The Birds of Baltimore have been trying to reel us in since the start of the season, heck since the start of training camp… Well guess what… it’s working and on a couple levels. 1: it’s got us stupid fans believing & hopeful. 2: it’s got the team believing. They are winning games (on the road) where they would have folded in years past.

It’s good news because they keep trying and I promise we, the fans, will follow. At this point little shards of light are more than we are used to. We got some light here folks. 11 games I know, but it’s what we’ve got to go by and it’s been a nice 11 games. That’s all I’m saying. Baseball and Baltimore is like a magnet to metal. They just go together. The mini rumble about the Orioles is just a taste of what the excitement could be. Keep winning boys, keep winning. It may not be this year or next but if this is a small sign of things to come we will take it. After 14 years of losing a light & tunnel is all I’m asking for.

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