their own safety, and the country will be more DIVIDED then ever. MLK would weep.

  626. noseitall says:

    Remember, this happened on Obama’s watch.

  627. Stunned and Tired says:

    how is it that black people can commit obvious, unfettered cultural/ethnic hate crimes and it isn’t a problem?

  628. James says:

    Thank god I saw this video!!!!! My wife and kids ARE NOT going to Baltimore as planned

  629. RK says:

    I used to live in Detroit, evacuated that city eight years ago, and was one of the last of my white neighbors to flee. I had a friend who lived in Detroit, too, beautifull house, like all of ours were, and he once said, ten years ago, democrats should be forced to live in Detroit for at least a year, they wiouldn’t be democrats any longer. The blacks moved in, we were forced to move out, end of story. The main-stream press can try to bend and twist the truth any way they want, and unless you live through it, you’ll probably believe it.

  630. Russ says:

    That is how the n**gers role…20 on 1. Everyone wonders why there is still racism…here is your reason. Nothing but thugs!

  631. malcom says:

    what do you think now when you see a white woman with one of them?

  632. Frank Pollard says:

    The detective stated “Relieved him of his belongings” BS They stole them. My gosh they can’t even accuse blacks of stealing now. It is relieving someone of their property.

  633. 2lazy2p says:

    Hey, is there a successful country in this World that is run by Blacks? What about here in the U.S.A, is there a successful State, County, city or company? I just want to know if anyone can answer the questions.

  634. Ed says:

    After all the progress made since the 60s in race relations, it only took Obama 3 years to stir it back up again with his rhetoric, dropping charges on Black Panthers, class warfare and expansion of the welfare state.
    Gangs of black youths running wild and beating innocent white folks.
    Even most of the apologists I know have had enough of this behavior…. enough is enough.
    Remember all the talk about “give us a chance, level the playing field? Now all the talk is about “reparations”
    This is going to end badly.

  635. Just_Sayin says:

    Remember, this happened on Obama’s watch.

  636. Rich G. says:

    The general public thought that the people in Arizona were crazy to allow their citizens to carry weapons around concealed with no permit.
    We don’t have this kind of problem in Arizona. Could it be that our law gets a thug, or anyone for that matter, to think twice before stepping out of line?
    This isn’t the first story out of Baltimore where it looks like thugs were allowed to run unattested. You people in Baltimore had better wake up before your freedom to walk around freely is completely gone.

  637. Alex says:

    Must not have listened to Ramzpaul – almost exactly what he described here:

  638. J Meoff says:

    This is why I hate n:ggers. When the race war starts, look out you dirty monkeys. We will exterminate you.

  639. Ava Girl says:

    There was a book published in 1995 called Civil War Two. Read it.

  640. Tyrone Shoelaces says:

    Remember people, let your sidearm be akin to your American Express, don’t leave home without it.

  641. joe mama says:


  642. harveywallbanger says:

    No mention on if the US Marshals or FBI is on the case like in Tulsa. I guess you have to be a black victim to get the full cooperation of the DOJ.

  643. Scott L Desselle says:

    So I Florida we were told again and again that a WHITE guy shot a BLACK kid, but here it is a man (of unknown race) bitten by an another man (of unknown race). And not a word of this being a HATE CRIME!! Journalism in American is dead.

  644. Subhuman Africoons says:

    Subhuman chimps acting like they do in Africa. Ship them back.

  645. cinciguy says:

    I am boycotting Baltimore for sure!!!

  646. bigbob says:

    hey this not the exception…this is the rule for inner city blacks! They are a big mess of people. Uneducated…violent….non-working….rude…..disgusting group of people………..STOP with the PC garbage…..GET REAL….BLACKS are a terrible problem across the US. Take a look at the prison population…..mainly Mexican and black…….

  647. Jack Reeves says:

    As long as your black in America you can do what you want!

  648. Uncle Tom says:


  649. DD says:

    Sickening. And we are told so often: those poor pathetic young people, (the “perps”) are hopeless, jobless, uneducated, have no positive adult influence, already on drugs/alcohol, blah blah blah. Many times true. But most of them also go to church more than I do! And still have not learned, from example, how to make the right choices, do the right things. For themselves or for anyone else. And the onlookers who did nothing said nothing even laughed are right there with the hoods who did this, just lacked popcorn for the show. Remember, mob mentality works the other way too folks! How about the 20, 30, 50 or more people passing by or just standing there rushing the thugs and suppressing them until cops come. Choices courage opportunity.

  650. WagTheDog says:

    Hey, BCBS! How about FIXING your BROKEN “Reply” mechanism!

  651. Bill says:

    There you have it, you idiot white fools, this is what they will do to you once they gain full control through there corrupt ways, 95% of these anti white hating radical commie blacks will slit your throat and rape your wife and children if given the chance. there leaders are corrupt, the churches are corrupt and they will murder you, this is what there taught to do from there homes and there leaders. Is this what you want, they are given this power by the self hating white power elite, and the elite are so ignorant , because the blacks will kill them first once given the chance. It’s sad but its all true, and that’s why, If I had a gun I would of shot all of them, you tell me if this white fellow didn’t feel threatened, they busted his nose and stealing his clothes.
    we are dealing with tribalism the likes of which we have never witnessed before.

  652. treedodger says:

    No comment will be made by black leaders or by our countries so-called leaders.

    Our joke of a president will not comment how that would be his son.

    No 10 year old photos will be shown of the victim by media.

    No 911 tapes will be edited to portray racism by a major network NBC.

    No made up race will be coined to generate hate against the attackers.
    In fact the headline here doesn’t even mention race.

    So I ask you who are racists? All the above.

  653. bob litfin says:

    This is what Stinkey Hoyer wants for America!!!!

  654. taylor says:

    “Relieved of his property”………was a pleasant description of what these worthless animals did.

  655. treedodger says:

    No comment will be made by black leaders or by our countries so-called leaders.

    Our joke of a president will not comment how that could be his son.

    No 10 year old photos will be shown of the victim by media.

    No 911 tapes will be edited to portray racism by major netwrok NBC.

    No made up race will be coined to generate hate.
    In fact, the headline here doesn’t even mention race.

    LIberal lawmakers will not call for stricter laws against mob beatings.
    In fact, this will be forgotten tomorrow.

    So I ask you who are racists? All the above.

  656. WagTheDog says:

    BillYBoy said “I would have LOVED another ending…. the guy pulls out a 9MM and starts blowing away street trash. Maybe they would think twice before smacking someone around next time.” You got it, Billy! Even better, check out this .22 magnum with a 30-shot clip:

  657. treedodger says:

    No comment will be made by black leaders or by our countries so-called leaders.

    Our joke of a president will not comment how that could be his son.

    No 10 year old photos will be shown of the victim by media.

    No 911 tapes will be edited to portray racism by major netwrok NBC.

    No made up race will be coined to generate hate.
    In fact, the headline here doesn’t even mention race.

    LIberal lawmakers will not call for stricter laws against mob beatings.
    In fact, this will be forgotten tomorrow.

    No double standard here….

    So I ask you who are racists? All the above.

  658. Buttchop says:

    Ha, ha!! I got news for you, Antonio Richardson, Baltimore has HAD a bad name for decades. Know why? It’s full of animals that the politically correct types keep trying to convince us are people.Any white person that visits or buys a home there is too stupid to live.

  659. justanurse says:

    These people need to be exterminated like roaches.

  660. ninjalover says:

    For American whites to protest this would be akin to parents protesting the actions of their mentally-challenged 12 year old. Everything that black America has today, from their very freedom, to their food stamps, was given to them by white. A white president granted them the freedom which they could not fight for on their own, a white president gave them the right to vote, and so on.

    The fact that they are genetically flawed is without question. Anybody who lives in the US today, be it an immigrant from China or Russia; be it an Arab or Persian; be it a rich white man, or a poor Mexican day-laborer, everyone, without exception, looks down on the blacks. And with good reason. They are nature’s failed experiment, and should be viewed as a sub-species. Killing one in self defense, or merely as a preemption, should be comparable to euthanizing a rabid animal.

  661. down the line says:

    The silverbacks need to go. I have had enough of the negro. time to crack some heads. beware baltimore negro’s. your time has come.

  662. joe alexich says:

    white people have to get a voice to combat these getto blacks that the democracts and mainstream media cover for.Get GBTV know the truth and get the word out to your friends

  663. Blaidd_Drwg says:

    This illustrates more proof that the criminal element needs to be separated from polite society. I think they need to fence off part of the city, toss all these thugs in, and weld the gates shut. Let them all kill each other. As you can see from the video, the normal, non-thug citizens of Baltimore don’t like these low-life pieces of ordure. Separate them from real people and let them kill each other.

  664. Al sharpton says:

    time for a” FINAL SOLUTION” for the moon crickets.

  665. Carllos says:

    Pure human debris.

  666. holdemup says:

    IT’s a sad reflection on our society today that anytime I see a news headline that says something about someone being beaten, or a mob attacking anything, I don’t even have to watch the video to know that a majority, if not all, of the offenders are going to be black. Stereotypes exist BECAUSE they are usually based, in part, in truth.

  667. Snuff1 says:

    This is why Zimmerman was carrying a gun

  668. commonsense says:

    Everyone take and send the link to this story to all your local news media…see who actually runs the story. That will tell you everything. Thanks fo Obama for being a “uniter not a divider” . Sharpton, Jackson should be charged with “Inciting a riot” and held responsible for all of these types of injuries. They are stirring the pot and getting everyone angry to distract.

  669. Bill says:

    Bernhard Goetz and George Zimmerman are heroes. Rabid animals like this must be exterminated.

  670. notnick says:

    How ironic that this tape should surface on the same weekend that National Review fires john Derbyshire for suggesting that whites should avoid predominately black areas.

  671. Captain_Awesome says:

    The sight of this mob attack brings back vivid memories…………. (be advised, this link contains graphic content)

    People in “conflict” seem to have an uncanny way of dehumanizing their enemies in order to justify the infliction of atrocities that rational humans would find completely unacceptable.

    (btw, yes, I know the US serviceman depicted in the pics wasn’t a Marine)

  672. Winkycat says:


  673. Winkycat says:

    What I saw was a WHITE MAN been brutalized by the BLACKS. Time to start taking them down.

  674. John Webb says:

    Never Baltimore. Amen

  675. Diego Roswell says:

    I did not see the words “HATE CRIME” anywhere in the story. Why is that?

  676. Diego Roswell says:

    Baltimore will burn with Detroit, Oakland, and Philadelphia when Obama loses by a landslide in November. Perhaps some of these villains will be among the missing.

  677. Whatsit2ya says:

    I can hear jesse and al singing, pants on the ground, pants on the ground! Where are these two knuckle heads? Barry’s cave? Where’s barry?

  678. Diego Roswell says:

    I still can’t find the term “Hate Crime” in the story – is CBS going to edit that soon?

  679. James Bond says:

    “Not only was he relieved of his property after he was assaulted, but there were a lot of other things done to him …”
    Is this politically correct for saying he was robbed, in order to not make the racist black people feel bad?

  680. Marine Retired says:

    Almost wish a pack of these animals would try to pull something like this with me. Would justify purging the world of a few of these worthless excuses for human beings.
    An armed society is a polite society. Leroy, Jamal and Jermaine would find out just how armed and polite society can really be

  681. Jim says:

    Black on white crime is no longer a secret hidden from public view, thanks to the internet. Blacks are as quick as they ever were to claim “racism”, and of course racism exists, but let’s stop pretending it is a one way street. Where is the outrage from Jesse and Al over this kind of scene? Well, many of us are outraged and their silence causes many to turn a deaf ear to their nonsense.

  682. MIREELDO says:


  683. MIREELDO says:

    These people cannot be human. Animals!!

  684. Winkycat says:

    There is only one way to deal with the NEGRO MENACE strike not just the NEGROS BUT THE NEGRO SUPPORTERS. Go after those lawyers, Judges, and any one else who comes to the aid of the Negros, target their families till it is not worth protecting the Negro thug community. LET THEM STAND ALONE

  685. dumok says:

    Notice: Most of the People of Color commenting are not making excuses for the behavior of these criminals unlike the majority of Conservatives making excuses for Zimmerman

  686. Winkycat says:

    Maybe MD does not permit guns but how about mace, tasers, machete knives, base ball bats, clubs, hammers, knives that are laced with poison. How about the simple bow and arrow one can buy at an archer’s shop. lace the arrows with poison and it will be as effective as a bullet. There is always one way to skin a monkey.

  687. Winkycat says:

    How about syringes filled with acid, or bleach? keep a few handy just in case one or more of these apes want to play.

  688. Ed S says:

    This isn’t remotely surprising. It’s a hate crime, and if this guy had been carrying a gun, none of this would’ve happened and we’d have one less dirtbag on the street.

    Baltimore you’re cesspool.

    1. Winkycat says:

      Ed S,
      we need to organize and look out for each other AGAINST THE NEGRO MENACE. If this guy had support from the white, Asian and Hispanic community, anyone who would have come to his aid there would be smashed up Monkey Negros all over that place. Learn how to disembowel them. smash their heads in cut them up or do whatever to cleanse this land of the Negro filth. Keep doing it over and over and over again all over this nation. Take down all those who support them be they white or Asian or Hispanic. spare no Negro adult child, baby or fetus.

  689. Winkycat says:

    We need to network. Boycott their shops and businesses. when the apply for a job send them to members of the White Supremacists or similar groups who will hire them. get their addresses, personal information and network. Take them down starting with their families, their children, then go after the big fish. go after all those who come to their aid. If arrested and judged then go after them. Go after anyone who supports the Negro community. It does not matter if that person is white, Asian, Hispanic or black. just cut the legs of power from under the negro community all the while targeting them.

  690. Ed S says:

    Baltimore, the Detroit of the East Coast.

  691. Gen says:

    Where is freakin Al, the race-baiter, Sharpton? Or the good reverend Jesse? Oh, there’s no money to be made or camera to get in front of. Idiots.

  692. Henry says:

    Where are the community organizers? OB should have make one more speech about his would be son and Al and Jessy should be outraged and truck tons of people to Baltimore to stage a million people demonstration to demand justice and punishment to those BAD kids. The problem is these people all the sudden turn blind and deaf. Shame shame shame. Baltimore police made to arrest?

  693. Fathom says:

    Instead of closing Guantanomo, build another wing and go city by city and collect these filthy animals and send them there forever. They do not deserve to freely roam the streets of our country. (And send the media there as well.)

  694. NY9Solyndra says:

    They look like Sons of Obama.

  695. Curioso says:

    I guess Abe Lincoln was wrong after all…………………

  696. Stanly says:

    Its no wonder that whites shoot blacks.

  697. Nick says:

    Everyone can be rest assured that that the “rev’s” jackson and sharton will be flying out to Baltimore to get to the bottom of this crime. It’s obvious this white guy hates back people evidenced by how hard he hit that black dude in the fist with his face. jackson was dead on– black people are are being massacred by the white man.

    And thank you obama(nation) for bringing the races together.

  698. Sisuke says:

    and they wonder why people refer to them by derogation name…. they have earned it!

  699. jrgdds says:

    This would be an outstanding opportunity to pause for a moment and reflect on the numerous contributions of the Black community to our society.

    Their peaceful and generous nature makes them ideal neighbors, their exceptional family values and parenting skills are unrivaled by any other race. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our public schools and serves as an example to all who aspire to achieve prominence as a people. It is widely known that real estate values escalate by the influx of African Americans into our country’s neighborhoods. This is no doubt due to the respect for the law and civic pride embodied within of the Black community. Their neighborhoods stand in testament to all they have achieved through with their can-do nature and hard work ethic. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.

    To say anything else would be racist.

  700. Winkycat says:

    kill the Negro monkey, kill them, kill them, kill them, drag them from the maternity wards and burn them burn their homes kill them at school, kill them at work, kill them on the streets kill them in the hospitals, in the prisons, set fire to the ghettoes and Projects and shoot them down when they come out, KILL THE APES, RIP THEM APART, BURN THEM DOWN. KILL THE NEGROS TILL NONE IS LEFT.

  701. This guy says:

    Looks like a hate crime to me.
    Where is sharpton and Jackson on this one?
    Oh wait the guy being beat is white..never mind

  702. Winkycat says:

    When the Negros march in large numbers take out the Gatling guns and shoot them down then use flame throwers to make sure no one is pretending to be shot shoot them first then burn them. From the cities to the fields, from the towns to the countryside they should be hunted down.

  703. Mike says:

    HATE CRIME — If this was a black guy and a white group…… we would have roits throughout the country

Comments are closed.

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